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The Girl From Florida

Short story By: bitTersweet93

Tags: Romance, Love, Story

Mark is a 21 year old guy from New York City who met a 19 year old girl named Kristin who was the daughter of her mom’s officemate. Kristin is from Florida. She and her mom stayed at Mark’s place because of their mom’s work project purpose. Kristin has a boyfriend but Mark didn’t expect himself to fall in love with her. They both fall in love with each other. Time comes to conflict and problems. Yet they never give up with each other to be together.

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The Girl From Florida

My name is Mark Patrick Hoffman, a 21 year old guy who owns a music store and a recording studio in New York City. I'm half Filipino-Irish. My mom is a Filipino who is a business secretary and my dad is an Irish and he is an engineer. I have an older brother named Kevin who's a chef and an older sister named Anna who's a nurse. My dad was in Italy because of business purpose while my siblings have their own apartment. I am with my mom when I first met the girl that inspires my heart.

Chapter I- When the Doorbell Rang

It was early in the morning, peaceful and quiet. All you can hear is the sound of the wind through the window and the tick-tock of the clock. I got up early to go to the grocery store. I left my mom and nanny for a while.

The doorbell rang and nanny comes out of the house. There were two girls standing next to our gate. One looks 40-50 years old and the other one was like 18-22.

Nanny asked. "Yes? Can I help you madam?"

Umm. We're looking for Mrs. Julie Hoffman? Asked the older lady. "I'm Catherine, her officemate.

Then mom came out and said "Catherine! Please come in."

" Julie Good Morning! By the way this is my daughter Kristin."

"Nice to meet you Kristin, what a pretty young lady". Mom said

" Thanks" Kristin said.

" So I came to talk about our project in our office". Catherine said.

They entered our house. They sat at the sala set and started their conversation. I returned home carrying a bag of groceries. I get down of my motorcycle and went in. I didn't know that we have visitors. I shut the door so loud but I didn't mean that. So mom looked at me so did the two girls. It was really awkward because they are looking at me.

" Hi!...I'm sorry about that". I said

Then mom introduced me to them.

"Well! This is my son Mark. This is Catherine my officemate and her daughter Kristin."

When I first saw Kristin I was overwhelmed. She's so pretty, blue-eyes and she seemed so sweet and young. We shook hands.

"Nice to meet you Kristin".

"Nice to meet you too."

" Anyways I got to go to the kitchen to make breakfast Mom"

"Okay." Mom said with a kiss on my cheeks.

I made them coffee with a shot of espresso. Thick foam and with an art on top of it. I put them on their table.

" Wow! It's so beautiful Mark. Thanks. Catherine said.

"Thank you. I learned it from my uncle who used to work in star bucks." I said

I made pancakes, fried bacon and lasagna for breakfast. Nanny and I prepared the table set. I knew whatever happens they will join us for breakfast.

" Umm excuse me I'm sorry to interrupt. Mom maybe we can first have…."

Mom said" Okay! Umm why don't you join us for breakfast. Mark cooked something for us.

"Sure". Catherine said.

I sat in front of Catherine who's beside Kristin. Catherine said they're from Florida and she asked a lot of things about me, my job everything but Kristin was just there sitting and eating. Not a single word comes out her mouth. She didn't even look at me. After that, Catherine turned to mom as they started talking about their project proposals. I don't know why Kristin wasn't talking. Maybe she's not used to it, shy or not interested. So I just looked at her and smiled but she also smiled back at me.

Chapter II - They Stayed

Nanny cleaned the table set after we had our breakfast. Mom and Catherine were still discussing about their project conversation. Kristin went out and sat at the porch. I thought she seemed kind of out of place so I approached her carrying a cup of ice cream.

"Hey! Kristin right? I asked

" Yeah." She said.

" May I sit with you?"

" Sure"

I sat beside her as I handed her the ice cream.

" so how old are you by the way Kristin?" I asked.

"I'm 19. You?"

"21. you're mom said you're a model."


"You're in the world of fashion."

" Um. Yeah that was my dream since I was like 9." She said

We had a small talk. We laughed and tell jokes. It was fun talking with Kristin as I was looking at her smile, her shoulder length blond hair and her gorgeous blue eyes. Meanwhile, while we were talking, my friends Greg and Tom was walking with a basketball. They saw us and Greg asked " Hey man! Want to play with us?"

"Umm. No thanks man!.Maybe next time." I said

Then Tom said with w whistle." Whew! Who's the chic Mark?".

