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The pain in love

Short story By: bookgirly123

i wrote this story as i was in pain..well,i hope you like the story and this is dedicated to all the people who are heart broken like me

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It was a fine day in the month of October. I was arriving to school bus and I took a seat at the back. I was peacefully minding my own business when suddenly , a guy just ran and sat beside me. "Hey! What is wrong with you?Can't see or what?" said I to him. "Sorry. I just lost control .The name is Harold. And yours?"

"It's Megan. Well, next time be careful mister" I replied. "Ok I will", he replied. So we talked till we reached home .He came at my stop and said to him, "Are you following me?" .He smiled and said, "No I'm not following you. I live next to your house. We're neighbors." I had a happy feeling, though I myself didn't know why I was happy, but I had a feeling that something exciting is going to happen in the next few days. The next morning, I got ready for school. I entered the bus and asked Harold if I could sit next to him. "Yeah sure, why not?" he said. I sat next to him. "So which grade are you anyway?" I asked. "I'm in seventh grade." I was shocked and said, "I'm in seventh too!" We both started laughing. I met my best friend, Samantha, on the way to my class. "Hey Sam, what's up?"

"Nothing,you?" I told everything about me and Harold. Samantha could not believe her ears. "Harold is in your bus and your neighbor? He's in my science class dude" Sam told. "Oh my god! Really?" I replied. Sam looked at me and said, "What's wrong?". I replied, "Nothing." Samantha smiled at me and said, "Oh, I get it. You have a crush on him! Am I right?" My mouth dropped and I said, "What?!?No! Ok yes ,I have a crush on him." I could not believe I just told that. "Ok I have to go to class. Bye, see you in the recess!" I ran to my class as I am always late and if I was late again, Mr. George would give me detention.

The school got over and I, as usual, sat with Harold in the bus .He asked me for my phone number and email. So I gave him my contacts and he gave his. "I'll be online at seven" ,he said," Ok. So,bye"I waved him goodbye. We chatted online,and we usually use to talk in the bus. A few days went on like this, and I could not control my emotions.So when he was on chat, and then I wrote to him that I have a crush on you.Harold wrote me, "Is it true? Because I have a crush on you too. I used to let you sit with me in the bus because I loved you." I was shocked to read that. From that day on,everything changed. At school,I told everything to Samantha and she could not believe her ears. She asked Harold if it was true,but he told her that it is just a lie.It was recess and Samantha came running to me.She said, "You lied to me!".I would never lie to my best friend. "It's the truth Im not lying." Samantha told me, "I know you never lie but if this is true,then take care of yourself." I smilled at her and replied , "Yes I will be fine."

When school was over, I asked Harold why he lied to Samantha. He looked at me said, "Don't tell about this to any of your friends.They'll make a big deal about it and will tease us." I was shocked to hear that but I said that I won't tell it to anyone.He never wanted to tell the world that I'm his.That's how I fell in love.But one day,he found out that I was keep on telling my friends about me and Harold dating.He frowned at me when I waved at him.I was beginning to worry that what had happened to him.I asked him what the matter was and he just turned his face and told that I just kept him for show of and that he never wants to speak to me again.I said to him that I didn't use you as a show off.But he would not listen.Then,we had a huge fight.So when I went home I tried to apologize for what I did but he would not listen at all.I phoned him and he just said that forget me and don't ever talk to me and after that,he hung up the phone.Tears streamed through the night as I couldn't believe it was happening to me.

I woke up the next morning,and remembered that it was Liana's Birthday Bash today.But I was not in the mood to go as the whole seventh grade,including Harold,will be there.So I texted Liana that Im not coming to the party.Liana texted back, "But everyone is going to be there,even Sam.Please come,for my sake at least?"I couldn't think anything to reply so I had to go to her party.Then,I took a shower,wore my favourite red party dress,applied lip gloss and made a birthday card for her.I was ready to go to her party.As I arrived,Liana immediately came and I gave her birthday present to her. "Happy Birthday!", I wished her. "Aw,thanks.Im so happy you came.Hey Sam,look who's here."I,Liana and Sam were gossiping when suddenly,I spotted Harold and tried to act like I didn't see him. I went to have some punch with my friends,and as I came,he came and was teasing me infront of his friends. I was so angry that I screamed at him, "Leave me alone you jerk!" He got furious and said, "Calling me a jerk,you idiot?!?I'll show you."He pushed and then I fell into the pool.Sam helped me come out of the pool.Everyone was laughing at me and I was so embarrassed that I ran somewhere no one can see me shedding my tears.Harold saw me and his heart softened,and he sat beside me. "Meg,are you ok?"he said,in a shaky voice.I said to him, "Do you think Im ok after what just happened?".He felt guilty and apologized to me. "Please don't do this again",I said to him.He nodded his head and dried my tears and,just to make me feel better,he gave me a tight hug.He too cried.And I took the courage to give him a kiss.Then,when we were alone,we danced in the moonlight.It was the most magical night ever. "Good night.Get some nice rest"I said to Harold. "You too.Good night",he replied.

We were together for days and weeks and months.But one day,everything ended.When I checked my mail, a message was left for me.It read: "Im sorry to say this but Im dumping you.I just used you as my timepass.It was all a joke."I could not believe what I just read.I could not believe in the pain I was.After a month,I changed my school and shifted my house.Every night,I used to cry for him.But I found out he likes someone else. I just wasted my tears for no good.We never spoke a word and then I made a promise to myself,that I will never fall in love ever again.


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