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TBD. Story not finished.

Short story By: BellaMarieCullen1918

Autumn Mitchellson was just an ordinary highschool girl. No drama. No special talents. And no friends. She was the one everyone avoided and bullied. She was just a quiet shy girl, Until she met Brody Finch. He brought out the best of her. But will they fall in love, or will his secret bring them both down?

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I hated getting up in the morning. I always wanted to be energized and ready for the day but i always know theres no chance in hell that would ever happen. I slunked my legs out from under my covers and stumbled to the bathroom. I didnt care how i looked, It was Friday and i wouldnt have to hear about it for the next couple of days. I slipped on a flower pattered short dress. This was comfortable enough. I checked how my butt looked in it. Reasonable sized. I laughed to myself and did a few crazy poses in the mirror. I grabbed a pair of black converse out of my closet and slung a jean jacket on really quickly. I didnt bother to do my hair. I brushed my teeh and put my hair up in a high messy bun. I realized i should just put it in a pony tail and call it even. I also lost the converse and threw on some carmel colored short boots. Whatever. I shrugged to myself and hobbled down the stairs. I wasnt really that hungry so just for the hell of it i grabbed 2 twizlers and called in my breakfast. I dreaded the walk to the bus stop. I shared a bus stop with 6 other kids. Max, Connor, Christian, Kasey, Madison, and the worst Rachel McMeyers. God if only i had friends. Shes the meanest, most plastic girl you would ever meet. Dating Connor, This week. I mean, who knows who she will have next week. I groaned to myself as the oven clock ticked to 6:30. I slowly walked out the door and to my bus stop. Of course, Rachel and Kasey were ready to bash on me and Madison was armed with a cup of dirty rain water that she scooped up from the sidewalk. I reluctantly inched towards the bus stop. Thats where i saw him. Bright, Electirc blue eyes. Messy carmel blonde hair that fell just in the right place. Brody Finch. He had just moved down here from Michigan. I had heard about him a few times when i tuned into Rachels pointless lectures and stories. I walked to my normal spot at the bus stop and he came and stood beside me. I refused to make eye contact because i was afraid i might drown in his gaze. Had i only seen his eyes once and i already knew that they could sink me, or anyone, really. Rachel and the rest of them scoffed as they watched him glance at me from time to time with curious eyes. For some odd reason, the sun started to shine very bright. He looked ahead, and smiled to himself. It was like he had created the sunshine himself. As soon as i had let the sun shine over my "Was to be ok day" it went into the clouds as i felt the dirty mud water splash all over my back. Into my shirt, drenching my hair and dampening my backpack. I wanted to turn around and scream, But instead i glanced over at the shocked boy. He looked at the girls then back at me. He seemed to be angry. Which puzzled me. How could 1 person, that i had just met, have such a protective feel towards me. If thats even what it was but whatever it was i wouldnt call it his normal behavior. The bus pulled up and the bus driver flung the doors open, i walked in cold and damp and everyone began to giggle and whisper. I dashed for my seat in the very back. I was surrownded by no one. I sat with no one and nobody was within 2 seats of mine. I quietly stared out the window. Then i heard the crappy leather of the bus seats squeak. It was Brody, He sat right next to me, not even worrying what other people were to say. "Hello.." He spoke softly. His voice matched his looks. Not to young and not to old. It was the perfect balance between a fantasy and real life. They almost blurred together when you were in his presence. "Uhm..Hi.." I blushed and nervously tucked falling hair behind my ears. I glanced at him then back out the window. I didnt know what to do in a situation like this. If nobody has already noticed it by now, not many boys talked to me unless they were making fun of me or laughing at me. The only problem with that was, in all honesty, i didnt know what was wrong with me. He continued to gaze momentarily at me. It was like he was my own personal Edward Cullen, except he didnt sparkle, Or atleast i dont think he did. I looked at him and regretted it as soon as i did. He caught my gaze and suddenly, the words poured out. "Do you sparkle?" Oh my god. Im going to die. I cant believe i just asked him that. For the first breif seconds he was really confused, i could see it in his face. Outside, the clouds gathered and it was pretty foggy outside. I was sort of side tracked now. How could it have gone from a nice sunny day to a foggy, cloudy sky? It was like it changed with his mood. I laughed to myself for thinking of such foolish conclusions. I just wanted my own, Edward Cullen. I laughed to myself, But who doesnt. Then it hit me, like a pillow sack full of bricks times 2. He laughed a laugh that could make the angels sing. Im not exagerating. It was like he was perfect in every way. The sun punched through the clouds and shone directly on his face. Nope, No sparkles. "No, I most deffinatly dont sparkle." He continued to laugh quietly for a fraction of a second longer then he looked ahead through the bus isle. We had arrived at the school. I slowly got up and as i got up, i sat right back down. He looked at me and then took my hand. "C'mon. Ill walk you to your first class." My hand was shaking, i could see it ttrembling, But at the same time my heart fluttered and i could feel the blood rush up to my cheeks and turn them a bright pink. That made him smile and when we walked out of the bus, the sun pushed the clouds even farther apart and some of the bigger puddles i had seen yesterday were now gone. Yay for the sunshine. I dont like puddles, especially when they are thrown all over my back. He pulled off his male cardi and gave it to me. It matched the dark blue color of my dress. "Here.." He smiled. "Take it. You need it more then i do and i have a shirt under this. It also matches your dress, i like it. You look very pretty." He smiled again and i could feel my cheeks burn brighter. We walked in the school and everyone parted like the great sea. "Its another day to shun me.." I whispered to him. His eyebrows knit together. "People shun you? Why would they do that? Theres nothing wrong with you." He whispered back and i felt the sunshine fade away with some clouds blocking it. Whats with the weather latley? "So what class do you have first?" He smiled at me. I wished my guess was miraculously right and the sun would shine every time he smiled, But sadley, this time it didnt. "Uhm.. I have.. English first." I stuttered like a complete idiot. "Me too." The sun didnt come back. The day dragged on, but with him by my side, it was better then most days. Nobody bothered to talk to me or make fun of me, he gave everyone the concious feeling that they should stay away. At my final period, Math, Brody and i had to split up. He had Science. I sighed sadly as we both parted and walked to our classes. My seat was in the very front, and Rachel and Kacey sat directly behind me. Next to me, sat a shy and quite girl named Melody. She looked like a gumball princess. Strawberry blonde hair, glasses, perfect cheekbones. She was so gourgous, but so quiet. I envied her, i envied a lot of people. My dull brown hair and blue eyes, it was like i was the only imperfect person there. Mr. Grievee continued on and on with his lecture on how important it was to move decimals to their correct places. I wasent paying attention, and he realized. "Autum, Do you know the answer?" His hawk eyes glared at me from behind his glasses. Girls began to giggle as i struggled for the correct answer. " I.. I dont know." Everyone started laughing and i could feel the tears swell behind my eyes. Rachel spoke up, "Obviously, Autum, you never pay attention. Your an unpopular girl who thinks Brody actually likes you, Hes MINE so you can back off. Mr. Greivee, the answer is 4.009." The tears spilled. Everyones stared and laughed. I flung myself out of my chair and ran out the door, as i ran, i caught Brodys eye and he bursted through the door and caught me in his arms. "Woah woah woah, what happened in there?!" I pushed him off of me with a strong jolt. "None of your buisness! Leave me alone!" I ran away, leaving himn standing clueless and alone.


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