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Is He The Boy For Me!

Short story By: Country Girl

The story is mostly about a girl that she falls in love with a wrong choice in guys! But the one she is with she loves not like the others. Is he really the one for her? Or will she have her heart broken again?

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When some kids start to date when they are in 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th,11th,12th grade. Some usually starts to date when they are either 6th or 7th grade. But I was a very different child. When I started to date I was just starting to have family problems that had me stop dating until I was in 6th grade. When I just was starting 6th grade I was dating a guy that skateboarded his name was MB. He had moved in to my old hometown Medina New York, when 5th grade was just finishing up! Well the whole entire time he made me think that he actually loved me when he was only using me to get money! Well that all change one day! One of my good friends that I thought was a true friend to me asked him if he would go out with her. That really did it for me with that relationship! Then in that same year I went out with a kid named Aust. That wasn't a total kind of a relationship cause he only went out with me for an hour!! So that summer I was single. Well then when I was just going into 7th grade I dated a kid named Tom well I really didn't like how he solve issues and everything else so I had a friend go up to him and tell him that "It's over". Well then 2 months later I had got a text message from a kid that I was still going to school with and he has came and told me that he has had a crush on me ever since 3rd grade. Well my parents didn't like him but I still dated him!! It was on and off over and over again! That relationship wasn't fun at all we argued so many times we fought and fought!! Well in the middle of the relationship I had met another guy on the playground!! Well we had a Ice/Snowball Fight and when our eyes met we had love at first sight and when love at first sight that means that your true love!! Well his name was Sam. Well RW, Sam, and I always hanged out well one day me and RW got into it so bad it was a screaming match and Sam have had got in the middle of it until I turned away and said to RW "It's Over I'm done with this much fighting" and as I walked away I saw RW following me well I was walking to Medina Memorial Hospital cause my grandparents were there so I went there to make sure that they were okay well they were there because my grandfather's nose kept bleeding and it wouldn't stop!! So I went home with them!! Well then I got a text message the next day saying "I miss you and I can't life without you please take me back" from RW so then 2 months it said I would take him back he punched me in the nose and I started to cry cause it hurt and that it started to bleed and he was laughing!! So after that I still stayed with him, but then he finally broke up with me!! I tried to cry I couldn't and wouldn't it meant that he hurt me way to many times! But just keep in mind I really have had loved him! In that same weekend one of my friends named Amber wanted me to tell Sam that they are over!! Well in that very same time that I told him that they were over because she couldn't do it anymore, so I did call him to let him know that it was over between him and Amber. And I told him in a friendly way and told him that I was single as well, he goes "really when" I replied with "yesterday" "I'm not the only one" He replied in a happy tone. "I guess so but I wonder how would it work if you and I went out together. I really have liked you but I want to see if this works" He answers with no thought "absolutely". So we were in a on again off again relationship!! Cause RW was somehow getting involved. So then my Ex- Boyfriend was involved with that relationship and screwed it up!!! Cause I got a hurtful call one day!!! So then they hurt me so bad that I was crying for the things that my Ex-Boyfriends! Well I moved to Albion Central School District and I was having a new start in my life so I could have a new chance in life well I was single from August until October. Well this is when I am starting the 2012 and 2013 school year in Albion!! Well in the end of May when I was in 7th grade still I moved Albion and this one day I stayed afterschool for history club. Well I remember him from that time I had to stay after for that one day and he remembered me. Well the school year that I am going for the whole entire year of 2012 & 2013 I joined Stage Crew but then I dated a boy named Toby (he was a true player he just actually just wanted sex and that's all was on his mind so I stopped dating him in that second that he have had asked me to do so I said "Goodbye"). Well I got on the late bus and I saw him and he started to talk to me and we started to have interesting conversations. Well I didn't even remember his name (he didn't tell me is name when I was on the bus or when we starting talking). Well one day that all changed. One day we were on the bus together and he came up to me and asked me "Do you have a boyfriend" cause he was didn't want to start drama and I said "No" He replies in a quick relieve "Sweet!!" Then when one of his friends called him and went to the back of the bus. His friend got off the bus that called him to come back and talk to him. Then I went back of the bus and wanted to ask something. Nathan answers with "yeah, I'll answer anything for you" I asked "Do you have a girlfriend or anybody in your life?!" Nathan answers in a sad tone "No I just got off of a bad relationship that only lasted for 3 week!" Then I suddenly felted my heart telling me to ask him (ask him if he would like to date me).Suddenly I heard myself asking him "Would you go out with me?" He answered with "You are a very loveable person, fun to be around, smart, nice, and I'm sorry for how badly the other guys in your relationships treated you the way that they have had. And you deserve so much better from what they have had done!!" I thought about what he has just said to me and I replied in a soft toned voice "I know that and how would you like to show me how a girl should be treated" With no thought at all he answered "Hell yeah, I do but are you pulling my leg and that" he asked me in doubt that I had asked him and not anybody else on the bus. "No I'm not I'm being serious" I answered too him with a voice that was suddenly serious! He thought for a brief moment and suddenly I heard "I would be honored to be the one to show you how a real relationship should be and how it truly feels to be loved and be happy to be with you!!" A couple of weeks pasted by and that's when feelings started to develop for each other! Then 2 weeks …… 3 weeks ……. 