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The strangest creatures

Short story By: Asfi

How does an ordinary fish see our everyday problems?

Submitted:Jun 15, 2012    Reads: 69    Comments: 14    Likes: 4   

"There you go, Madam. Thank you." said my master as he picked up my bowl and me to a young woman.

"Thanks. But can you do me a favour? Please tie a bow around the bowl. I want to make it look like the perfect gift." said the woman and handed me back to my old owner. He tied a red ribbon around my bowl.

"Thanks again. My fiance will love it!" said the woman. She picked up my bowl and walked to her home. Once home, she placed me on a small table. Then she smiled.

"Hi, fish!" she said "I'm Jessica! This is your new home now! Do you like it?"

I looked around. On the walls, there were pictures of Jessica with a man. The house was colourful and smelled like flowers. I liked it. So I started swimming in circles and Jessica giggled.


That evening, Jessica was sitting in the living room when the front door opened and a man entered.

"Hi, Kevin!" said Jessica "Happy birthday! Look what I got you. Isn't he cute?"

She picked up my bowl and handed it to him. He smiled

"Great. Thanks a lot, Jess" he replied, looking at me.

Jessica put me back on the table and took his hand.

"This birthday, promise me you will never ever drink alchol again." she said, staring into his eyes.

"Uh....um......sure." he replied "Hey....uh.....why don't we eat dinner? I'm hungry. Come on."


Jessica loved me very much. Kevin went to work everyday so it was just her and me. She would decorate the house, cook dinner, wash clothes and feed me. And when she would be finished of work, she would sit close to me and I would swim in circles. Jessica was a kind, cheerful and pretty woman. I loved her very much too.


My life was going perfect until one night. One night changed everything. It was midnight and Jessica was worried because Kevin had not come home yet. Kevin always came home in the evening. So Jessica was terribly worried.

"Oh, fishy. I miss Kevin. Where do you think he is?" She asked me. She sounded like she was about to cry.

Then suddenly the front door burst open and Kevin entered.

"Kevin! Where were you?" cried Jessica "I was getting so worried. I........." she became quiet when she saw Kevin's face.

"Kevin....." she murmured "Were you out drinking.....alchol again?"

Kevin didn't even reply. He started to walk away from her but Jessica grabbed his hand.

"Answer me!" she screamed.

Kevin pulled his hand away.

"Get lost" he said and started to walk away again.

"Kev! You promised! You promised you won't drink again!" Jessica cried. Tears were flowing down her eyes.

"Shut up!" Kevin screamed sudddenly, turning around to face Jessica. Then he pulled something out of his jacket pocket and thrust the thing into her stomach. Jessica gasped. And then fell on the ground and died. A piece of glass poked out of her body which Kevin had used to kill her. Kevin stared at the body for a while, panting, and then fainted.


Kevin woke up three days after that night. And the first thing he noticed was Jessica's body.

"Oh no!" he screamed.

He picked up the dead body and started crying.

"I'm sorry, Jess! I'm sorry! I swear I won't drink again! I swear! Please, please wake up!" he said.

But Jessica never woke up. Kevin sighed and stood up. He walked over to my table.

"Hey, fish." he whispered. Then he reached out and sprinkled fish food in my bowl.

"I'm sorry, fish." he said "your mistress is gone. She's gone! And it's all my fault!"

He bent down and pulled the glass out of Jessica's body.

"Goodbye, fish" he said.

And stabbed himself in the chest. Kevin's body fell right on top of Jessica's. I sighed and started eating my food. Humans are the strangest creatures ever created.


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