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Random love-Chapter 2

Short story By: blackwriter13

I'm trying to catch Justin's attention, but Mason ends up being in my first class--is this senior year going to be the way I want it to be?
Sorry so short...

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Random Love - Chapter 2

The early bell rang and the students from the assembly poured out in the halls. I waved to Lisa, entering my first class.
I groaned as I saw three members of the football team - Jake Marx and Matt Yale, including Mason, seated in the back of the classroom. I sat down a few seats away from them, aware that one of them was looking at me.
"Hello," I heard someone say. I looked up and saw Jake staring at me with a grin on his face.
"Hi," I answered softly.
"Don't I know you from somewhere?" he asked.
Matt and Mason started laughing as if it were some secret joke. I set my eyes on Dylan angrily. He stopped laughing and pretended to be quiet.
"No," I said to Jake.

"Well, I think we should get to know each other," he commented. "How about it? Why don't you spend lunch with me? Or call me?"
"The only number I'll be calling is nine-one-one," I answered sharply.
Matt and Mason hooted, cracking up. Jake frowned at them and looked back at me. "What's it to you? Can't handle a guy flirting?"
Mason leaned closer on his desk, staring at me with a smirk. "Maybe she wants someone else to flirt with her," he said.
I felt my cheeks burning up. Did he know I liked Justin? How could he know? Did I make it that obvious?
"Oh, really?" Jake asked. "And who could that be?"
I felt my heart trying to pound out of my chest as I watched Mason sit straight. "We've got a whole semester together," he answered. "Let's wait and see."
I looked away as the late bell rang and everyone entered class. The teacher looked at the classroom.

"Ah, a class full of pretty young girls and football players," she began. "This should be interesting."
The students laughed. I looked around and noticed two more football players had joined Mason's group. The teacher clapped her hands.
"I'm Ms. Ryan," she started. "And I don't tolerate talking while I'm speaking. So let's move some seats. Mason, get up and move with…"
She looked around and her eyes rested on me. I tried to avoid eye contact as I began to play with my nails.
"What's your name?" Ms. Ryan asked.
I looked up and saw her looking at me directly. "Mandy Lace," I answered.
"Right. Dylan, move with Mandy."
Mason stood up and sat in the chair next to me, giving me a sly look as he sat down. I looked at him confusedly but didn't say anything.

"Hey look its M&M" I heard a male voice from behind.

Ms. Ryan began to introduce the class and herself for the rest of the period. I spaced out when I saw Mason texting Justin on his phone. Although I knew it was rude, I couldn't help but peer over.
"It's boring in here," Mason typed quickly. I rolled my eyes at his comment and waited for Justin's response.
"Same here, man. Practice after school in field?"
"Yeah," He answered back.
I sat back and smiled. Justin would be in the field after school. How could I miss him playing football?

The moment the bell rang, I stood up and hurried out the door to my locker. I frowned as I saw Mason was by himself this time. Justin wasn't anywhere near him.
He looked up and saw me approach but didn't say anything. He opened his locker, revealing posters of his favorite football teams and pictures of the school sports he was in. I looked into my own locker and put in the math textbook we received and took out a different pen. I tried to find something else to do in my locker, hoping that maybe Justin would drop by. But when Mason shut his locker door, it was apparent Justin wasn't coming. Where was his locker, anyway?

I was deep in thought and didn't notice that I bumped my right shoulder with Mason's chest. He stopped, a confused look appearing over his face. When he saw it was me, a slow smile crossed his lips.
"Well, well," he teased. "Are you my arch enemy now?"
"What?" I asked.
He laughed, shaking his head. "It seems all you want to do is hit me. Not the reaction I usually get from girls," he observed.
I rolled my eyes and looked at him sharply. "Maybe I'm not one of those girls, then," I answered.
Flipping my hair, I walked away from him. I felt his eyes on my back and stopped when I heard Justin's voice.



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