I looked at him with big eyes and said. "Knock it off man. Just go and play basketball." And carefully whistled "Jerk".

I turned to Kristin and said "Sorry about that, he's just joking."

"That's okay, I know." Kristin said

We continued our conversation and it took another 15 minutes. She's like a friend to me now. I didn't ask for anything else because we just met. I can see that I'm not her type and I didn't show any interest while talking to her, just friends. It's so fine talking with each other. But I still asked her "Do you have a boyfriend?"

She said with a smile " Yeah."

I asked " What's his name?."

" John" she said.

" What does he do?" I asked.

"He's a bartender in a disco bar." She said

After I heard that, It comes into my mind that maybe she's the type of a party girl. She likes wild guys maybe. It took us for about 3 and a half hours talking. Then her mom came out and said " Honey we'll stay here for two weeks or more until we finished project proposal."

So they will stay here in New York but Mom came out and said "Mark why don't you tell Nanny to fix your sister's room."

I asked "Why? Is Anna coming home?

Mom said quickly "No. Kristin and Catherine will be sleeping there."

I was shocked. I thought Catherine said they will stay here in New York not in our house. I was about to laugh cause I was like an idiot but I was right hey will stay in New York but in our house.

W e had them the whole day until it was time to sleep. Every early in the morning Mom and Catherine went to their office together. They left me and Kristin in the house with our nanny. So Kristin and i we just talked the entire afternoon, watching TV and eat. One night when I was about to go to bed, I passed by my sister's bedroom and I heard someone talking. My sister's door was open but I didn't bother to get inside because I know Kristin was there alone and Catherine was downstairs working with mom. I just stand beside the door and open my ears so wide that I can hear everything. I heard her talking with a guy maybe on the phone or in skype. I heard she was missing someone like her voice sounds crying. Then I peeked in for about 5 seconds, I saw her and she's skyping with a guy. I didn't have second thoughts that it was her boyfriend because the way she talks seemed so love. I left and got to bed and I think of something that might cheer her up so she could happy.

Chapter III - When I first asked her

The next morning, I woke up, took a shower and put on my black sweater, shoes and pants because I want to ask her out to see my music store and my recording studio. . I ran downstairs and I found her standing at the door. She's staring like she's thinking very deep.

"Good morning!". I greeted

"Hey!'". She said.

I asked" So where's everybody? Where are our moms?"

She said "They left us too early this morning and they just left us breakfast."

"Oh really." I said. That sounds not different. I laughed.

"So where are you going?" she asked

" Well I'm going to my music store and my recording studio to see how's it going on. Do you wanna….?"

Before I finished my question, she quickly asked " Can I come?"

" Yeah sure" I said.

She quickly ran upstairs and changed. She seems so excited to go out. We drove to the city and I showed her my music store.

" Wow! This is so cool! How long was this here?

" umm. Two years! I built this when I was 19 after I graduated college. I took business management cause I really want to build my own business.

"This is awesome". She said with amazement.

' You can look around if you want cause I'll just be right here".

I went to talk to my assistant and they gave me papers to be signed. While I was talking to them i can see Kristin was kind of interested in Music. She's looking at the guitars, pianos, everything that's in my store. Then I went to her.

"Come I'll show you my studio".

We went upstairs and there was a band recording their song. At least somehow there's music that she can listen to. We stayed there for 2 hours listening to the band. She's enjoying herself.

After that I asked her to have lunch with me outside. So we went out and eat because I was hungry and I didn't eat breakfast. We talk and laugh like never before. Joking around and talking about each other's crazy things we did in high school. It was fun with her. We went to the Central Park and walk around.

"This is my favorite place to go when I'm feeling sad or stressed. I love to watch people looking so happy.'" I said

She said "Yeah? Do you have a girlfriend? Kristin asked

" Well it's been two months since I've been with Jourdan."

" You broke up with her?". She asked

I said with a slight sign and laugh. "she broke up with me. She said she found someone else to be with. But that's okay.i move on."

" oh sorry about that" she said

"Yeah. I used to bring her here. We sat t under that tree with a picnic basket. Laughing, kissing. I sat under that tree the whole day after she dumped me. I really loved her. She was my everything. I hope I could find someone who will love me like I did to Jourdan."

"Of course you would! That charm, handsome face, who would say no if you ask a girl to go out with you." She cracked joked around me.

" hahaha that's funny Kristin".

