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Princess - Special Valentine's Day Edition - Part 2

By: aurorablack

Page 1, This is deticated to all the Princess fans. Part 2 of a Valentine\'s day story...

Crystal's POV

All I could feel around me was the softness of silk sheets. It actually took me a moment to remember where I was.
I opened my eyes and sure enough I was staring out into a beautiful city view which could only be seen from my boyfriend, Shaun’s, apartment.
I smiled and stretched my arms out, listening to the small crack going off from my back. I dropped my left arm beside me and instantly felt pain shoot up my arm.
I jumped, almost rolling out of the bed. I looked to the left side of me and spotted a single rose, with a chocolate heart connected to a small card. I smiled again, picking up the rose (without touching the thorns again) and held it to my nose. I smelt lavender. I wonder how that works.
A loud band came from outside the room, which turned my attention away from the flower and listened to the sound of cooking coming from, what might have been the kitchen.
I flipped the sheets off my body and smelt the lavender-essence rose before placing it back on the bed again. I got up and pulled the door open quietly, the smell of maple syrup wafting through the air. I followed the delectable scent down the small hallway, to where I found Shaun standing in front of the cooktop, his back turned to me.
I quietly tiptoed towards him, making sure he didn’t know I was coming. It wasn’t until I was inches away from him that he said, “Morning, Princess.”
I just stood then, my mouth agape and an obviously surprised look on my face.
Shaun turned his head and smiled, laughing slightly.
“How the hell did you know?” I nearly yelled at him.
He placed the spatula he was holding next to the cooktop and responded, “Psychic.”
I just shook my head, biting my bottom lip. He always did this to me.
“Aww, I’m sorry Princess.” He said to me, turning around and leaning on the counter behind him. “Did I make you upset?”
I didn’t respond to him. I just kept shaking my head slowly, keeping my eyes on him and wearing a massive smile across my face.
Shaun held his hand out then.
“I’m sorry, Crystal,” he said. He still had that ridiculous grin on his face.
As annoying as he was, I really didn’t have the heart to stay mad at him, so I grabbed his hand and he pulled me slowly towards him into a hug.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Princess,” he said, leaning down towards my face, getting ready to kiss me. But I backfired and bit him on the nose.
He pulled back and said, “Is this how I’m going to get treated all day?”
I laughed, but I shook my head. Shaun maybe annoying, but he’s still a sweetheart.
“Prove it,” he said, grinning at me again.
I sighed, then pushed my own lips against his, holding it like that for a good two minutes at least.
When we parted, he commented, “I guess not.”
I laughed as he turned around and flipped the pancake over.


“Where are we going?” I asked Shaun for the 5th time since we left his apartment.
“Oh, somewhere nice,” was the response every time. We had left his place around 45 minutes ago and now it looked as though we were somewhere in the country, where the leaves where red, orange and yellow and horses raced us until their paddock ended.
I really had no idea what possessed Shaun to drive out here. We’re both too much of city folk. We barely understand the country terms at all.
“Close your eyes,” Shaun told me, so I did. It wasn’t long before I began to collect the smell of salt water around me.
I felt the car come to a stop, and then heard Shaun say, “Okay, open your eyes now.”
When I opened them, I instantly saw blue, brighter than the sky itself. Then the sound of the ocean swam into my ears and the impeccable voices of the seagulls gliding over us.
Shaun got out first and I followed suit. He opened the boot of his car and pulled a picnic basket. Once he closed it, I asked, “Are we going on a picnic?”
“No,” he said, sarcastically. “I just bring this with me to throw at cars in my spare time.”
I rolled my eyes and smiled. He smiled back and came over and placed his arm around me. Leaning in, he whispered, “What else would I use a picnic basket for?”
He guided me to a small track inches from where we parked. A gentle slope guided us downhill, to a row of steps and rocks that we had to climb down.
“Right there,” Shaun pointed down to where flat rock was resting just next to a deep part of the ocean. The waves collided against the rock, but didn’t jump any further then a meter above it.
I found some flat ground to walk along and continued my stroll down there until I had reached the rock itself. In a matter of seconds, Shaun was at my side. Being taller, and stronger, than me, he placed the basket on the rock and pulled himself up, sitting on the edge, watching me.
“Come on, your turn,” he said, smiling.
This was clearly entertainment for him. He knew I wasn’t strong enough to pull myself up, so as I tried he laughed.
When I did give up though, he got back down and picked me up easily, placing me on the rock. Once he pulled himself up, he grabbed my hand and leaded me to the edge. He set the basket down and pulled out a blanket for us to sit on.
We both sat down and as he opened the basket, I asked him, “So, what possessed you to take me here today?”
“Uh…change of scenery,” he told me, unpacking sandwiches and fruit. “You know, there’s a certain part of my day where I just get sick of looking at a construction workers arse-crack for a period of time.”
I smiled and rolled my eyes again, laughing slightly. I began to unfold the aluminium foil of the sandwich I was holding, when he said, “Of course, the only person’s arse I’m really interested in is yours.”
I looked up at him, a smile on my face again, and said, “Yeah, but even then you would probably get sick of it too.”
“No, I won’t,” he shook his head at me. “You actually have a cute arse.”
That’s when I laughed fully, and with food in my mouth too, which proceeded with me choking and coughing.
Shaun came over to me then, forcing a cup of water in my hand.
“Drink this,” he said, and I did as I was told, clearing my throat for good.
Once I finished, he asked me, “Better?”
I nodded. “Better.”
And then that’s when a massive wave collided against the rock, forcing salt water to rise over the rock and drench us both.
“Okay,” Shaun started. “I swear that has never happened before…”
“Before?” I pointed out with a smile on my face. “Ah, so I’m not the only girl you’ve brought here.”
Shaun tackled me then, knocking the cup out of my hand and pushed me flat on the ground. I laughed and screamed, until he pressed his salty lips against mine.
Once we stopped, he whispered to me, “You’re my one and only, and that’s the way I wanna keep it.”
I smiled, placing my forehead against his.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Shaun.”

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