4 weeks went by then we were on 1 month! Then I was invited to one of his concerts and I was going to meet his mom so it was a bit nerve racking. Well my grandmother dropped me off and I knew she would probably have fallen asleep by the time it was over with the concert. So I asked Nathan's mom if she could give me a ride home and she said "sure absolutely!" Well his mom, his brother, and 2 sisters and I all walked out to the truck they had and we all get in we were waiting for him. So here comes Nathan running, well he doesn't know that I was in the vehicle with his family and I basically surprised the living crap out of him!! He opens the door and stands there for a brief couple of seconds and says "Well this is a surprise" then he got in and she had took me home and I go to get out of their truck and I fell out of it instead of trying to climb out of a small little Red Colbot! Well I got laughed at but I was laughing at myself to so pretty much they were laughing with me. So I starting going over there for the Holidays. Veteran's Day I went to their house for the day and spend time with them that was fun!! But he got me out of bed way earlier then I'm used to and told me get up we are living in 10 minutes to get you! Well I get up got ready and I heard a knock on my door "CRAP" his here I'm not even having my hair dried yet so I thought it will be fine threw it up into a bun like ponytail and put my hat on and went !! Then I was just getting on the bus one day and bus driver told me "Hey! Your boyfriend had left his hat on the bus" I thought and said "Can I take it cause I'm going to see him this weekend" (when I really wasn't) so I texted him saying "Hey honey, I got your camouflage dodge hat!" He replies "How" "the late bus driver is my usual driver when it's not Tuesday or Thursday" I answered him back with. "Oh, now that's where that little bugger went off to" Well I wanted him to have his favorite hat back so my grandmother and grandfather were going out anyways so we were bringing his hat back to him. Well we went to a fruit and vegetable stand before we went to drop it off for him! Well I saw this one pumpkin décor thing and I got it for his mom! Just as a thoughtful gift!! And I got it then went down to his house and give him his hat and give his ma the pumpkin décor. So we did not even have way down the road I get a text message from him. "My Ma really likes the pumpkin that you got her" I go "That's good to hear babe!" so that was good! Well then I spend Thanksgiving with them and was there till like 9:30 probably 9 o'clock somewhere there well we went in and spent some family time with his family and we watched a little bit of Jeff Dunham. Well again I made them laugh because I snorted! I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day spent with his family! I went out the day before Christmas Eve to go get there Christmas gifts cause I kept putting it off putting it off and I finally did and I got a lot of neat things for them! And they also got me things to! That was very nice of them to. Then a couple days later I went to my dad's family that I haven't seen for a while then I did when I started to date Nathan. I believed in Nathan I thought as him as a crush before then I just falling in love with him! I trust him with other girls, he won't cheat, he won't lie and he won't ever be mean and abuse me. I feel safe with him in my life I feel happy with him in my life and I have had falling in love with him I still do. He protects me and I protect him I won't ever hurt him, cheat on him, love anybody else then a lover but him, I won't lie to him I won't hurt him, I respect him. I will support him in his hopes and dreams and he'll do the same for me! I love him and he loves me. Over the long mid- winter break I was over at his house a couple of times that week, I was there for almost one whole entire day. I was close to his mother, his father, sisters and brother. I was just still growing up and I didn't know how to cook or really even bake. So his mom was teaching me. So she basically was teaching me how to. Well I was in the Kitchen with him and I was stirring up the homemade Mac and Chesse and Bake Chicken. I was mostly stirring the Mac and Chesse while he was seeking some out with his finger and eatting it. Suddenly he couldn't find the hot pads and I found them before he has. At this time my grandmother Claire was in the hospital when she had have a heart attack and my grandfather in not so great of a condition was home with my mother. My mother and I have had our ups and downs before she choosed her boyfriend over me when he had abuse me sexually,physically,and mentally. Nathan wanted me to have fun and get out of the mind progress of being stressed out of my grandmother could die and me be aworry mess. "Here they are" I said to him as a slapped him in a playful way. "Thanks baby." Has he gives me a sweet kiss. I turn to get a dish out of the cabinet. I suddenly felt a wack behind me on my butt. "Hey, What's that for?" I looked at him with a huge grin on his face, "I just wanted to do that cause it's mine and I can but I wanted to see if you would feel it or not!" I glanced at him and smacked him back in a playful and then back and fourth we kept smacking each other with hot pads. Then I suddenly said "Alright, I'm done!" I heard "I'm not" and felt arms wrap around