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Ready to Forget Him Forever

Short story By: Breettey Skye

Something I wrote out of the blue! Bear with me on my short stories. They usually have to be completely read untill they start making sense. And then, it still doesn't make sense! Ha....

Submitted:Jun 10, 2007    Reads: 176    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

There he was. Dark, brown locks, smoky grey eyes, and that 5 o'clock shadow that wason his face. He lifted his head, staring a her, and gave a small smile.She started to walk toward his table, slowly, as if waiting for him to change his mind. After all thatthey had been through, why now? Why now did he want to make things right. After the world thought he was dead, aftershe though he was dead. Aftershe wept and wept for months. Aftershe burned all of his things to keep his memory from haunting her. Why now?

She pulled out a seat and sat, liftingher sunglasses to the top ofher head.She took offher olive trenchcoat and took a deep breath. He positioned himself in a comfortable pose, he thought theymight be there for a while."Hello Kade," he began the conversation in his deep, british accent. Kade looked at the table, not daring to make eye contact.

"Darling, talk to me," he sweetly said, his hand about to caress her hair. But deep anger, depression, and hatred could neverlet him get thatclose again. With tears streaming from her eyes, Kade slapped him right on the face.

"That's for puttingme through years of suffering Roran," with that, Kade got up and left, heading down the corner of Main and South Boulevard. Roran sat there with a hand on his face, going over what had just happened.

"Wait!" Roran stood from his chair and ran towards Kade. When he got to the corner, Roran couldn't spot Kade in any direction. Hewinged it, pacing down South Boulevard. "Kade!" he called, echoeing through the buildings as he went on by. There she was! Roran quickly caught up up with her. "Gosh, peaches, you've made me chase you all over the city! What's wrong?" Roran exclaimed out of breath.

"You are!" Kade answered in a shrieky voice, "You've hurt me to my deepest, I've almost killed myself, the pain of losing you was too much!" Roran grabbed around her body, taking her closer to his. Kade struggled and struggled, but his grasp was way too tight on her body. Roran wouldn't let go, he lovedher too much for words, so much in fact that he couldn't help but lay a kiss on her lips. Kade thought that was the last thing to expect on a day like this.

"So?" Roran asked, wondering if she enjoyed the kiss as much as he did. Kade held silent for a moment. She looked deep in thought. Were there sparks or had the magic fade? As she picked at her brain, she only felt one feeling towards Roran, that one feeling and nothing else.

"Roran" Kade began, "Our life together was perfect, a complete fairy tale before the incident. I never thought I'd be happier with any other man but yo-"

"Kade!" a stranger called from the end of the street corner. The two looked at him, two cups of coffee in his hands and a big, bright smile on his face. "Who's that?" Roran asked with a curious look.

"See," Kade started, "it's just not that I don'tlove you anymore, it's that..... well I....you see...I've found someone else."

"Oh," Roran replied with a streak of realization through him.

"I'm sorry Ror," with one last stare, Kade left Roran, left him for her new love. A new Kade has entered the world. A more confident, hopeful, and stronger one. One that Roran would never have anything to do with, never again. When Kade got to him, he handed her the cup of coffee, a vanilla mocha frappachino, her favorite, the one Roran had bought her so many times. They both turnedthe corner with a smiling face, and Kade, ready to forget him forever.


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