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Short story By: ButtonEaters

My Entry for a twilight contest i entered

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Sam Uley's POV-12years after breaking dawn
I was sat in living room of our house in La Push with our three year old twin girls Samantha and Emilia on my lap watching Pepper Pig. I was the luckiest man alive to have two gorgeous girls, a stunning wife who was expecting our third child and wonderful family and friends, who could wish for a better life. I got disturbed from my thoughts when the twins started laughing so I told them to "keep it down or you'll wake mommy" but as I finished talking she walked in, with her purple robe wrapped around her showing off her ever growing stomach.
As she came and sat next to me she said "Morning love, now you girls sound like you're having fun" I replied "Morning darling, pepper pig's on so they won't answer by any doubt, how are you?" I kissed her and then she replied "Fine, just a little hungry" I replied "there's some pancake mixture that we made earlier; I'll make you some if you want." I heard her stomach grumble "I'll take that as a yes then" I chuckled, as she nodded her head.
As I got up the girls moved over and snuggled up to Emily, so I headed into the kitchen and started to cooked the pancakes, once they were ready I took them into Emily and she ate them while Barney was on. Once she had finished eating, Emily asked "what time are Jake and Ness, coming over, so we can go for the scan and then go shopping?" I answered "in about forty five minutes I think they said why don't you go and have a shower, while I watched these two, I only need to get dressed." She got up and went it get in the shower, while me and the twins watched the rest of Barney.
Forty five minutes later Jake and Nessie pulled up in Nessie's Mom's Ferrari F430, I told them to come in as me and Emily were almost ready, Jake told me "we were thinking about taking them to see the rest of the pack and then to our house for some food and then out to Port Angles for a movie," Nessie then said "they could stop over at our place, to give you more time together as recently you haven't been getting a lot." Emily agreed "yeah, that will be lovely for these two to spend some more time with their god parent's, if that's okay with you Sam." I agreed with Emily , Emily had told Nessie "I suppose all you need now is Pj's, underwear, socks, toothbrush and fresh clothes for tomorrow, right? But Nessie answered "No, all they need is their tooth brush, I have some clothes and pyjamas for them at ours remember?" "Yeah I remember, we best be off if we want to make this appointment Sam." We said goodbye and then drove off to Seattle for a scan and then shopping afterwards.
Once we were at the hospital we told the receptionist our name, and said to go straight through as we were the first ones to see the doctor today. Once Emily was laid on the bed, Dr Green told her to lift up her top so he could put the gel on, she did as she was told and he followed the procedure. There he was our baby boy, who was due in another months time, Emily shed a tear of joy and when Dr Green said if we would like the picture, she was just nodded and smiled even more. We placed the picture in my wallet so we could keep it straight until we got home, once we had finished in the hospital we went back to our car and drove into Seattle centre and parked on the nearest car park we could. We bought lots of clothes for the baby, a new pram, and stuff for the twins; we also bought ourselves some clothes before we decided it was time for dinner. We went to our favourite restaurant, an all you can eat buffet, perfect for me as I was always hungry.
We arrived home at 9:15pm and decided we would call Ness and Jake and then watch Emily's favourite film 'The Wizard of OZ,' we called Jake and Ness, they answered it on the fourth ring, it was Nessie who had answered, she said 'they had a great day, the twins enjoyed the film a lot and were tired at 6.30pm and went to bed and were still fast asleep now.' She told me that Jake wasn't in as he was on patrol with Seth and Embry, once Emily had a chat with her it was 10:00pm and as planned we put on 'Wizard of Oz' we ate some popcorn, snuggled up together in our bed watching the flat screen Nessie and Jake had bought us for our wedding anniversary.
We woke up the next morning wrapped in each other's embrace, Emily looked at me and whispered "Will you repeat our wedding vows, because they make me feel all special" I answered "I will if you will, I agree they, they also make me feel special not only that makes me special but you make me feel like the luckiest man alive" she nodded so I took her hands from around me and held them in front of me and began to say "I climb, I slip, I fall...I know our love is strong..I never want to lose you...just climb but do not fall." Then she shed a tear and began to say "Our hearts are combined like the depth of the ocean... you make me smile with the twinkle in your eye... I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you...You have made my life complete... and will love you for eternity."
