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The Magic Of Christmas

Short story By: Begginer Writer For Fun

A boy meets a girl in a park, a week before Christmas eve.
Falls in love with her. Proposes at 12:00 Christmas.

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The Magic Of Christmas

It all happened a week before Christmas eve. The week of magic, the week of love, and joy. I didn't have a love of my life until then, the week of magic. I was sitting in the park, reading a newspaper. Children were playing, the snow was falling from the sky, and people were decorating their houses for Christmas. People loved the time before Christmas, it reminded them why people live, the beauty of life, and the happiness in their hearts. But for me, it reminded me of the lonely time when people are sitting around their tables, eating food, laughing, and telling stories, and I am staying in my miserable home. The time when people say what makes them happy, and give each other their dream gifts. Sometimes I even wished that Christmas didn't existed, until I met that girl, the girl of my dreams.

As I was sitting on the bench in the middle of the park, I saw the most amazing girl. She wore a coat as white as the first snow of the Winter, her smile was making my heart warm. She was sitting on a bench on the other side of the park. I got up to get to know her. As I was approaching her, I saw her eyes, the most beautiful eyes you can imagine were about to look into me. I was shaking, not knowing how to start. When I came close to her, I asked the weirdest question anyone would ask. I asked "who are you?" in a demanding tone of voice. She just sat there and stared at me now knowing what to say. I felt ashamed, and started running as fast as I could, not looking back at her.

As soon as I got to my lonely, secluded home, I went straight to bed crying. I just had my chance on getting the love of my life, and I failed. I knew I had only one chance in my life to get the right women for me. From that day on, I was miserable, I began drinking, and hating Christmas. The next day, I was walking outside, I saw people holding hands, kissing, and having the best time of their lives. It made me sick to the stomach, I wanted to throw up, I didn't try talking to anyone from the day I lost my loved one.

I thought of starting to harm myself. There was no point of living without a person to look for, and to be with. I didn't want to look for anyone else, I knew that if I didn't succeed once, what are the chances I would succeed the second time. I decided to commit suicide on Christmas eve, when everyone would be happy in their homes, I would be happy by getting rid of my life long problems. I was glad I didn't do it, but I committed a crime. I stole one hundred dollars, I was sent to the prison for a day.

A few days after the day I lost her,I went to movies.While waiting for the movie,White Christmas to start, I saw her again. She was with someone else. It broke my heart, but I knew i got a second chance, and I couldn't miss it. While I was approaching her, I saw her looking at me, I was relieved, she didn't forgot me. Now I told myself it was my last chance, if I failed again, I'll be alone for the rest of my life. While I was getting near, I saw her friend get up and go somewhere, I was alone with her, just as I wanted.

He looked familiar to me, I just knew I met him somewhere. Then it got to me, I met him in the prison, he was visiting someone. I knew if he will tell her, she wouldn't want to be with me. I sneaked to him while he was going to get popcorn, and I asked him if she was his friend, he told me she was his sister. Then he told me "you look familiar, did we meet somewhere?" I couldn't believe he remembered me, I lied and said no. He started to think back, and remembered.

"Weren't you in jail a few days ago?" he asked.

I knew I couldn't get away with that. I replied "Yes I was, but now I'm a changes person, I will never do it again." He looked at me, and decided not to tell, but on one condition. "Because it's Christmas eve, you will buy the popcorn and brng it to her, and you will never harm her in you life." I was happy he let me go without telling her where he saw me. I went to the women, and sat near her.

I asked her what her name was, she said Merry. I just made my first step to a happy life. I asked her who was she with to make sure she wasn't lying, she said it was her brother, It made me ease, I knew she was still free. We talked for a while, the suddenly six words that shocked me came out of my mouth. I asked "do you want to go out?" I immediately froze in place, didn't moved a muscle. I was afraid of getting rejected, and at the same time I wasn't ready to date.

I wasn't prepared for her answer, but there was no turning back. She said "yes", I just stood there, not knowing how to react. She suggested to go to a restaurant on Christmas night. I agreed, I was relieved that she made the choice, and not me. The movie started.

After the movie, I went home joyful, and happy knowing I did the first step. I decided to stop drinking, and begin enjoying life again. I started sitting in the park, looking at couples, and looking forward to the date. I was happy again, looking at the bright side of everything.

A day before the big day, I decided to make it even bigger. I went to the jewelry store, and bought an -shiny, beautiful, white gold- engagement ring. Knowing she will love it, I placed it in my suits pocket, and was exited for tomorrow night. I was thinking about her all day, and preparing to ask her to merry me. I couldn't sleep that night, I was to exited, so many thoughts were running through my mind. I needed her to be in the right place to ask her the question that will change our future forever.

The morning of the big day, I went to the park where we first met. I saw the decorated houses, people were doing last minute shopping for presents, but my present was already ready. It inspired me to write something to her, I decided to write a poem:

When we first met at the park,

It wasn't really dark.

I fell in love with you,

But why, I didn't knew.


I asked you the weirdest question ever,

I thought I would be miserable forever.

It was my only chance,

I didn't want to dance.


When I saw you at the movie,

I didn't even knew me.

I went straights to you,

Now knowing what to do.


When you suggested to go out,

I didn't want to shout.

I wanted you to be with me,

sitting on my knee.


Now I have the biggest question ever,

It will change our future forever.


Will you marry me?

I slipped it in my other pocket, and got out the rings and looked at it for two good minutes. I just knew I forgot something, but didn't know what. Then I remembered I still didn't know when would be the right time to propose.

It was 11:00, an hour before the big, important time of my life. I got prepared, and went to take her to the restaurant. The streets were colorful, the houses were bright, and people were going to the park for the count down. I was exited to ask her the question, and hoping she will accept me for who I am. I passed by the huge Christmas tree in the middle of the park, it was colorful as the rainbow. I passed the frozen lake, and the store where I got the ring. I went over the poem, and liked it. I was ready as I will ever be to meet my destiny. I was approaching her door, and waited outside. Here she came, dressed in her red dress, shining as the sun, and happy as I am.On our way to the restaurant, I felt I was the luckiest person on earth.

When we reached the restaurant, I opened the door and there were musicians playing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.I sat her in the table, and approached the musicians. I asked them to play the most beautiful piece,To A Wild Rose on my signal. They agreed, and I went to sit down with my lady. We ordered wine, some delicious food, and a rose to put in the middle of the table. Everything was ready for the big moment.

It was 11:55, I was exited as I ever be. I gave them the signal, and they started playing. I was looking at the clock, couldn't wait for the moment. I gave her the poem to read, as she was getting to the end, I got on my knee and got out the ring. It was the best minute of my life, I was about to get married. She looked at me, I saw a tear coming out of her eyes as she was looking at me with a big smile. The clock rang 12:00, the bells rang from the clock tower in the middle of the park. People started cheering outside, and I had my first kiss. I didn't want that moment to never end. I was the luckiest person ever, she said yes. Now I was looking to the future, remembering the past, and living the present.


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