my waist and pull me back to him. "I love you''I said. "I love you too baby, I will always love you and I'll never stopped loving you. If it was just you and me I could kiss you all day and let you lay on me and hug you all day and never let you go! And when you fall I will always be there to catch you!" He said to me in a calm gentle tone of voice. Weeks went by as Easter right around the corner, I wanted to do something special for his family so I got his sisters something and made it very well I made them Easter Baskets. I did something special for his parents. And him a did something that no girlfriend would do for her bestfriend and boyfriend like him. And I spent Easter with his family and my family. I invited him to my family Easter Day Events which is really fun. That had went by and I got him something nice at for his birthday. So I knew he was a hunter and a country boy that I just fall in love with when I see him. But I'm a country girl and a cowgirl so we get along pretty good! I'm just learning where to shoot at the animal to kill it and get the meat and won't mess up the hide of the animal! I have gotten engaged to him and we are planning the marriage soon but I have been recently in a car acciendent. He gotten the call after about me not coming home aftertwo to three hours not coming home from dropping off my cousins and sister at my aunt Elizabeth's house. And then I was going over to his parents house to have his mom help me look for a wedding dress and start calling make appointments to go and I did and I was on my way home but I didn't their was a drunk driver coming and wasn't going to be stopping at the four way stop as I was going and him slamming into me to have me into acoma for three to five days. When I awoke I had flowers from almost all my family members and everybody in the hospital that was my family that didn't want to leave the hospital if something happen to me they wanted to know all first. The hospital that they had took me to I worked there and my friend that I knew was on the clock and heard that I was ina car accident and was asked by the doctor that was working on me had her call a relative and tell them what has had happen and try to get them to hospital and didn't know if I was going to pull through or not. So she sat down and she had Nathan's phone number cause she was going to be one of my bridesmaids in the wedding and called him. "Hey Nathan. This is Kathy remember me? I work with your Fiance Courtney." she had spoken quietly and in a shaking voice."Oh yeah! What's going on Kathy" Nate had spoken in a tone like it was worried."Nathan, if I were you I would sit down. I have some news for you about Courtney. She had came in from a horrible car accident. She is right now in surgery cause the glass from the windowshield shattered and went into her skin on her forehead and arms and she has some deep cuts. But they say that she might be in acoma for a couple of days! And I would like you to come up as soon as you can because I reserved a chair for you in her room to stay by her side until she wakes up! If that's okay with you?" She suddenly says and hears crying on the other side of the line " How long ago as she came in ago? And thank you for the chair I'm packing a bag now to. Do I need money to get food?" he says"No I can serve you hospital food. Had she came in about two hours ago.'' she says to him hoping he can get to her best friend before something bad happens. "Alright Katy! I'm on my way! If anything happens call me! I'm getting in the truck now! I'll be there in a hour and 45 minutes I want to pick up flowers and a teddy bear for her and the whole time call her family thats still in her contacts and contact my family!" He says as he starts the diesel truck that he bought for her cause her vechile was trashy anyways.He gets there just in time while they were bringing her into the room that they were haing her stay in. "Sir, are you her husband?" the doctor notices him and says. "I'm her fiance when can I see her?'' He asked. "If you like you can now will you be staying with her?" doctor replies to him "Yes I'm staying with her she's my world I love her and if anything happens I want to be here to know." Nathan says and he sits down beside me and grabs my hand and holds it starting to cry seeing the cuts and bruises on my body. "I hoping that she had told you that she was and still is pregrant." The doctor says to him. "She is. She never told me! I knew she wanted to tell me when she got home from dropping her cousins and her sister at her aunt's house and go to my parent's house." he said with tears running his face. "She was trying to protect the baby and her the way the paramedics found her. It looked like she didn't want to lose the thing that you two created together and she didn't want you to lose the baby more then her!" the doctor said to him "It looks like you have a good woman on your hands, she's a great one that I worked with to! And hope I will be able to work with her again sometime soon." The doctor says to him has he walks out the room. Nathan looks back at Courtney from looking at the floor and saw that her eyes were open and that they thought she would be acoma for a couple of days. " Doctor is right! I am I wanted to tell you when I got home cause I went to tell ma and dad and they were going to help me plan a baby shower. And they were going to have dinner with us tomorrow so they can help me tell you and my father. But I never planned this to happen." As I say to him. "I know baby, I know I'm just happy and lucky that your alive!" As he says to me and I move over so he can lay down with me for a bit "I love you" He says to me has he wraps his arms around me gently so he doesn't hurt me. As that night she fell asleep in his arms just like every night they do. And he slowly falls asleep after her knowing that she is safe and she is okay he falls asleep. And she falls asleep knowing that shes safe and protected in his arms and loving and knowing that nothing will ever happen to them.


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