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Thunder Follows Lightning

Short story By: arun

Submitted for StephanieJane303's contest...
The prompt is to use both the pictures in plot and to end the story with a tragedy/miracle.
Well I managed to use both pics somehow, but not sure about the miracle/tragedy... anyway, here it is........

Submitted:Sep 8, 2011    Reads: 31    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   


A/N: Booksie crammed up the format... So, I'll insert horizontal lines at places indicating elapse of time (mins/hours/days etc)

Thunder follows lightning. Lightning never comes alone. Thunder is its faithful companion, or may be its lover - time since the world started spinning. It may seem awkward why I say this thing. What's the necessity? Well, lightning and thunder is a part of my life. Most important element in my life.

I feel the rain trickle down my visage. I tried to concentrate on his lips that lingered on mine. I can't help but smile. He parted his lips from mine, quite surprised by my sudden smile. He gave a look that dug deep into my eyes, and asked, 'What happened Henna?'

'Err, I was thinking of the link between you and rain. I mean our love and lightning.' I said, keeping my smile still alive. I thought that it looked awkward, for any smile that stays more than half a minute will look clumsy, at least, to my belief, and killed my smile; and returned to my normalcy. He just extruded a smile in return and continued his passion. The air around us carried both darkness and humidity. We're standing on this hill - my residence. He belongs to the foot of the hill.


Rain stopped. Thunder vanished. He too is about to disappear. We had spoken a lot of things. Time is a lifeless element when we meet. Looking at his watch, I understood that we talked for more than an hour. Talked about many things - the most important thing being our marriage.

He waved his hands at me. I smiled and waved to him back. While he went west, I walked east under the exhaustion-filled clouds, reminiscing to myself our 1st meeting. I smiled over the words Stephen once used, 'We're like the thunder and the lightning. Always together. I'm the thunder and I'll follow you, the lightning, wherever you go.'

'No dear, it's you who are the lightning! You always come first like the lightning and well, you illuminate my life like lightning lighting up the world. You carry light with you.' I just realized I dramatized it too much than needed. I blushed at my own awkwardness and he spoke nothing, but pulled me into his embrace, and gave me warmth.

That was a grey day. To say more aptly, that was a grey evening, not to mention all the evenings are blurry, but that particular evening is abnormally blanched off light. Aggravating the conditions is the wind, that was, in my opinion, strong enough to be certified as a windstorm. I never believed in love at first sight. Never believed it. Why, even made satires at it, not to mention that I felt it exhilarating. Well, I can't help it for that's human nature to make irony at things a human strongly disapproves of.

Believed in not even a smidgen of the Hollywood illogicality. "Made for each other?" What the hell is that? How come you know it, provided both of you never knew a morsel about each other? Nonsensical film-makers and brainless amass of movie geeks. They say a spark will get induced, a slight trigger, a little prick in a little corner of your head will ensue on meeting your soul mate. Idiots.

That day, I inverted my principles. Tied my ridicules into a knot and threw that aside. Aside of my life, feeling abashed at my own idiotic mind. I'm an idiot. Yes, that's me! That day, I came to later realize, is the heyday of my life, under that murky sky. When the entire world, or at least to the very extent my vision can help, is in darkness, my life was refulgent.

I saw Stephen! - The birth.

I can't deem how fast our love grew - I said "grew", as if "love" is a child, to grow from birth to death - Stage of crawling.

Apparently what I failed to know or say "comprehend" is the fact that every growing child will become sour with age and would eventually die.

Our love became mature and we understood each other so perfectly - The Adolescence.

Our love didn't grow sour with age. Our love didn't go to the slightest degree astray. Our love, I call it, as if it's our child, is all we have. Well, that's the only thing I was living my life for till this second.

It was three days now that I saw him. I saw the clouds cluster and roar around four pm. I know for certain, or at least, as per my intuition, that he'll come and meet me today. I don't know how and why, but our love is linked to the sky. Almost every time he met me, along with him will come the rain too. It might seem foolish, but somehow that's the truth. One reason being the fact that our region is one of the most rainfalls receiving region and now it is rainy season!

I sat on the veranda of our house, thinking about the good times we had, and my lips blossomed a smile involuntarily. I saw his friend go by at a distance - heads bowed down and trying to get out of my sight as soon as possible. I was surprised, for he never avoided me. He always would spend time with me whenever he goes in this way. Moreover, he's the 'link' between me and Stephen. I ran downstairs and asked him about my man. Without a word he tried to go away. Though he was walking, it took me a few long strides to catch him. I caught him in four hops and I insisted him to speak. He smiled and said that Stephen is on the way and that he's not allowed to say more; and practically ran away.

From his expression, I know that there's some good news at stock. It started to trickle. I know he's very close.


I never realized that I could, or we could attract such a big amass. I'm not even aware that I had so much relatives and friends. So big a group! All cheering for us! I was the centre of attention! It feels so good to be the centre of attention. I was escorted by my dad and one of my best friends. They made me walk slowly, one step at a time, making me feel as if I'm a supermodel. Well in that white dress, I looked like an angel, my friend complemented me.

Stephen was standing near the priest beaming at me. At the end of the aisle, at the first row of seats, my dad let me go of my hand. I was practically frenzying my way as a six year old girl seeing her birthday gift.

While the Holy Father iterated something to the ensemble, none of which entered my ears, I was sailing in my past. That wonderful day came to my view. The day when Stephen's friend ran away, almost blushing, the day when Stephen told me the sweetest words he had ever spoke! - he'd spoken to his parents and got the permission for our marriage! I don't know why but I felt my heart beat at 100 strokes per second.

The priest asked him, 'Do you, on the name of the Holy Father, wish to marry this lady?'

Stephen opened his mouth and said, 'Ye-'

His lips stayed in that position. With that, he caught his chest and slid down. The entire amass stood up in shock. I felt my heart burst out. Then all I saw was a few dark green spots accumulate before my vision, my feet slowly giving away and I closed my eyes.

They said that I fainted. When I opened my eyes, I was told the news by my dad. As he spoke, the sky thundered. I felt that thunder pass into my heart - premature death.



I stood at a distance noticing everyone speak their memorable moments spent with the dead person. I can't join the funeral. I just can't go in. I stood at a distance, all their decibels loud enough to enter my ear drums.

The matter my dad told me still echoed in my heart. My man had a cardiac arrest. I stood there in silence, guilt-stricken. My feet numb. My heart heavy. My eyes teary. My lips trembling.

My thoughts raced in all the possible tangents. Thunder follows lightning. One voice that originated somewhere inside me is so much powerful enough that I acquiesced to whatever it said. I decided to follow that voice. It said - 'It is no use living in this world where he doesn't live.'

May be he'll wait for me in the skies. It started to rain again. I heard the clouds roar in fury. Even the cloud is crying for him. I heard my heart say - 'You're wrong Stephen. You're the Lightning, and I'm the Thunder.'

Lightning was gone; thunder must follow wherever lightning has gone to! Because, that's the rule - the inevitable rule. Thunder follows lightning.


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