I know she said that to lighten me up. But what she doesn't know that I was the one who's lighting her up. We walk the entire afternoon around the park. We ate ice cream everything that's something sweet. We seemed happy and comfortable with each other. There are times that she's holding my arms while walking but that seem so normal to friends. We had dinner. While we were having our dinner I stared at her for about 10 seconds. I looked at her and she's also looking back at me smiling. I realized that now I'm in love with this girl. But i shouldn't because she's taken. She has a boyfriend that she's missing. We went home at 8'oclock and our Mom was at the sala set with their laptops.

"So where you two have been?" Catherine asked.

"Mom Mark showed me his music store and his recording studio."


"Yeah! It was so awesome and fun cause there was a band recording when we went there."

"That's great Honey"

"Mom i gotta go upstairs I'm gonna take a shower. Good night Mom"

"So Mark how was it with Kristin out?" Catherine said.

"She's great and fun hanging out with her and she seemed so happy. She has an interest in music when we were at the studio."


"Well I see you two are busy doing something. I think I should go to bed now. Good night Mom! Good night!

I went to my room and took a shower. I lay down on my bed and I can't stop thinking about Kristin. She kept running around my mind. So I decided to her room and talk with her. So I knocked at her door.

"Come in". She said.

"So you're still up!"

"Yeah. She said

"May I?" I asked.

"Yeah sure"

I sat next to her on her bed and looked at her. She has something in her eyes that she has something to say.

"So how are you doing now?"

"I'm feeling alright".

"I hope made your day worth. I wanted to cheer you up because you seemed bored in this house huh." I said with a smile

"Yeah I knew that and I thank you". She said tapping my shoulder.

We looked at each other's eyes. I turned my body near her, put my arms behind her waist and slowly leaned towards her. I slowly kissed her lips and she kissed me back rushing her hands on my neck to my cheeks. It took 10 seconds and then we stopped. I pulled back and stood up. I looked at her and it seemed she meant that kiss. I smiled and said "Good night Kristin."

"Good night Mark".

Then I left.

Chapter IV- Kristin's Boyfriend

The next morning I got up early and went to the kitchen to make us breakfast. Mom and Catherine left the house as early as usual. I don't know what kind of project that they were doing. So again it was just me and Kristin. Kristin went down and went to the kitchen. She's smiling. She's wearing white sleeveless, brown shorts and her hair is tied up and still pretty as ever.

"Hey Good morning." I smiled.

"Good Morning. So they're out again?"

"Yeah but now they didn't made us breakfast. I made us breakfast."

"Really huh." She said smiling

"Really here try this. This one's really good.'

" umm. Where's nanny?"

"She's doing the laundry at the back."

"Oh okay.'

"Come on let's eat."

We ate every morning just only the two of us. Our Moms always left us very early. So we become closer and closer. We're like together but we're not. We're very happy spending time with each other. We also go out to have fun. I always bring her to the music store with me. If I'm in overtime she's still there too and waits until all my work is done. It's almost a week and a half that they stayed in our house. Then one day Catherine said. "Hey honey Aunt Helen called me this morning, they're going to Russia for two months and she needs someone to look after their house here in New York City. She asked me to stay there since we were here.

" umm.. That's good". She said in a worry.

I don't know if I will feel happy or not. Happy because at least they have a house to stay if they need to. Sad because I will be away from Kristin. It's a mixture of feeling. So the next morning they are now packed. I talked to Kristin and tried not to be sad or worried. She asked my phone number. I walked her to their car carrying their bags.

"So I'll just call you?"

"Yeah okay."

She hugged me tenderly and kissed me on my cheeks like she'll be really missing me or like we'll be separated in a different country. They left and drove the car. I felt really sad right now.

Then days later, my phone rang and it was Kristin. We talked every night on the phone. I was wondering what about her boyfriend? Does she still call her even once? I don't have any intention to steal her from him. It doesn't seem right. I don't know why we feel so happy every time we talk to each other. We haven't said the word "i Love you" to each other. Maybe for her it's really just friendship but for me it's more than that. I do love her but i can't tell her because I'm afraid of her reaction. I might get hurt if she just ignores me.

One night I called her.

"Hey Kristin, I was wondering if you want to come to the party tonight? Well you can bring friends if you want."

"Yeah sure! I'd love to." She said with an excitement

"Well okay then. I'll see you tonight at 7."

