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Beast hiding behind beauty

Short story By: blackwriter13

Srry..guys teen emo is taking 4 ever i have tons of work to do and i barely have time to finish it up.Still working on it..
In the mean time check out something i thought of..hope u like comment!

Submitted:Sep 19, 2009    Reads: 193    Comments: 11    Likes: 5   

'Why are you doing this?' i thought in my head.

Kevin's large hands began to swirl around my body, reaching down to my plump breast. First i happened to giggle at the sensation..then i began to get worried...You tell me "It's okay....I'll be gentle, destiny" . Then i begin to smell a strong aroma of alcohol and cologne. i stare up at your face...frightened. Your soft brown hazel eyes becoming cold every second, and your messy black hair landing on the side.

Why do you do this? Is it because people call you emo, and yout take your anger out on others? Talk to me..but its to late for that now. Are you going to rape me? Why?

I began to shiver in your arms, as your cold lips meet my warm neck....An intense feeling building up inside my heart. I stared at the full moon up in the sky...it was beautiful. "Kevin..why are you doing this? Stop!" I yelled, twisting away from him. You stare into my green emerald eyes, as you begin to walk up to me. I knew kevin since i was in the 2nd grade and my whole family loved him as a friend. The first day i saw him, i though of those little emo boys on the internet, those cute handsome figures.Since that day, i had a strong revining crush on him. Though my friends always rejected Him, sticking there tonuges out when he would pass them. His skinny body, strong like a hurricane.

"Run...Destiny..." I managed to hear from his voice. I was scared out of my skin so i turned and headed for an alley, the short cut to my house. I turned back and didnt see kevin standing thier, so i turned around to see where i was going and there he was...his brown eyes now the color of midnight, and his breath surronding me. My eyes stared in amazement as I noticed what seemed like fangs...0.0

"See...Im nothing but a monster...Thats why i need you Destiny. Now" He smiled, as if what he said amused him. "Vampire....Your a vampire" i whispered, dumbfounded by his secret.

"It's okay"

Then as if magic he appeared in front of me in a flash his fangs overcame my neck...i felt my tan skin, becoming pale...I felt his fangs pierce my neck..then everything went black..

"I would never hurt you" Kevin's voice came upon me in a flash back when we were kids. "I know" i would giggle twirling my pigtails.

'Why?...Are you hurting me now?!' i thought in my head.


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