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Bleeding Love PART ONE

Short story By: dclovesfd


Isobel is horribly abused and used by her boyfreind Fallon. She thought she loved him, and believed he was only hurting her because he was showing her love.
But when he finally realises what needs to happen, and Isobel gets away from Fallon, she meets Matthew, the one person who shows her the love she needs...

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Bleeding Love... PART ONE!

This short story is is deticated to song that inspired this song. Bleeding love, and the tears that I cried for so many months...


Isobel's POV.

I sat in the corner of the dark room, cold and scared. Tears running down my pale face. I wipped them away angryily every time they fell. But every few minutes a sob would exscape from my dry lips.

I could hear the foot steps in the other room, I knew that soon they would get louder. Get closer, and I would have to deal with the pain again. The anger in his eyes. The hate that scared me more then the blood that dripped from my nose at times.

I wrapped my arms around my knee's closing my sore red eyes, wishing I could be anywhere but there. Anywhere... Foot steps louder, I opened my eye's for just a second.

The dim light from the hallway shined underneath the bedroom door, and soon the door was opened and he stood there sickly pale skin shining in the light.

" Don't cry sugar... I'll be nice today..." The deep husky voice of Fallon whispered as he walked into the room shutting the door behind him.

I could hear the click of the lap being turned on, and the bright light outside my once again shut eye lids.

" Just leave me alone..." I whispered another sob trying to burst out. The words cracked and hurt my throat.

My breathing heavey.

" Oh come on baby..."

" Please.. leave me alone Fallon.."

He chuckled amused with my words. That did not seem to phase him at all.

" Leave me the fuck alone!" I yelled trying to keep my eye shut even when he set a hand on my shoulder.

I was suddenly was pulled up from the floor and painfully thrown back up against the wall. My eyes threw open to see his coal black hair messy over his deep emeralf green eyes that I once fell in love with but now was horrified of.

" I will do what ever I want bitch."

His hand came up to my face with force and the sobbs bursted completely when he tossed me over onto the large dark bed and started pacing the room.

I tried to keep from crying, knowing it would only nag him on more. Because he took pleasure in that, the fact that I was hurt deeply, and couldn't control my feelings.

" Why? Why do you do this Fallon?"

He took a deep breath inwards and I heard it foot steps and he was sitting on the bed next to me. I almost screamed when he pulled me up to face him by my strawberry blonde hair.

" Because I love you Isobel..."

" So much.." He then whispered his lips touching the side of my face. His breath hot against my frozen skin.

" You don't love me! If you loved me, you wouldn't hurt me Fallon!" I yelled struggling to push him away, but he just grabbed my shoulder. Keeping it in place firmly. Tears were starting to run down my face.

" No I hurt you because I love you..."

" No, if you loved me then you would let me go..."

" Bullshit... You listen to me Isobel, when Macon and Greg get here, your going to listen to then to. Isn't that right?"

I felt my heart speed up, and I wanted to cry even more then because.

" No! Please Fallon! Don't let them touch me!" I said clinging onto his shoudlers, trying to look for any sign of sense in his evil eyes.

I could not take one more day being used by Fallons druggie freinds, I would rather be dead then deal with them again.

He was about to say something but I could see he was looking into my eyes.

He could see my pain, see what he does to me.

But he couldnt allow me to know that, he couldnt tell me he was sorry, or angry with him self, it was to late for that now. He already had Macon and Greg sitting in the living room, if they found out he let me go, or was " nice" to me for once, they would get back at him. And when they get back at someone, you never hear from them again.

Not that I wanted to ever see Fallons damn face every again in my whole entire life.

But Fallon was scared, the reason he did all the things he did was because he was scared. Scared to die. Scared to be alone, and most of all scared to lose controll of everything.

"I'm going to get Macon and Gred. You move and your dead..."


She said nothing just nodded looking into his eyes. Her eyes still open as he pressed a kiss to her lips then let her go, her body dropping to the bed, even though she knew something was different, he would never leave her alone, while he went to get them. He always tied her up, or took her with him.

He was giving her a way out, and if she didnt take it, he could never give her another chance. That would mean losing power.

She listend for the door shutting, and lifted her self from the bed.

Her bare skin stung even as she pulled on a oversized white t-shirt and sweat pants over her body.

Her hair wild around her.

Her eyes looked up at the window on the left wall. Too small for Fallon, but perfect for Isobel to crawl threw.

She slowly opened the window, and felt as if she was in a dream as she touched the damp warm grass outside. She hestiated looking back into the window. But then started running as fast as she could into the woods behind the house. All that was running threw her mind was...

" Thank you Fallon..."

She was finally free. For now...

She new it would take year for Macon and Greg to stop looking for her, she would need to hide. Find a safehouse, something. The worst part was, she couldnt even tell the cops about Fallon. Or maybe she just didnt want to hurt Fallon, no matter how much he hurt her...



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