"Okay great"

I prepared myself. I wore my best to impress her. I looked great. I'm gonna tell her tonight how I really feel about her. So i prepared myself for her whatever she might react after I told her how I feel.

I drove to the party and I noticed i was smiling along the way. Feeling inspired. I arrived at the party exact 7. I saw my buddies having fun. They brought their girls with them but my eyes kept looking around for Kristin but I can't spot her for almost 15 mins. So I went to get myself a drink and suddenly a quick hand covered my eyes and when I turned it was Kristin.

"Wow! You made it" I said with joy

'" Yeah! It's so good to see you again.'

She hugged me like never before. We looked at each other with so much happiness.

"Let me buy you a drink". I said

Same thing we do. We hang out she's so beautiful. I can't get over with her smile and her dazzling eyes. She introduced me to her friends. It was really fun. Then after an hour when it was the only two of us, I decided to tell her now how I feel about her. I can't stop looking around feeling so nervous and when I was about to tell her, a guy quickly rushes toward us and quickly kissed Kristin for 3 seconds. It was John, her boyfriend. Kristin looked worried and shocked.

"Hey Babe"

"John? What are you doing here? How… How did you find me? Kristin asked in scared way.

"Well it was a long story. I've missed you so much babe." John said

Kristin looked like she's not happy to see him. She looked so worried.

"By the way John there's someone I want you to meet". Kristin said in a nervous voice.

"John I want you to meet my friend Mark. Mark this is John."

"Her Boyfriend." John said

"Nice to meet you man. Finally I've met the luck guy. Kristin told me all about you.

"Really. Thanks babe." He turned to her and kissed her.

Kristin looked at me worried.

"Anyways, it seems like you two need some time together to hang out. So I gotta go to my buddies. See you around guys." I said

I went to hang out with my friends. I drank 3-5 bottles of beers in a row. I kept looking at Kristin and her boyfriend hanging out. I felt jealous. But who am I to feel that? I'm just her friend. I thought that was the time to spend time with her again. It was already 10 in the evening and everyone were still having fun; I decide to left the part but I didn't tell Kristin that i left. What am I going to there anyway if the girl that I want to hang out with was with her boyfriend? I drove home as fast as I could. I was so jealous and I was about to hit a car. My phone rang. I looked at and it was Kristin I didn't answered it when it rang again. I picked it up.

"Hey Mark? Where are you? I've been looking all over for you." She said

"Oh. I'm…I'm on my way home now because I'm not feeling well right now." I explained.

"Why? Are you okay? She said in a low voice.

"Not really. I think it was all because of the beer. My head was kind of aching."

"Oh okay then so just call me when you're okay now."

" Alright! Bye."

"Goodnight Mark>"

`` I turned it off without even saying "goodnight". I was a total idiot to fall in love with a girl who already has boyfriend.

Chapter V- At the Airport

It was 5 days later without seeing her on talking to her. She kept calling but I didn't answer any of her calls or her messages. I was trying to forget all about her. One day, I was with my friends at the tennis court. I played tennis with them. I had so much fun. I realized that I missed hanging out with them. Then it was timed-out, I went to get my towel because I was covered with sweat. I put it on my face and I heard saying…

"Nice Strike"

I turned and it was Kristin standing in front of me. I didn't know that she's been there the whole time while we were playing. I turned back trying to stay away from her.

"What are you doing here?" I asked her with a normal tone

"I was watching you play and you're really good at it." she said


I didn't look at her after all those greetings.

"So where's John? Is he with you today?" I asked

" Umm No. I don't know where he is. He just left me this morning. Ummm we didn't sleep in the same room. He stayed on the other. "She explained

"Oh so what brings you here?"

She slowly answered "I came here because I want to talk to you."

I stopped.

"Yeah? About what?

"About John….about us." She said

"What do you mean about us?"

"I miss spending time with you Mark. I don't know why when John is with me I couldn't stop thinking about you."

I was shocked to hear what she said.

"so what do you mean?" I slowly asked.

"I love you Mark". Kristin said with confidence. I couldn't stop thinking bout you every night. I could barely eat because of you."

She was like crying while talking about everything she felt bout me.

"That sounds crazy Kristin."

That's all I can say. I turned back and she stood closer to me and asked.

"Do you love me?"

I stopped from what I was doing.

"What kind of question is that?" i asked

"Just tell me if yes or not." She begged.

I turned to her and said "No"

I was looking into her eyes and she wiped her tears after I said the stupid shit on her face then she quickly said.

