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jade and dima

By: babykolabear

Page 1, jade falls in love with dima.and run a way to gether.

JADE AND DIMA.  one summer day.jade was getting ready to go to the park.she had just turn 15.she wanted to celebrate her birthday by having a picnic with her they all got in the car to head to the was a great clouds.just a blue sky.and in the seventys.they found a nice place to eat under a shelter.jade was so happy.she is now a young lady.while they was eating her mom gave her a gift.a brand new cell phone.what jade did not no was her mom had talked to a boy she new jade liked.there was a number on her new phone.her mom told her to call it.jade ask why.her mom said it was a jade called a boy picked up the phone.jade said hello who is this.he said this is dima.jade said no way.dima said yes its really they started talking.jade excuse her self from the talk to dima a lone.dima ask jade if she would like to go to the mall with him on saturday.jade said yes that would be nice.he then told her that they would go out for ice cream to.jade was so excited.she could not wait till saturday.she gave her mom a big hug.for setting her up with dima.a boy of her dreams.after the picnic jade had a nother suprise when she got home.her mom took her to the back.there was a brand new bike.with a small package on the seat.jade was jumping for joy that her mom gave her a bike.but when she open the package she screamed.there was one thousand dollars in side.jade gave her mom and dad a big hug and said how much she loved them.that saturday dima came by on his bike.jade got her bike and they went to the mall.they walked around looking at every thing.jade bought a dress and a hat.dima bought a shirt and a pair of pants.after the mall they went to get ice a little ice cream shop down town.they was having so much fun.dima was falling in love with jade.while he was at the table he lean over and gave her a kiss on the lips.and said i love you jade.and jade said she loved him.after the ice cream.they went to see a movie.jade loved vampire movies.jade pretended she was she put her arms around dima.she had a great day.when she got home she told her mom how much fun her and dima jade and dima was a couple.threw high school and college.after college they got married.they now have two little girls.they live in a big house in hawaii.every saturday they take there little girls to the beach.for family fun day.jade dreams have come true.the end

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