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jennys heart break

Short story By: babykolabear

a bout a 15 year old girl that fall in love with a 35 year old man.

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jenny was a sweet girl.she lived with her aunt.she was a good student.all ways brought home good grades.she likes to go dancing with her friends at a local teen hang out.she had a part time job.at sams soda shop.one night she went to this party with her friends.she had to much to drink.she new if she went home her aunt would no.so she called her aunt to tell her she will be staying with a friend.she had a key to the soda shop.so she went there and fell a sleep on the floor.sam the owner was a good looking man.and jenny had a crush on him.sam was own his way to the shop to get some files.when he got there he saw jenny sleeping on the floor.sam ask why she was there.jenny said she had to much to drink and did not want her aunt to no.what jenny did not no was that sam had a crush on her.so they started talking about every thing.jenny lean over and kiss sam.and sam kiss her back.then they made love on the floor.the next morning sam told jenny. she must becareful not to tell any one.because she is only 15.sam and jenny did every thing .they went swimming in the lake.went to the park.and made love under a tree.a week later jenny found out she was pregnant.she told sam.at first sam was upset she was pregnant.but they talk about it.and new they would have to leave the usa.and go to mexico.so that night they packed what they could. and caught a plane to mexico.they found a house to live in.because sam had lots of money.from selling his shop.jenny aunt had called the police.but they new they was safe in mexico.jenny had her baby.a little girl.that she name samantha.they was a happy family.jenny rocked her baby to sleep every night.she loved samantha.one day they decided to take a drive out in the country.sam had been drinking because he lost his job at a plant.he was driving real fast.jenny tried to get him to slow down.as he went around the corner.he lost control.and rolled over in to a ditch filled with water.the car was up side down.jenny was toss from the car.she was daze but ok.but sam and the baby was trap in the car.she tried to save them.but it was no use.they died in the car under water.jenny was screaming for her baby.then she just went in to shock.she did not say a word for a week.she she just lay in bed and cry.then she went to the bath room and took a hand full of sleeping pills.the next day her neighbor found her dead.there was a note on her body.it said i cant go on livlng with out my little baby girl.she was my heart and soul.i hope to see her in heaven.jenny was a young girl.that never got to see her daughter grow up.she fell in love.had a baby.but died at a young age.rest in peace. the end


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