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Princess - Special Valentine's Day Edition - Part 1

By: aurorablack

Page 1, This is deticated to all the Princess fans. A special story about Valentine\'s Day...

Shaun's POV

Thousands upon thousands of green and brown leaves circled around me. The light wind was cool, but refreshing on my tanned skin. I checked my watch for the third time since I woke up, 5:36am. I was certain that my girlfriend, Crystal, would be awake soon. She was always such an early bird.
I continued to walk down the street, keeping my eyes out for the one sign I was looking for.
The bakery? No.
The chemist. Not even close.
Right on the corner was a little flower shop where I saw amazing red, yellow and white roses, blossomed with life, staring out into the world through the window display.
I smiled. I was here.
Luckily enough today was a special occasion and the store was open, ready for business. And of course it didn’t really shock me that there were already 3 guys inside, browsing and picking out various flowers around the shop. I smiled as I breathed in the scent of the garden that surrounded me; petunias, roses, lilies, daises. Don’t ask how I know all these flowers. That’s a story for another day.
I walked slowly towards the counter where a young girl, no older then about 15, stood behind, taking notes. She looked up at me with a pair of pretty green eyes and smiled, showing a gap in her teeth. I smiled back and said, “I had an order.”
She nodded at me and then opened a drawer on her side of the counter, pulling out a massive yellow folder with the words ‘Customer Orders’ printed in big, bold letters on the front.
The young girl opened it up and then looked up at me again, asking, “What was the name?”
“Diviney,” I replied.
She flicked through the book, landing with a pile of D’s right in front of her. While she shuffled through a small stack of printed receipts, I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I look behind me to find a young man, about 16, smiling behind me.
“Hi mate!” He exclaimed, even though I had no idea who this kid even was. “Uh….sorry to bother you, I mean, you’re obviously busy…but look, my girlfriend, she’s a huge fan of your band.”
I smiled widely. I knew something like this would eventually happen if I was spotted. It’s kind of one of the perks to being a rock star I guess.
I looked back at the girl behind the counter and asked, “Could I just borrow a piece of paper and a pen?”
“Sure,” she replied, handing me one of the store’s notepads and a pen.
“What’s your girlfriend’s name?” I asked the guy next to me.
“Tanya,” he told me. I nodded and scribbled down the note and my signature. Once I handed him the piece of paper, he grinned at me hugely and cried over and over, “Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how much this would mean to her.”
Oh, I think I do, I thought. I smiled and laughed as he then ran straight out of the shop. I turned my attention back to the young girl, who was arranging roses around in a specific order.
“Don’t worry about the arrangement,” I told her. “I’ll be putting them in a vase when I get home anyway.”
She nodded politely and then continued to wrap the flowers up around the stems.
“Also,” I added, pulling my wallet out of my back pocket. “I might just grab that rose with the chocolate heart as well…”


I quietly pushed the door to my apartment slowly open, and then closed it just as quietly. Down the hall, I took a small peek into my own room, where Crystal was sleeping soundless.
I smiled and tried my hardest to walk towards her as quiet as I could. With the single rose I had, I placed it gently next to her head, and then she breathed out silently, like she was just falling into the gentle rhythm of sleep. I smiled, leaning down and pressing a light kiss on her forehead, then headed back out of my room again.
I rested the bundle of roses on my kitchen counter, pulling a glass vase out from underneath and filling it with cold water.
When I tried to get the roses out of the cellophane it was wrapped in, I ended up spilling drops of water all over the counter as I placed the roses in the vase. I grabbed the sponge resting on the sink and wiped up the spilled water. Throwing it back in the sink, I grabbed the glass vase and walked around to my glass-sliding doors, opening them to walk out onto the balcony. I placed the vase on the small table and then tried to rearrange the roses in a suitable order.
When I walked back inside, I wasn’t back into the kitchen and searched through all my cupboards until I found a packet of pancake mix. It wasn’t until after I had mixed it together with the milk and eggs that I heard a door creak open.
I smiled, pouring my first lot of batter onto the heated pan. My princess was awake.

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