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Love and its innocence

Short story By: ChristinaDelano

Just a random stint I wrote in a myspace blog for a few friends that were dating military men.

Submitted:Feb 16, 2009    Reads: 87    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

I think we all remember how love felt when we were 16. Nothing mattered except the two of you. You were going to spend the rest of your lives together. I remember my first love. I was 15 and we were gonna go to Georgia and get married cause it was legal there......lol. No matter that, I was head over heels. He was it for me. Some people find this love at a tender age and lose it and have a bitterness in their heart from the pain. Some people find this love and it lasts forever. You ever notice that alot of marriages that last started in high school? That is because when we were young we werent afraid of love. We werent afraid of what people thought about us or our "other" and we didnt need approval. We loved the way we were meant to. We werent bitter from pain. People are so stuck on the past and what has happened to them as they get older that they forget about the true innocence of love. People are scared. But, we are all scared. Some of us are just willing to take that chance to find what we know exists. So when you find someone that you have that connection with and you get scared.......remember the first time you looked into your first loves eyes and the way you felt. Remember that first dance at your sweet 16 party. Remember the first kiss you had with your love. Remember the butterflies you felt. Remember being carefree. And live life like it is still that love. When you do you will find an everlasting love again. And if you can overcome your fears and the obstacles that you face....then you will be graced with the love that God intended us all to share.

This brings me to my next topic......lol......yeah I know.......theres more....bare with me. People quit. They quit jobs, they quit school, they quit smoking, they quit alot of things. Because it is the easy way out. Usually. Well I dont see love that way. I do believe that there is a time and place to end a relationship. infidelity, abuse, beliefs, but just giving up on love because you are tired of "the way things have gotten" is quitting. It is putting all of the love, sweat, and tears you have contributed to this relationship and saying......I lied. It wasnt worth it. I understand we all get upset and hurt when we fight and go through hard times, but people give up so fast. Everyone says let him go, if he loves you he will come back. Dont do that to love. Love is hard. Love is work. It isnt all fun and games. It isnt all romance and kisses. It isnt all butterflies. Its hard times, and seperation, tears, and sweat, fights, and disagreements, and the courage to stand back up after all of it and say......I made a promse to you and I am true to my word. At the end of the day all any of us have is our word. People fall out of love, and if you do, then there is no relationship left. But if you are out of love, then you can walk away. But if you are in tears and sobbing and "dont know what to do".......you are in love. Work for what you want. Dont ever give up. Dont become bitter. Dont let love become just another word. Just remember love at 16. Remember that dance at your sweet 16, remember that first kiss, rememebr the butterflies, remember the carefree. Live life like it is still that love. It will be hard.....But that is love. No one said it would be easy. Its the hard that makes it great.

And for you girls that are stuck and "dont know what to do"......you love him. Dont let go so easy. Stick it out. You may be surprised to see what happens. But never, never.......be bitter.


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