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Childhood Sweethearts

Short story By: bluishmaag

How will you do when you left you first love that could be your true love? and after 5 years you come back together after meeting. And after your graduation. You carried his child? Well, let Abby take you to the adventure of her life.

Submitted:Feb 26, 2009    Reads: 3,669    Comments: 19    Likes: 3   

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I'm sorry, I'm not good at this stuff. I hope you ennjoy reading though...T

- Childhood Sweethearts ♥ -

I could remember my childhood like it was yesterday. The pain I felt when I left the boy I love. Yes, boy. We were just children then, and yet we loved each other. I miss my Ethan. - remembering him, made my tears fall again, and instinctively I wiped them. - I used to live in Houston, hated living there at first not until I met Ethan.

As remember my past, I could feel it, like I was there again. - I was sitting, all alone near a secreted pond in the woods near my home. I would always go there when I'm sad, - and in this case my mom and dad just argued again. I hated it when they do that. Good thing they actually divorced. My father despising my mother and me (because I look exactly like her) didn't bother to have a backward glance at us, that's the reason we left Houston. - I felt my tears go out again, so I hid my face between my legs. But I felt something else, something strange because someone else is here. When I looked up, it was a boy, with beautiful caramel brown hair and big, chocolate brown eyes. He stared at me intently with a little shock lingering at his eyes.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" he demanded of me. Scared as I was I didn't have the guts to answer. Instead, I cried more and more.

I didn't notice he was there, sitting beside me.

"Hey, I'm sorry I scared you. I'm Ethan, what's your name?" he said

"I'm Abigail, but I prefer to be called as Abby" I said, but my voice shook and broke.

"I am sorry I scared you" he said

"Its okay" I replied

"Mind telling why you're crying?" he asked

I just sat still. I don't want to talk. And why was this kid even interested?

"Sorry, I shouldn't ask" he said

I was caught off guard. He actually gave up. His attitude was quite mature for his age. Like a big brother I always wanted. Stupidly and unknowingly I lunched myself at his chest and cried at loud there. He patted my head. And whispered "It's okay" in my ear.

"No, I'll tell you" I said. I just felt him nod.

I told him everything why I was crying and how I wanted to run away from my life. He was very understanding for a 12 year old. And he was my age! He just nodded occasionally if needed. After my lousy life, he told his to me. He said he was Ethan Joshua Vladimir, an only son of a rich family. He was like prince he had said but he doesn't like it. He wasn't free to do what he wants or even say what he wants. We were both had the same and yet the opposite life. We were both miserable but at least his parents cared for him. His father at least.

Since that day we would always come there everyday. Sharing what our day was and everything we want to say and do. I would always rest my head at his shoulder. We would sit like two small lovebirds. We were together for a year. At my 13th birthday, the 14th of February, Valentine's Day - We spent it together, and there I received my first kiss and had my first boyfriend. We were happy together. But my parents have to divorce and separate and like I said my father was pleased.

And my mother loved me dearly, but we have to move away. And that also means I would leave my Ethan.

Remembering this gave my heart a pang of pain. I came to the woods. And as he saw me, he ran at me and he hugged and kissed me fiercely, like always.

"Abby!" he yelled he was full enthusiasm when he sees me. I can't believe I'm going to break this wonderful person's heart. - He was still hugging me. I slowly moved away from him, saying what I had to say and ran away from just saying sorry before I hit the trees. I didn't have the guts to have a backward glance.

"Abby! Hurry up! You're going to be late!" mom called, breaking my thoughts. I was enrolling in a new school here in Phoenix where my mom and I moved. I'm to be a senior here, a newbie senior, terrific. It's been 5 years since that day. It still hurts.

My mom drove me to my new school and I was introduced quite simply. The kids there were as simple as me. And luckily quite friendly too. I met two girls named Jessica and Gelee. The three of us were instant friends.

As the three of us walked by the hall, 3 tall, handsome boys walked in center and all the students gave way for them. As I looked at them, the one in the center was oddly familiar to me. Very familiar.

"Who are they?" I asked of Gelee and Jessica.

"Their Vladimirs. The two in the back are twins and the one in the center is their cousin, the heir to the Vladimir Corporation" Gelee finished. No, this couldn't be! That couldn't be Ethan.

"The one in the left is Seth, and the one in the right is Sam. And his majesty of course is Ethan" Jessica said. That is him. And as soon as Jess said his name they walked in front of us. Ethan stopped in front of me and looked.

His expression was full of happy surprised. Could he be happy I was here? Wasn't he, at all mad that I just left him in the woods a long time ago?

"Abby?" he asked. And like I thought, his voice was happy.

"Ethan" I said, my voice sounded relieved.

"It is you!" he yelled. And hugged me fiercely, and I never would imagine, he kissed me full in the lips. I closed my eyes and kissed him back. I didn't care who was watching: Jess, Gelee, his cousins or the entire student body. Then he stopped.

He looked at me again he was really happy I was here.

"Ethan-"I was about to say something but he cut me off by dragging me towards the exit.

"NO CLASS TODAY!" he said before we went out. We stopped at the woods near the school. As I looked around, I couldn't believe my eyes, it was exactly like our pond.

"I had this made…to look like our pond" he said "Abby, I missed you. I hope you and your mother are happy, that you two don't have to be battered by your father" he said. How could he know that? I didn't tell him that I always hurt by my father.

"How'd you know that?" I asked, I was totally surprised that he understood everything.

"Abby, I'm the heir, as soon as you left me their in the woods, I went to my father requested to know why you were leaving, you see, I told them everything about us. The day you left me, that was the day I wanted to introduce you to them actually." He continued.

