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The boy with no name

Short story By: DanielleAimee

this is a story that i relate to in my life and i have written about my feelings.

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I wouldn't relate this to Romeo and Juliet, nor would I call this a fairytale, as this is tragic but also makes you feel love sick. It teaches that not everything is not as it seems and that people change their minds like they do cloths.......
Ever since I was a little girl, around 8 I must say, all the time at soccer there was always this one boy that I thought was rather amazing to put everything in one word. I never knew this person and over the years he would always linger in my mind, I never made an effort to find out who he was because he was always just there, I never spoke to him, I don't think any of my friends knew him and I would always forget about him but then I would see him again and remember exactly who he was. I don't think he ever noticed me either. As a child I would always go through the boys I liked and I could always imagine his face in my head but never really knew who he was. I guess it was mysterious in a way to think that I knew who this boy was but I never really actually knew him.
The years passed, and I would still remember him every time I saw him and as the years went by I started to like this boy more and more. When I was 14 I was put into a representative soccer side as well as him, we had both always played at this level but never trained together or been in the same grade. so now I was training with this boy that I have noticed all my childhood years.
My best friend was sleeping over my house one night but I had training that night as well so she came down and watched and then she was going to come home with me. My best friend also played representative soccer but in a different age group. As she was my best friend she knew everything about me, all my secrets, who i liked, who i didn't like etc etc. At the time she knew the person I liked which wasn't this boy as i never really told anyone about him, he was just always at the back of my mind.
That training session when my best friend was watching i was deciding to tell and show her who this boy was. After that training session i said to my friend:
" that's him, i used to like him"
My friend was happy for me and was asking if I still liked him, of course I replied "no".
so that night when my friend was sleeping over that's all we talked about, this boy which we had no idea who he was or even what his name was.
The weeks went by and me and my friend were still wondering what his name was. one day I was on a social networking site and I thought that maybe if I typed in one of his friends name I would be able to find out what this boy's name was, so that's exactly what I did. I found one of his friends and looked for hours trying to find out his name. Finally I found it!. I was so proud of myself now all I had to do was actually meet and talk to him in real life.
I started talking to this boy on the social networking site allot, we became very good friends and every day I was liking him more and more.
I never thought that anything was going to happen between us to so I just kept talking to him and acting normal, one day a boy named Andrew asked me out on a date, I agreed to it and I wasn't sure if I wanted to because I still had feelings for this boy.
Me and Andrew had been dating for a about month un yet I still couldn't stop thinking about this boy . one day I was sitting by myself and this boy came up to me and sat next to me and started talking to me, my heart was racing, I've never felt anything like it before. After that me and this boy were flirting allot and getting very close, I was falling for him even more! . I tod him i was going out with this person named Andrew and I said that I didn't really like him and I wanted to break up with him. This boy even offered to break up with him for me. He was so sweet I literally felt head over heels for this boy.
After a while this boy all of a sudden stopped flirting and talking with me, I was so confused, i didn't know whether it was because I had a boyfriend or anything else it could have been. I broke up with my boyfriend hoping that this boy would start talking to me again, but he never did, he still spoke to me casually but nowhere near as much as he used to.
All my friends said that he just didn't know what to say to me, so I decided to talk to him over the internet and tell him that i broke up with my boyfriend, that's what I did and he went straight offline and he hasn't spoken to me since.
I would go close to saying I loved this boy and he played me when I had a boyfriend and decided to stop it when I didn't have a boyfriend.
To tell you the truth I really don't know how to end this piece of writing as I am not sure the ending of this is over yet, I guess if it is this will be my first and last novel about this and the "boys" name will never be revealed. But if this is not the end I'm sure his name will be revealed in the next novel....


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