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Short story By: dclovesfd

" Holy shit..." She whispered, she felt as if she may fall to the ground.

" I know..." Kendle whispered and held a hand out for her to take...

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Save Me. PART TWO.

Save me:

- Oh god.- Colby thought breathing deeply inwards and outwards.

" Calm down." Greyson murmered from his place two feet to the right of her. They were standing beind several tree's behind a gas station. Only because Colby had gotten a " little" excited when she woke, and headed straight for the delicious smell five miles from the tree Greyson had tooken her to.

" Sorry, he just smell's..." deep inhale. " So...good..."

Colby's hand here in front of her, and her body was arching slightly into a croutching position. Greyson shook his head silently and almost wondered if her made the right choice. He had not handles a newborn in years.

- She will be so strong though. So powerful, once she learns her path- He thought to him self, and smiled slightly, not paying attention to how far into the stance Colby was becoming. Her fangs would soon appear.

" Colby!" He said and clapped just loud enough for her ears to hear. She blinked but did not jump. Slowly she stood straight upwards, and looked at him with an embarrested look in her bright hungry blue eyes. He sighed and looked sorry for her, he knew how the hunger was causing so much pain inside her. But she couldn't feed on just anyone. Not a random person, she might kill them. No, she WOULD kill who ever was her first.

" Sorry Greyson. When can I get some..b..- moan-" She breathed in again, and quickly realised her mistake, he could tell she was trying as hard as she could not to run over and pounce on the 6'2 man in his early twenties. Wearing a large black hoodie, and sweat pants. His blood did smell rather, good. And Greyson knew that quite well, his own hunger calling him. But he knew her first kill should not be something so, often found. In other words, his blood was not rare, he would offer no excitement for Colby or any vampire that wanted to be " classy" if you can call one that.

" Come Colby..." He said turning around and started running vastly southeast the tree's flying by, yet he could see them perfectly and knew Colby could also. She was not as fast as him and was going a steady pace five feet behind him. He felt no need to slow down his pace for her. She would need to learn how to control her speed, and strides. " Where are we going?"

Greyson did not answer, she would learn when they got to where they were going.

You see, Greyson was not like other vampires, living on the street's pretending to be human all the time. Killing any person everytime they fed. Also unlike most vampire's he was not a teenager or younge adult when he became a vampire.

When he was seven, his parents were killed in a massive apartment building fire. He was never found and left to die of 2nd degree burns and dehydration. Behind the rotting building, in the tree's where he managed to crawl, is where Litia found him. A 602/23 year old vampire, who happend to be the leader of the Felicon Clan. She took him in, and turned in into a vampire, but for some reason, he continued growing untill he was 18 years old. When they discovered his human blood was not human at all. Greyson was a desent from a line of witches that began in florence in 1604 and were killed off in 1867, but not before one of there members could have a child with a human women, who was never accused of anything since she was not a witch.

He took her back to a large mansion, in the middle of the forest that seemed to resemble a small castel. There lived many other vampires, werewolfs, and witches. The vampires were the most popular of the species there. Not only did they live there, humans also. Humans who knew about these creature's that had choosen to become " blood banks" for the vampires. They were aloud to leave any time they wanted, and any human who wanted to give up there life as a normal human was aloud to enter.

They never took any of the humans wills away. Only that if a vampire needed to feed, a human must lt them. The only way they did not have to is if, Litia agreed that they did not have to, or they had just been fed on only hours before.

Greyson realised he was telling Colby all of this through his mind. He had no realised she had learned the little abilities all vampires had.

" Wow! Really, thats just, beast!" She laughed, and he grinned crookedly. By this time they were standing at the door of the large grey mansion, with a tower on the left side. The door large and dark brown.

Greyson slowly stepped forward and opened the door, it was not dark, and creepy like Colby had been exspecting. It was reather bright and lively. -Okay, yeah its still creepy- Colby thought. It was so out of place for a vampire, werewolf, witch, human holding house that it was even more weird that Colby had thought.

" What? Did you exspect dracula's dungeon?" Greyson chuckled running a hand threw his shaggy black hair.

" Oh my! You've brought a new family member haven't you Greyson?" A excited, and almost motherly voice laughed from eight feet away, then a women a inch or so taller then Colby's 5'4, was standing in front of them.

Colby eyed her short red curlt hair that stopped at the bottem of her ears. Her face heart shaped and her skin cream, and freckled. Her eyes large and dark brown. She wore a pair of washed blue jeans, and a light brown sweater of a yelloe tanktop. Her feet bare, with white socks.

-Wow, what crazy world have a fell into?- Colby asked her self. And the women chuckled, and looked at Greyson for a second.

" I am Litia. I am sure Greyson has told you everything?" Litia smiled and nodded at Colby.

" Colby, nice to meet you Litia, and I think he has told me everything." Colby smiled. Wait a second...

- I. Just. Smiled...woah-

Colby blinked completely suprised at her self.

Where was the hate? The saddness? The evil smiles?

" You can shut those feelings off." Litia exsplained and even though Colby was still slightly confused she asked no more about it. She was sitll freaked out. She brushed a lock of mangled dark hair behind her shoulder.

" You look like you could feed. And bathe..." Litia chuckled, and took her hand. Litia's hand was strangely warm, and soft, unlike Colby had thought.

" I'll see you later mother" Greyson nodded and walked away from them into a room where laughter and voices were pouring out from every corner it seemed.

" I know you much be confused. And thirsty." Litia smiled, and showed care in her eyes.

Colby nodded and breathed inward a deep breath.

They stopped at a open door, no lights were on, but she could see the dim flicker of candle flames, and smell the vanilla scent.

" Kendle. Colby is in need for you tonight." Litia spoke, and Colby realised it was louder then she had spoken to her and Greyson.

A few moment later, Litia nodded and whispered something, and hugged Colby for a brief second.

" Kendle will take care of everything" before walking away.

She was gone, and Colby turned and looked back into the room.

A second later she blinked at one stepped out of the darkness and was standing in front of her.

A guy, maybe 19 years old. Maybe 5'10. With deep honey blood hair. Large hazel eyes, with long black lashes. Olive tan skin. No shirt on, showing his amazing build, and four pack.

Colby had never laid eyes on a man so, sexy.

She blinked.

" Holy shit..." She whispered, she felt as if she may fall to the ground.

" I know..." Kendle whispered and held a hand out for her to take...

END OF PART TWO! XD woot woot, for sexy human Kendle.


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