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Love is The New Emo

Short story By: BloodyBlade

Sonny alone and never had a girlfriend will experience passionate emotions for the first time.

Submitted:Apr 30, 2009    Reads: 251    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

I was sitting in the back of the room drawing a picture of the crush I always loved. She sat a couple seats before me. He brown hair straight and to the sides of her shoulders. Her black jacket draped over her beautifully. She's the only reason why I'm still in honors. If im in a regular class there's no more Kelly. She'll be gone. I shook my head so my hair covered my eyes so I could sleep without the gay ass teacher noticing me. I think I want to dream about her.



The bell rang. I think I'm gonig to just ask her out today. Everyone was out except for the two of us. She was still gathering her stuff. She got up and forgot to zip up her back pack and everything fell out. It was piled all over the floor blocking the path out the doorway.

"Go ahead and walk out," she said moving out the way. Her black eye liner was just so sexy I was stunned for a couple seconds.

I shook out of pretrification. "What? No way. Looks like you need help." I said crouching down and gathering some books.

"What the? Twilgiht? Are you serious?" I asked looking at the book.

"Uh....It's nothing." She said grabbing the book.

"Hang on. Let me see it." I said opening the book.

Suddenly several papers fell out of the book. There was drawings. Drawings of me. They were as beautiful as her too. She looked up at me blushing as red as a cherry. I just stared at her and took the picture I drew of her out of my pocket. She glanced at it and smiled.

"You got my hair wrong." She said smiling.

I smiled back. And picked up her remaining things and shoved it into her backpack. We both got up and just looked at each other for awhile. Then, her arms opened up and we hugged. I've never experienced such a hug in my life time. It's like the heavens above finally awarded me what I have prayed for. After all those hard times with my abusive father and drunk mother. After all those years of being bullied. After all those times of sleeping in a dirty old damp shed. Just finally, I get something I want. I just closed my eyes and savored the moment.Finally after minutes later we broke apart.

"I have to go to my mom now." She said smiling.

"I'll walk with you!" I said joyously.

We walked together side by side holding hands. Then, my life turned to shit again. Why? As we walked outside. Across the street was her mother. Kelly shrieked. Why did she shriek? Because her mother had a heart attack. Someone had called the ambulance, but Kelly didn't know. She ran across the street. I yelled to her. I wish i hadn't. She looked back to me. And next thing I know. Two truck drivers fighting over the wheel drove her to heaven. I ran to her and felt her lifeless heart. Her backpack was open once again. Tears were in my eyes. A piece of paper rolled out of the backpack. I reached across and grabbed the paper. I was about to throw it, but I looked down and her mouth looked like she was saying open-open-open. I unravveled the crumbled paper and it read

I have alawys loved you from the start,

I would never live if we were apart,

I hoped you saw the love that I try to show,

If there even is any love left to stow,

Into my empty heart,

Can you again make it start?

I was confused. I know I could never bring her to life again. But does that mean I have to take the life of my own. If I must. Than I shall. Life sucks. Life isn't fair. No it isn't. But it's fairer than love. I took a sharp piece of glass on the streets. And shoved it into my heart. Jamming it deep. Then I fell to the ground. The pain hurt so badly but the blood tasted delicious. I took another shard and cut my head. My hair was drenched in blood; slowly seeping onto my face and into my mouth. I felt the warm blood escape out of my body. I could now see an angel. Angel of Kelly.

There is no such thing as happily ever after. Sonny and Kelly however did.......

Breaking the rules can't do anything to two angels..............


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