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Just saying "I love you".Chapter 1

Short story By: BellaMarieCullen1918

Back then, Saying "I love you." was the hardest thing to do. Now its being thrown around like its no big deal. This is about a boy and a girl, communicating over letters. Friendly letters. Like letters. Like like letters. Love letters. This story takes place back in 1945-1950 :) The grease period (Like "Grease" the movie!) Mary St. Louis and Danny Pierce :)

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On the front, in scribbly hand writing, was:

To: Mary From: Danny.

Dear Mary,

I don t know if you remember me, But im Danny Pierce. We met at the county fair last week and we were with a bunch of friends. You were with Linda and Sandra and i was with Jhon and Robert. Remember me now? Well i walked you home, and i got to know a lot about you. I dropped this in your mailbox and i hope you get it. I would really love to hear back from you. My adress is 12343 Fairland Ln. I live about 10 minutes away from you. -Danny

Weeks later, Danny recived a letter in the mail, the same scribbly handwriting on the front...

To: Danny From: Mary.

Dear Danny,

Oh, of course i remember you. The county fair was really fun! Linda and Sandra talked about it all the next day. I would love to see you again sometime. You were really nice to talk to and ive never had anyone i have had so much in common with! How about we get together this Friday and go to the diner? Sound good? Love to hear from you again! -Mary

The next day Danny recived the letter, He immediatly wrote back. He had never felt this way before, He felt like he actually had a crush on her. For the first time he felt like he had so much in common with someone. Friday rolled around and they went to the diner together. They shared ice cream and they exchanged smiles and laughs. It was a great day together. As soon as Danny got home that night, He wrote to her again.

Dear Mary,

Friday was an amazing. I had so much fun! We should definatly do it again sometime. So i had wanted to tell you something. Ever since i met you at the fair, I felt something. You are beautiful, honestly. I know we just met a few weeks ago, But i just love opening up to someone. But if you dont feel the same, Its ok. No pressure. -Danny

Mary didnt write back for weeks. She didnt write back at all actually. Everyday, Danny checked his mailbox but there was nothing. A few days later he recived a letter in the mail.

Dear Danny,

Yes, Friday was very fun. Im sorry i didnt write back, I was out with my family on a small vacation up to our summer home in the south side. But this will be the last time i write to you. Im really sorry Danny, But i dont feel the same connection and i figure if we talk to each other again it will only get worse. Im sorry Danny, I really am. You were and still are a great friend. Best wishes. -Mary

Danny was heartbroken. OF course he said it was ok, But he didnt think she would stop talking to him. He wouldnt stop here. He would fight for her. "True love isnt just something that is handed to you easily, or its not something you win, or its not luck that deals you the better hand. Its how hard you try for it, and how hard you push yourself to do anything and everything for the ones we love. Whether its family or not. Love isnt a prize, its a reward. And it is to be cherished. And if one does not value true love, they dont value themselves. Because love is 2 people, fighting for something that means everything to them. Love is love. And love, is to be cherished." -Kaylee Fleury (Me)


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