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The Housewife and I

Short story By: CrustyRolls

when a suspicious house call comes for the protagonist, Dylan, he has no idea what he's getting himself into... it's not fixing appliances, that's for sure!

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as i scanned over the pages of the manual, i felt a little sick. firstly, that shit looked complicated. second of all, elevators always made me queasy. perhaps being a superintendant wasn't the best job for me in that respect... i had to ride up and down in elevators all day! i scratched my head and tried to find the water inlet valve on the diagram. it was close to hopeless. i'd just have to tell her that i had no fucking clue what i was doing. god, that was gonna be embarrassing. oh well. as the elevator door opened, i caught sight of her door number and my stomach lurched. it kinda sucked that i would have to tell her that i couldn't do it. as soon as i rapped my knuckles against her door, it swung open and she was standing there. i couldn't help but look at her.. she was wearing a low-cut t-shirt and denim shorts. her hair was all over the place, but not in a gross way, surprisingly. it just looked ruffled. i gulped as i noticed her nipples were visible through her top... why wasn't she wearing a bra? i may have been young, but i knew i could control myself. "you wont pop a boner, you wont.." i repeated to myself in my head over and over. i was determined not to make an asshat of myself. "what can i help you with, ma'am?" i asked, and she quicky gestured for me to cross the threshold. "wont you come inside..?"
god, that nearly tipped me over the edge.
her home was super clean, and everything seemed to have a place specially reserved for it. "so, what's exactly wrong with the washing machine, miss Tyler?" i strolled over to the kitchen. miss Tyler put a finger on her lip and i watched as a small bit of saliva caught on it. she ran the finger over her bottom lip and down across her chin. i gulped and looked at my shoes. i didn't want her to think i was some sort of pervert. "hmmm... it just stopped filling with water, superintendant.." she bent over the machine, and her skirt raised up a little. i couldn't help but look, she was wearing light blue lacy underwear... i wondered if her bra matched, then remembered that she wasn't wearing one. god she was hot. she had brown, lightly curled hair which reached her shoulders, and deep brown eyes. i quickly stopped myself from daydreaming, and pushed the power button on the washing machine. "hey!", miss Tyler startled me a little, "you shouldn't be so rough with that machine... it's very delicate.." my mouth hung open as she loosely wrapped her hand around my index finger and moved up and down. "h-hey.. are you coming on to me?" i tripped over my words. she continued to move her hand up and down my finger, "yeah.. but only if you want me to!" she gave me a wink that made me lightheaded, and i tried to act cool. "m-miss Tyler, i-" she interrupted, "call me Cathy.." i nodded and smiled awkwardly, "i'm Dylan". she bit her lip in the sexiest way possible, and her gaze drifted down.. i felt my cheeks flush scarlet and as i looked down i gasped as Cathy unzipped my pants. she took my penis out of my trouser zip and stood next to me, with us both facing fowards, and i found myself with my back against the wall. literally. she turned her head towards me and i bit my lip as i felt her hand around my manhood. i bit my lip to stop from screaming out, and grasped the sides of my trousers. "wow, Dylan, you got really big didn't you?" i nodded vigorously in an attempt to hold myself back. jesus, i'd barely lasted a minute and i felt like i was going to explode. "my, my, you're very exited.. you look like you could blow your load any minute.." her voice was like silk, and i squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to come so early. "could that be because this is your first handjob, Dylan?" i shook my head and felt myself become hotter and hotter. i was holding back now, to the point where it hurt. i felt Cathy's hot breath in my ear, "liar" she whispered. how did she know that was so fucking hot? she continued to whisper in my ear, "you can come if you want to, Dylan.." i cried out as i released everything, and Cathy smirked as she watched my come shoot across the room. i was panting like a dog and i could feel sweat rolling down my forehead. "oh, Dylan..", she said scornfully, "you've already gotten hard again.."
I'll leave the rest to your imagination...


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