I was starting to cry at his chest again. "Oh, Ethan! I'm so sorry! I love you, but I had to and-"he pressed his finger on my lips. "Shh…its okay, you're here now. Were back together. Oh, Abby, you don't know how I'd suffer when you were gone."

"You're not the only one who suffered for 5 years, Ethan."

"I know, but that's the past"
"I know, and this the future"

"And by the way, there's no class today." I didn't answer. That reminded me that he yelled that there's no class today. I knew he was like the president of the school or something, that's why I didn't bother to ask.

He kissed me again. Since that day, we've been together. I've introduced him to my mom, and mom accepted him fully, and he also introduced me to his family. I didn't know they were so welcoming.

Jess and Gelee flipped about my relationship with Ethan and our past, but the double-flipped when I introduced them to Ethan's cousins. The months past and unnoticeably a year past.

We were graduating a week from now.

"Abby, are you alright? You seem to be lost in thought. What are thinking about?" he asked.

"I can't believe were graduating" I said.

I saw something from his expression, pained and a look that he was about to betray someone. "Uh, yeah"

Since then, he would always blow off that subject.

I didn't bother to ask that simple fact. I trusted him, if he doesn't want to talk about it, then I won't push it.

As I fixed myself for my graduation today, I felt strange. I felt that I would get hurt. But I didn't bother to think of it. The ceremony was simple and short. I said my good-byes to Jess and Gelee. And I said to my mom that I would be with Ethan for the rest of the night.

As Ethan and I went inside his over-large bedroom, I shrugged out of my graduation coat. But when I turned around, Ethan kissed me. But the way he kissed was different, as if was giving his all to this kiss. I didn't notice that we were at his bed; I didn't notice that he was taking off his shirt and he was unbuttoning my dress. He stopped to kiss me and I thought he was gasping for air, but instead he wanted to move his mouth to my ear. "I love you. Let us be one"

And like what he said, we were as one that night. I had given him my innocence. We fit like two pieces of a piece that night. And that night was my best; I didn't know that it would be my worst. - As I opened my eyes, no one was there. I thought he just gotten out earlier. - So I dressed and fixed my self. And I went out looking him. But I saw no one, only the maids. I asked a maid that was strolling near me.

"Where's Ethan?" I asked.

"Oh, are you Miss Abigail? The young master has asked me to give this to you" and she handed me letter.

It was from Ethan. It wrote:

I'm sorry, I have to leave. I love you, and I'm sorry of what I have done. I ask for your forgiveness. I didn't want leave you but it's my responsibility as the heir of the Corporation. I had no choice, but do know that, that night is the best night of my life. I would never forget you. I love you.

I'm truly sorry, Please forgive me

Yours truly,


My knees shook and I was trembling. I didn't want to accept this. But what could I do? Instead of crying I re-fixed myself and went straight home. But when I arrived I was running for the bathroom. I hurled towards the sink. As the days past I was repeating the same thing and I would cry at night for his lost. But as the weeks went by, my sleeping and eating habits were double, as if I was eating and sleeping for two. That's when I realize something, something vital. As the realization hit me, I ran towards the bathroom and luckily there was a tampon. I tried and the shock, happiness and fear whirled through me. Happy that I was having his child, fear that maybe my mother would kick me out. And I was shocked for no reason.

When I told my mother everything, I was relieved that she understood. I hugged her tightly and let it all out again. My mother was always helping since then.

And the 9 months has come. I didn't that it would actually hit. But the time came. I did my best, my mother beside me, encouraging me and helping me. I gave all my best, and finally the pain stopped, and the doctor said, "A bouncing baby girl" I took her in my arms. The feeling of being a mother was overpowering me. I swore on that day that I would everything for my little Ella.

It's been 5 years since Ella was born, and since he never came back. Thinking of Ella gave me Happiness but thinking of him, gave me pain. Ella looked exactly like me, Dark-haired, slim in figure and white. But she had her father's chocolate brown eyes. It may seem to be an odd combination, but it suited her well, she was so beautiful.

We were walking at the park from her school going home. Ella was running in front of me. I always told her not to run, she might hit someone. - And as I was thinking it, it happened. She did hit someone. I ran at her. And held her tightly, checking every inch of her, if she was hurt.

"Ella, Ella? Are you alright?" I asked, I was really worried now.

"I'm fine mommy" she replied. I sighed, relieved.

"Okay, now say sorry"

She looked at the man she hit and said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking" I was still at her. But when the man answered, "its fine, I hope you're not hurt yourself" the voice was familiar that it made me look. And the pain hit me again, but part of me was relieve to see him and also happy.

"Ethan?" I asked, my voice broke again. Just like before.

"Abby, Oh, Abby!" he hugged me. But this time I didn't hugged back. I didn't have it in me to do it.

I felt Ella tug the back of my skirt. I maneuvered slowly away from Ethan to look at her.

"Yes, baby?" I asked. She didn't look, she just looked at me, confused. I just said, "Why don't you run along for a while. But don't go far away" and she just simply nodded and ran. I sighed and looked at Ethan.

"She's your daughter?" he asked

I shook my head and smiled a little. "No, she's our daughter" I said "Ethan-" and yet again he cut me off with a kiss. "I love you, I'm sorry" I was crying now "I know, I love you too"

"Abby, I…I'm so-" cut him off by kissing him. I placed my forehead with his and looked intently in his eyes. I kissed again once and closed my eyes. "Let's just start over, Ella needs a father. And I need you, Ethan" he just nodded.

"So, wanna see your daughter?" I asked him.

"Our daughter. Yes, I do" he said. I nodded.

We were holding hands when I called our daughter. I let them met each other, hugging each other and knowing each other. We were a family now. A happy, complete family.



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