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Dying To Love You

By: Darklily

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I tried so hard to make you see that I love you,

but you never saw it. You thought I was just another guy

with a crush on you, but I was, am more than that.

I saw in you a heart more pure and filled with

kindness than any other, and your beauty was more

radiant than the sun and the stars above. I knew your every

strength and weakness, for they were my strengths and

weaknesses. If only you saw this before the tragedy struck.

I promised to show you the world, but

I could not even show you what little of

it I had seen myself. I tried too hard to show

my love, but you never pushed me away. When

ever I let you go, you came running straight back.

Yet still, your mind refused to listened to you heart

as it screamed to make your love known.

Ignorance is not always bliss, for it was our poison.

So there I laid dying, barely conscious, gasping for air,

with each heartbeat more blood poured from my body,

it was then you realized how much I truely

loved you. You stayed by my side, praying, to

whomever would listen, for my life to be saved,

but we both knew that nothing could

stop what was about to happen.

You vowed to never love anyone else,

but you and I both know that is not possible.

My life is over, but yours has only commenced.

Live it, love in it, and never look back. For if you

look back, Death and the past will

always haunt you. Remember this,

I will always look over you, even when you

feel so lost. And keep hope in your heart that one

day, Death, the same thing that separated us, will

unite us forever.

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