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Random love-Chapter 3

Short story By: blackwriter13

I've volunteered to help in the offices..and I might just end up meeting Justin..AND Mason!
Hey, guys :) Sorry for SUCH a late update-computer was messed up! =\

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Random Love- Chapter 3

Here it goes:

"Hey, Rodriguez!" Justin said to Mason. I turned slowly, my heart racing faster. Nonetheless, Justin was slapping hands with Mason.
They began to walk away. Trying not to look like a creeper, I noticed why girls loved Mason so much. He had shiny black hair which was pushed backwards. His hazel eyes were deep and mysterious; his every feature was strong and handsome. He was just the perfect height a girl would want in a boy and he always smelled great.
But I hadn't't fallen for his sexy and cool look. I had fallen for Justin, the one with the black eyes and messy brown hair. He did't smell of cologne but always of soap. His smile wasn't't sexy but it was cute. His walk wasn't't mysterious but it was simply stylish. I realized I was smiling as I thought about him when Lisa approached my side.
"Someone's drooling," she teased as she neared me. I laughed and looked at her. She shrugged her eyebrows at me.
"Can't get over him, huh?" she asked.
"Are you kidding me? I wish I could," I muttered.
"What's your next class?" Lisa asked.
"I'm helping out in the main office," I answered. "Delivering passes and such. I'll see you during lunch?"
"Lunch it is. Bye!" Lisa waved.
I walked to the main office where Mrs. Menders was taking a plate of brownies from a woman. She looked at me as I entered.
"Hi, honey. Are you helping out here today?"
"Yes," I answered.
She moved back her black curls into a ponytail and handed me the brownies. "These need to be delivered to the auditorium. Think you could do that for me?"
"Of course," I answered. I held the plate of brownies from her and walked towards the auditorium. I nearly froze when I heard two familiar voices; Mason and Justin.
I walked closer and realized it was them. They were sitting on the radiator across the hall from the auditorium, watching the movie that was playing inside. My heart raced faster as I went inside. I handed the teacher the brownies and the student name, and quickly stepped back outside. I was aware that now I was blocking the view of the movie for Mason and Justin. Instead of the movie, their eyes rested on me.
I swallowed nervously. "Sorry," I mumbled as I got out.
"It's alright," Mason answered.
"Don't worry about it," Justin said at the same time.
I felt my heart race faster than ever. I flashed a smile at Justin. He smiled back and shifted his gaze to the movie once again.
I stopped looking at him when I realized Mason was staring at me with a puzzled expression. Had he noticed me stare at Justin? I quickly walked away, replaying Justin's words in my mind happily.
"Hey," Justin called.
A smile spread over my lips. I turned quickly, watching him with a hopeful expression. He got off the radiator and walked over to me. I blinked slowly as I realized how close he was to me. His perfect face was inches from me. I opened my mouth to speak.
"Uh…" I muttered. He suddenly bent down, startling me. He stood up again and a white badge stood in between us. I looked at the badge and realized it was my student assistant badge.
"You dropped this," Justin said.
I shut my mouth quickly. I held the badge from him, disappointed that his hand pulled away before my fingers ever touched him.
"Thanks," I replied.
He shrugged and walked back to Mason. "Don't mention it," he said. He looked at Mason and picked up his conversation. As I walked away, I could hear his voice. "Wasn't't it the other way around?" he said with a laugh.
I smiled and shook my head. I hadn't't even realized how hard I had fallen for him. I quickly walked back to the main office.

As the bell rang, I gathered my stuff and headed to my locker. I frowned as I saw the two cheerleaders, Melissa and Tara, standing in front of my locker, talking to Mason excitedly. He laughed at something Tara said and she hit his arm.
"Excuse me," I mumbled to Tara and Melissa. They both stopped talking and looked up.
"Yes?" Melissa asked.
"You're in front of my locker," I replied.
Tara looked at my locker and moved to Mason's other side. Melissa stared at me, not moving. I raised my eyes and met her gaze. She moved away, still watching me carefully.
I opened my locker and looked into the mirror. I gasped as I saw Justin's reflection. I quickly turned, nearly slamming into him.
"I'm so sorry!" I said quickly, my face red with embarrassment.
He looked at me and shrugged. "Don't worry about it," he said.
I turned back to my locker and was surprised to see Mason leaned against the open door with a mocking smile on his face.
"Someone is accident prone today, don't you think? We met so many times and the whole time you hit someone or something," he observed.
I narrowed my eyes at him. "Maybe you're bad luck for me," I suggested.

Before he answered, the soccer coach came by and slapped Mason 's shoulder. "My boy, I cannot wait for spring," he said. "You will bring the championship home, right?"
"Yes, sir," Mason said with a salute. "But right now I have to focus on football."
"Well, good luck. And don't overwhelm yourself, boys. Justin, same for you. Stay calm and relaxed," the coach said.
Tara grinned and put her arm on both of their shoulders. "Coach Leo, we're here to make them relaxed. And that's why we're going to have lots of fun together this year, right?"
Mason and Justin nodded. I frowned angrily as jealousy rose in my heart.
Melissa firmly rested her hand on Justin's arm. "We definitely will have fun," she said bitterly to Tara. The boys missed her anger but Tara obviously noticed. She narrowed her eyes at Melissa and took away her hand from Justin's arm, flipping her blond hair.
I turned to walk away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned abruptly, coming face to face with Jake. I was taken aback as I hadn't't seen him before.
"What are you doing here?" I snapped.
Jake looked back at Mason. "Can you believe this girl? This is her greeting. Ever heard of a hello, honey?"
"Don't dare call me that," I replied angrily.
"Why the bitterness?" Jake asked calmly, giving me a smile.
I stared at him in response. He was right; why was I so bitter to him? In fact, I should be nice to Justin's friends. I needed to get inside his group of friends, right? But before I answered, Mason pushed him as he walked away.
"Leave her alone, Marx," he said with a smirk.
Jake shrugged and winked at me, following Mason away. Tara and Melissa waved to the boys and headed the other way. I breathed in as I realized Justin was still there. He laughed and shook his head.
"What?" I asked.
"Jake's a loser," he answered with a chuckle.
I laughed in reply, my thoughts buzzing in my head. He talked to me again. This was beyond great. As he walked away, I smiled. I couldn't't wait for after school to see him play. I turned, staring at him walk away. Mason suddenly turned, catching me again. I turned away quickly.


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