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Its A Small World After All

Short story By: Caterina

23 year old Bella is all alone in Cinncinatti. She moved there to go to Veternarian school, and her old friend Tabitha moved in with her. But when Tabitha passes out and Bella has to call 911, she is in for a big suprise

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Bella opened up the door to her small apartment. "Tabbi!" i call. Not for my cat, but my best friend, Tabitha Morris. She walked into the kitchen and screamed. Tabbi was laying on the floor, her eyes closed. She bent down and took her pulse. Its there, but faint. She grabbed her cellhone and dialled nine one one. "Hello what is your Emergancy?" a woman answered "My best friend is passed out on the floor!" she screamed. "Ok does she have any alergies?" "No, but she has diabetes." "Ok im sending an ambulance what is your location?" she was hyperventilating. Oh god. Not a panick attack. she thought. she used get them all the time when she was a kid. "THe addres is 207, Vieckerein road, apartment 3-C" "Ok their on thier way" he hung up and took her pulse again. It was so faint she had trouble finding it. Finnally, she heard frantic knocking at the door. "Come in it is open." Instantly, 2 men came in. The one looked very familiar. They instantly went to work. "She ahs a slight pulse." I said. THe familiar looking one nodded and they began to load her onto the gurney. She grabbed her purse and followed them out the door. THey go tinto the ambulance. WHen she tried to get in, they tried to stop her. "I am coming along wheter you like it or Not!" she yelled. Befor ethey could stop her, she jumped into the ambulance. The driver in the front zoomedd off. WHile the one medic worked on tabbi, the familiar looking one began to ask questions about Tabbi. "does she have any heart conditions, history of seizures, or any othr medicla needs. he said. Bella shook her head and then said "No, but she does have diabetes.' THe medic wirled around and told the other to check Tabbi's blood sugar. He then turned back to bella and said "Ok and could yyou give me your name please and your relation?" "Bella Calahen. I am her best friend." Hte medics eyes lit up momentarily before asking "Did you ever play the flute?" she nodded then said "Yah I did." he muttered something that she couldnt here before turning to help his buddy with Tabbi. She just bowed her head to pray.

Later that night, Bella sat by Tabbi's bed, listening to the quiet heart monitor beep. The doctors had said that Her body shut down because she didnt take her insulin. SHe should be fine in a few days. "Hey, Bella." SHe spun in her chair to see the medic form earlier. "What you doing here? and how do you remember my name?" He sat down in a chair oppisite and said "Im not sure if you remember me, but I am Thomas Bealard." Bella was suddenenly swept back into her memory by that name. SHe saw a brown haired boy with brilliant green eyes with a trumpet in his hand, laughing his head off. "Tom?" bella breathed. Thomas smiled and said "i am glad to see you remembered you Ex" Bella took in a large gulp of air. SHe and thomas had been best friends all through middle school and dated for about a month in High school. But right when things were looking up, a rumour was passed that she had cheated on thomas. He broke up with her after that and broke her heart. she then moved to Cinncinatti soon after. "What do you want?" she spat before she coudl stop herslef he looked hurt. "I am so sorry about what i did." She turned away form hima nd said "what? now you want ot hurt me more then you already did?" He sighed and said "Look, soon after you moved i was at a party, and i heard some guys talking about you. they didnt know i was listening, and the one mentioned how i feel for the trick thye had pulled on us. When i asked what trick, they didnt answer, but finaly one told me that it was a lie. I tried to find you, honest, but i couldnt." Bella looked up. Thomas whispered, "tell me this; would you give me another chance?" I looked down at my lap and said "No. Im sorry." He gently lifts her face so she am looking at him. "You always were a terrible liar, bell." he whispered. He then bent down and brushed his lips against hers. She thought she was seeign sparks. "I never thought i woudl ever see you again." she whispered.


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