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The Rocker and the Geek

Short story By: bitTersweet93

Tags: Romance, Love, Story

This is a story between two teenagers who have different personality named Liam And Merideth. Liam is a popular guy on their campus and Merideth is a shy type girl who loves to read and stay in the library. Who would thought that they will fall to each other with their different way of life. This story would tell no matter how different you are to each other you will still love in the same way.

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The Rocker and the Geek

There was a teenager guy named Liam Stanford a 16 year old rocker of a band named " Lustful Gaze " which was the most popular band group in their school. He was popular and almost all the students know him. Liam has a messy dark hair. He love to wear black shirts, tear jeans and he always has his heavy silver necklace. He is a good looking teen guy and many girls in his campus had a crush on him. Girls were dying everytime he sings and play his guitar. Liam might seem naughty because of his appearance but when it comes to love you will never think that's his type.

Merideth Miller was as old as Liam. She has a long blond straight hair, pretty and wears thick eyeglasses. Merideth always carry her books wherever she goes. She love to stay in the library and wants to be alone all the time and read books. No one in the school noticed her. When it comes to love, she always wanted to keep it secret.

One morning, Liam went to school carrying his guitar with his friends/ bandmates. Students greeted him even he doesn't know them. Liam always walked with confident and kept his chin up. Girls started screaming like they saw a Hollywood star everytime he passed by. Liam considered himself as a heartthrob in campus but he didn't have a girlfriend. Merideth was standing by her locker when she saw Liam coming. Even Liam was popular, Merideth didn't know his name. She never cared if girls started to scream everytime he stepped in school.

After lunch, Merideth was sitting under the tree. She kept looking around students who just passed her. Liam was with his friends enjoying singing and playing their guitars. Merideth started to read but she could hear them their music and she thought it was nice listening to it.

After school, Liam and Merideth went to each other's home. Merideth started to study in her room. After she studied, she always wrote her daily diary as she started to write.

Dear Diary,

I was sitting under the tree this afternoon alone. I was looking around when I saw this good looking guy with his guitar and singing with his friends. He looked at me and I was kinda shy so I looked the other way. I kinda like him but I know he'll never notice a geek like me.


Liam was in his bedroom playing with his guitar. Liam loves to write songs. When he was writing a song, Liam started to write on a piece of paper saying…

I was with my friends having fun in our school. I saw this pretty girl sitting under the tree. I looked at her but she looked the other way. Besides I'm just the guy who knows how to play that six-strings and I'm pretty sure she's an honor student and always on top in her class. She'll never like me.


Liam and Merideth secretly have a crush on each other but they never manage to let it notice. One morning, Merideth was in the canteen sitting by herself and Liam came in. She saw him but she didn't mind. She get her books and leave the table. Liam looked at her when she left and accidentally she dropped her pen. Liam picked it up and after her.

" Hey miss. Excuse me. I believe you dropped this." Liam said

" Oh. Thank you." Merideth responded.

Merideth kept her face down cause everyone was looking at her. Everyone was looking at them cause she was talking to the most popular guy.

" My name's Liam by the way and you are?" Liam asked.

" It's Merideth." She answered.

" Nice to meet you."

Merideth couldn't look at him directly in his eyes. She was so shy because Liam kept looking at her.

The two doesn't have any idea they like each other. Liam couldn't get Marideth off his mind. He kept thinking about her and stare at her everytime he saw her in school. Merideth didn't care and she started to resist Liam everytime she saw him. One day, Liam found her again under the tree where he first saw her. Merideth knew he was there but she continued reading. Liam approached her slowly and tried to be friendly.

" You're Merideth right?" Liam asked.

" Uhum." She said.

Liam sat next to Merideth and he started talking to her. Merideth kept reading but her ears was to Liam. Liam didn't know what to talk about so he just started it about the tree.

" Do you always sit under this tree?" he asked.

" Umm yeah." Merideth responded and continued reading

Liam smiled and aksed her " So what are you reading Merideth?"

Merideth didn't answer instead she showed him the cover of the book she was reading. Liam didn't leave even Merideth seemed not interested talking to him. He stayed beside her the whole time until Merideth decided to leave.

" Umm. I think I have to go now."

" OH okay, so I'll see you around." Liam smiled.

Liam wondered why she didn't talk much. He realized he really like Merideth so he decided to give her flowers the next morning. He went to the tree where Merideth favorite place. He put the flower on the ground and hide himself as he waited Merideth to come. He saw Merideth coming towards the tree. She picked them up she already thought it was from Liam. She smelled the flower and Liam seemed so happy to see that. Liam decided not go near her instead he just stared at her the whole time without getting tired. Liam friends were looking all over for him and they caught him hiding and staring at Merideth.

" Hey Liam, What are you doing over here and who are you staring at?" his friend asked.

" Oh I'm looking at her. I like her dude she's very sweet and kind." Liam answered.

" What? You're must out of your mind, Dude you're the most popular guy in school and you're starting to fall with a geek? Man there are lot of hot chicks on campus running after you." His friend added.

" So? I don't care. She's the one I like I wanna take her out and get to know her." Liam explained.

His friends didn't argue about it so they just accompanied him while Liam was staring at Merideth. Liam kept talking about her so his friends just supported him because he seemed really into her.

" You know what dude, why don't you write her a song. She seemed you're not her type. Sing for her so that somehow you'll get her attention and she might fall for you. Don't you just stare at her like a coward and wait for nothing." His friend explained.

Liam quickly went home and started to write a song for Merideth. He thought his friends were right. It took him hours to write the perfect song. He waited lots of paper and kept tearing them until he wrote the best song that surely will win his heart.

One morning at school, Merideth was fixing her stuffs of her locker. She heard a guy singing and playing the guitar. When she turned it was Liam. He was smiling and singing for her. He slowly walked towars her then stopped and sing infront of her. Everyone was staring and shocked. Merideth started to smiile at him as he was singing. When he was done, Merideth finally talked to him in an eye to eye contact.

"Wow. That was sw.." instead of saying sweet " That was impressive." Merideth said.

"Thank you. I wrote it for you last night and I titled it "Girl you caught my eye." Liam added.

Merideth already knew what Liam meant when he sang the song.

" Marideth I would like to ask you out on a date." Liam asked.

Everyone was shocked and murmuring. They were all waiting for her answer. Merideth didn't know what to say because no one had ever asked her on a date. She really like Liam and he looks so worried while waiting for her answer because it took her minutes to decide but finally.

"Well okay then." Merideth answered.

Liam smiled and instead of just leaving her, he gave his guitar to his friends and carried Merideth's books. He walked her to her classroom and everyone was staring.

After class, Liam waited for her to come out the campus. They went on a date and enjoyed hanging out. They were both happy with each other.

At 6 in the evening, Liam walked her to her house carrying Merideth's books while Merideth was holding a teddy bear.

"So Merideth it was really nice to hang out with you. I hope you feel the same way with me." Liam said.

"Yeah it was great and fun going out with you and I really enjoyed it." Merideth replied.

They looked at each other with warmth. Liam kissed her cheeks.

"Goodnight Merideth."

"Goodnight Liam."

The following days Liam and Merideth were together now. Liam Always go to the library vwith Merideth to study and always stayed under the tree together during their vacant period. Liam always brings Merideth to his gigs. They never thought of changing anything even their appearance because they really don't have that in common. Liam still was a rocker and so Marideth as a geek but they seemed so comfortable with each other. They walk together holding hands, each lunch together and Liam always walked her home. They never care of what others think about them because of their difference and they tend to stay and love each other no matter what they are or what they look like.


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