We had gotten out of bed and had started making our way to the kitchen to fix ourselves some breakfast, I looked at the clock in the kitchen that is above the cooker and realised that it wasn't in fact morning but half past one in the afternoon, I called to Emily who was searching in the fridge for ingredients for breakfast " I think you better get stuff out for lunch instead as it's half one now" She laughed and turned towards me and said "we'll have dinner then go up to Jake and Nessie's" I nodded in agreement and went to get dressed. I put on some denim jeans, a black short sleeved top and some black Nike trainers and walked back out of our bedroom for the second time since I had woke, Emily smiled again and gave me my plate which had my dinner on. I ate my sausage and bacon sandwiches while Emily had a salad she had in from when she went food shopping, once we had finished I asked if she would like me to wash up while she gets dressed and she happily let me wash up. After about ten minutes she came back out wearing a pair of denim jeans, flat shoes, a white t-shirt that smoothly went over her bump and a long green cardigan. We drove over to Nessie and Jake's to find the twins in the garden playing with a children's tea set, Jake was sat on the porch watching as Nessie was playing with Samantha and Emilia, Emily had a huge smile on her face and went to join Nessie and the girls who were sat on a large blanket having their tea party. So I decided to go join Jake, "How did you go on?" Jake asked me, so I replied "fine yeah, the baby's growing real well, we got lots of clothes for the baby, a new pram and some other stuff for the girls, how have they been?" Jake smiled while he spoke "they have been very good, they were worn out yesterday, Ness took them out this morning and told me to get some rest, and when they got back they were writing a card or something for you and Emily." We looked over at they all again, Emily and Nessie were having another of their chats while the girls carried on playing together, then Nessie helped up Emily and they started to walk over to us, "Hey Emily" Jake told Emily, she replied by saying "Hey Jake, I see you survived these two" we all chuckled then Jake said "they were no problem, they have been very good." The girls went and followed Emily inside where she and Nessie were getting some things they were taking to the restaurant with them. After five minutes they came out with the car keys for Jake's car the Mercedes which the Cullen's bought him for Christmas and Nessie's Mom's Ferrari which now belonged to Jake and Ness.
Emily strapped in Samantha while Nessie strapped Emilia into their car seats, and then went to sit in the front of the Ferrari while me and Jake were in his car, we started to drive towards Port Angeles me and Jake were talking about me and Emily, he then said "I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I have no idea how to ask her, have you any ideas how I could propose to Ness?" I answered by saying "How about you propose the day you first looked into her eyes and take her to somewhere special for the day." He smiled, and then said "Good idea, thank you, will you go into the glove compartment and could you keep hold of the ring until next week because I thinking I'm going to do it 3 days before her birthday." I agreed to keep hold of it until Jake chooses to propose, so I placed it back in the glove compartment so I could get it before we go back home. We arrived at La Bella Italia five minutes after Jake had told me the news, and as we had got there first we got out and waited for the girls to get here pulled up and I got Emily's door and Jake got Nessie's and then me and Jake unstrapped the kids from the chairs and took them inside.
-------1 month later-------- (three days before Nessie's birthday)
Jake had come by two days ago and had told us that he was talking her to Seattle for a meal then going to a place they often go in the forest and proposing. It was the day after Jake was supposedly proposing but we hadn't heard anything, until Nessie's car and Jake's car pulled up outside and they walked in of course they left it until today because they knew that the whole pack would be here like they are every afternoon. Jake was the first to speak when he said "We are ......... getting married" Every just cheered and went to congratulate them, once all the way over Emily, Nessie and Leah said they were going out.
At 4pm I got a phone call from Leah saying they were at the hospital as Emily had gone into labour, Jake told me to use his car because it was parked out front still, I asked him to come with me and he drove double maybe even triple the speed limit, We got there just in time as she was just about to give birth. After ten minutes she gave birth to our first little boy Jack Uley.
He looked just like Emily he had her eyes, her nose, her mouth but he had my ears and my hair. Seth came after Leah rang him to bring the twins to meet their little brother. The doctor came in at 10pm saying Emily and Jack could come home, so we packed up the stuff and got dropped off at home by Nessie in her Ferrari. We went and but jack to bed, went a kissed the girls who were already asleep thanks to Seth and Leah. We decided we would also go to bed and before I turned the lights off I told Emily "I love you" and she told me back "I love you too."


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