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Halloween tricks

Short story By: Chrysta

Halloween romance

Submitted:Oct 6, 2010    Reads: 72    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Halloween Night.

The grass was dewy and a breeze blew through the trees as the girls followed the lit torches of the path. Other kids followed up ahead, making a low murmur of exitement. The two girls didn't wear costumes like little girls, they weretoo old to trick-or-treat.The tall, gangly one was Rochelle. She had frizzy hair and a face full of freckles. Beside her was Lily, Shorter and with soft, pale features. She wore a flannel shirt and skinny jeans while Rochelle wore a loud pink shirt and jeans. Everybody was going to Green's Pumpkin Patch, where the trail of terrors and the haunted hayride was. The trail winded on, everybody wondering when the scary part would start. The boys up ahead jeered and fooled around, local potheads.

"This is stupid," Rochelle sneered. Lily said nothing, her mousy brown hair shining under a torch watching Rochelle. Suddenly, the torchlights blew out.A silence came through the trees before the screams of fear and shouts of confusion. Lily squealed as she felt her leg touched, and a swift flash of black pass her. She and Rochelle held eachother's sweating hands as they hurried to where all the boys were. A blood-curdling scream made them walk faster, Lily feeling hot tears in her eyes. "I want to go home, let's just get out of here." She whispered to Rochelle, who looked at her quickly before loosing her hand and going over to the boys to talk to them. "Rochelle!" She shrieked out, clutching her hair as she stood alone in the dark. She lost sight of the others, walking hurridly through the wet and slimy pumpkin patch as more tears ran down her face. It was pitch black, the only light being her phone she held out in front of herself. She called for Rochelle as loud as she dared, fearing coyotes and dark figures. Lily wouldn't tell a soul before, but the truth was she was deathly afraid of the dark, silly as it was. "Rochelle, come out now if you hear me!" She yelled, voice quavering. A familiar giggle came from ahead, and she saw the hay truck where a whole croud of people were sitting waiting. Lily ran towards them, suddenly angry and scared all at once.

The boys were there, and even the guy dressed all in black. He reached out to her, his black mask showing no expression. He picked her up and she squirmed as he set her into the hay. He hopped up too, pulling off his mask. Lily turned bright red when she recognised him from school. It was Wade from her history class, his curly cute mess of blonde hair shining by the light of the fire. "I'm sorry I scared you Lily, But we all were in on it. I just had to get you for taking my reese's pieces last year." Everybody but Lily laughed. "What?? Reese's..." "Here." A voice came from her side. "I already got mine." Lily looked toward the voice and saw Wade sitting by her side. He was holding out an orange packet. Lily stared at it in wonder, for a moment not knowing what it was she was so suprised. "Oh, um, thanks." She said as she snatched it out of his hand, flustered. In that very brief second, she felt the warmth of his fingertips on hers. The candy crinkled in her pocket as she sat tightly, her legs and arms close to her body. The truck started up and went puttering down the dark trail. "Where are we going?" She asked Rochelle. "Theres a halloween party up ahead they're throwing at the fire house. Don't you want to go?" "Yeah, I guess so."

The truck bumped and bounced up hills and over potholes, and Lily was starting to feel sick. She opened up her Reese's and nibbled on the sweet chocolate and peanut butter. Bad idea. Lily lurched forward and for a moment thought she was going to hurl. Not here, not in front of him....! Lily took a deep breath and sat up, looking at the glowing white moon, round and fat. The clouds had cleared and now it was oddly warm on the hay, and she felt a bit better. The truck slowed to a stop and the driver came around the back and lowered the gate. Kids started climbing out, cheering and talking loudly. There were other people here too, little kids and adults. Wade helped her down again, a breeze of his Axe spray almost making her faint right there in his arms. She had to control herself! Lily hurried away when he set her down and went to Rochelle for protection. What was wrong with her? She wasn't this crazy girl that went around sniffing guys and drooling at the mouth. But....he was cute. And nice. "Hey look, they have apple bobbing!" "If you think I'm doing that, you're wrong." "God, Lily, really! You never have any fun! I do all this stuff to suprize you and you look like you'd rather be home sleeping! Why don't you just go home then!" "Rochelle! I didn't mean that--" But Rochelle was already gone, her one and only friend since the 5th grade...

Lily sat down on a bench and put her head into her hands as she felt the tears coming. All because she was a no-fun, stupid, shy, party pooper. She could hear everybody having fun but her. They were laughing, apple bobbing, eating candy. Her heart hurt inside as the sobs racked her chest in painful gasps. Lily loved Rochelle like a sister. And now she was alone. Even though Rochelle was loud, obnoxious and crazy, she was her friend. Lily smelled the warm pumpkin pie and apple cider, hot cocoa and hot dogs. She didn't have any money on her. She was hungry, too. Lily got out her phone and texted her mom. Can you pick me up? She clicked on Rochelle. I'm sorry. She doubted she would get a response. It was 9:45. Lily's belly grumbled. She put her head back down and hoped Rochelle would come back.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. More tears came. A slight warmth came to her side. "Just go awa if you're going to yell at me some more." She mumbled. "Yell at you?" A familiar voice said. She looked up. "Oh,..." Her face flushed bright pink. His sparkling blue eyes smiled down on her as he handed her a orange balloon with a cute halloween cat on it. "Thank you." "Want something to eat?" "I'm starving!" Lily burst out into a smile and took off with Wade.

Happy Halloween!


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