"Kiss me."

"What? Why would i do that?"

"I need to know something". She explained." Just one kiss."

I couldn't move when she slowly leaned towards me. I couldn't help myself. When she was about to kiss me John popped in and saw us. He walked fast to us and punched me in the head so hard. I didn't do anything. My friends tried to stop John hitting me. They held him and he said in an angry voice.

"You asshole! Are you trying to steal my girl?" John yelled at me.

Kristin shouted "John stop it."

I was on the ground and Kristin helped me up.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry".

"Don't be" I said looking an eye to eye contact with John

I ignored them especially Kristin and I left but Kristin followed me but John quickly grabbed her to his car so hard. I went home and get some ice for my face because it was so painful. i can't believe what happened and I can't stop thinking about what Kristin said.

3 days later. I was at the house and I was trying to fix my car's side mirror because of the night when I was about to hit another car after the party the mirror hit the wall. I didn't get a call and messages from Kristin so I thought It was over. Then our gate rang. I opened the gate and I saw Kristin. I wasn't expecting her and I was shocked.

"Hey" she said

"Hey come in".

"So how was your head? And I didn't know he was there too."

"It's fine now." I said then i get back fixing my side mirror.

"I came to tell you that I broke up with John."

I heard what she said but I didn't stopped I just kept working but I was listening to everything she said.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow. I'm flying to Peru; I want to unwind after all these. Then I'll be flying back to Florida." She said in tears. "Anyways, I just really want to tell you I'm sorry for what happened. I know it was all because of me and I want to end it. I hope this is it."

I didn't looked at her, I didn't say anything because there's a lot of things going on my mind.

"Well okay! Seems you're busy I'm gonna go. Bye Mark!"

She left crying and she stopped by the post and sobbed. I saw her in the mirror that she was looking at me. After she left, I stopped everything and I was thinking so hard and deep.

The next day I went to my music store, I sat in my office and my best friend came in. I told him everything that happened to me and Kristin. I told him how much i love her and I want her so bad. He made me realize everything not to lose her and I realize that I really want her and need her in my life. So I stood up.

"I think I should go to her and stop her from leaving." I said

'"What time is her flight?" he asked

"What? Shit! I don't know man. Should I go now?"

"You idiot! Of course you should! Go run!." He said

"Yeah! I gotta go man!."
I drove so fast. Maybe my best friend was right. I am an idiot for letting the girl I madly in love with leave. I arrived at the airport hoping she's still there. I got out of my car. I ran inside so fast. I looked all the schedules of the flight to Peru. I was panting; i kept running all around looking for her. I looked all the blond girls' faces there but I couldn't find her. Then a voice comes out.



I was so tired running but I didn't stop until i found her.

Then suddenly 8 meters away I saw a blond girl with a shoulder length hair. I can't see her face. There were too many people. When she turned I was so happy, finally I found her. I ran and shouted. "Kristin!"

I was running towards her and I stopped looking so tired and I was catching my breath in front of her.

"Mark Are..Are you okay?". Kristin asked

I looked at her can't talk cause I was gasping for air.

"Mark what is it?" I have to go now."

"Please don't…don't go Kristin!" I said panting

Then I was a bit okay.

"Whoo! Please don't fly to Peru." I begged

"Why? I should go now>' she said in a hurry.

"I Love you Kristin."

She didn't mind and turned back then walk away. I pulled back and shouted with so much effort.

"I LOVE YOU!" I shouted.

Everyone heard it and Kristin went back to me.

"What the hell are you doing?. She asked in a whispered voice.

"What the hell am I doing? I'm stopping this thing right now. I love you so much. I do I really do. I want you to be with me. I want to spend my life with you. I promise I'll make things up to you." I explained.

She just looked at me and smiled with tears and slapped me on the face. She laughed and said.

"You really are an idiot just like what your mom said."

"I know. I am an idiot because of you." I smiled at her.

We looked at each other like the first time. I was looking her beautiful face, dazzling blue eyes and rushing my hands through her hair. We're both so happy and in love with each other. Then we slowly kissed in front of a lot people. She wrapped her arms around my neck and mine on her waist. Then we stopped and laughed and kissed again. Saying "I love you" to each other. I was so happy to have her in my life I'm not going to look for more or anything else.

This is it! The story of me and the girl that I never expected it will come to this. I met her as a friend and now she's my everything , the love of my life. I hope we'll stay together forever.


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