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A Very Merry Christmas

Short story By: DemonWriter

For awesometwist's contest. This is a story taking place after the ending to my novel, An Otaku's Destiny. It tells about Shinku's and Omoshi's life, but in Omoshi's POV.

Submitted:Dec 4, 2013    Reads: 81    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

Omoshi's POV

It's Christmas today! My favorite holiday of the year! I'm so excited that I get to spend some alone time with Shinku, although we always do. I can't wait to see what he's got me. I've already got him a gift. I think he's been wanting it since he's been looking at it for awhile... No, that's just my fantasy. Hehe.

Running down the stairs, overwhelmed with joy, the aroma of eggs, bacon and toast hit my nostrils. Shinku's such a great cook.

Running down the stairs after grabbing my notebook and pen, overwhelmed with joy, the aroma of eggs, bacon and toast hit my nostrils. As soon as I stop, my head turns in the direction of the kitchen and I see a tall man in a silky white robe with crimson red hair standing at the stove with a frying pan laying on top.

Instead giving him my "normal" greeting, I dart into the kitchen and wrap my arms tightly around his waist. "Merry Christmas, Shinku!" I jotted down on the notebook. Maybe I'm overdoing it. Shinku's a serious person. He never shows me what he's like when he's happy anymore. Not ever since we've gotten together.

I used to prostitute and Shinku used to get beaten by his father and neglected by his mother. I never knew that about Shinku and Shinku never knew about me prostituting. Not even my mother knew about me prostituting until the day she died. That was the day I was raped and when I found out about Shinku's parents and when Shinku found out about my job and feelings for him. After Shinku found out about my feelings he didn't accept me anymore, but after I went to the hospital from getting stabbed in the back, Shinku realized how much I meant to him.

I was laying in the hospital for such a long time that I don't know how long I was there for. Awhile later, after I was released, I encountered some customers of mine from the past. When I refused to give them what they wanted-sex-they drugged me and cut out my vocal chords.

Not too long after that I encountered Shinku and told him about it. Then two annoying pests came along and... Well, they're really not that bad. In the past I would only treat them badly to feel more accepted by Shinku. It was stupid, I know. But I wanted to be accepted by him very badly because I loved him. Well, that's not what got him to accept me for who I am. That stab wound really helped.

"Merry Christmas, Omoshi," Shinku replies nonchalantly after reading the letter I gave to him. "Nice bed hair. I guess dark blue hair looks best when like that."

He hands me back the letter and start writing on it again after glaring at him. "Did you get me anything for Christmas? I've always hated this holiday the most until this year since I get to spend it with you."

Shinku pours the food out of the skillet and onto a plate, along with the freshly toasted bread, and then hands it to me while taking the notebook out of my hand. "...Uh..." Instead of writing down a reply, I raise my arms up in the air, showing how upset I am. "Sorry." After giving me back the notebook he turns back around and goes to make his plate of food while I go to sit at the table and eat alone... By myself. "You didn't get me anything either, did you?" Sounds like he's hoping I didn't.

I write down in the notebook. "You don't like Christmas, do you?"

And then he takes the notebook after noticing that I've finished writing. "Not when my dad was around. Every Christmas he'd tell me I was naughty and that Santa wasn't real. When I got older and annoyed he'd cut me and say that I was a lonely bastard and no one who's Satan's son deserves anything for Christmas. Mom would sneak me a gift, but Dad always-always-found out about it and then he would put my hand over the fire, enough to hurt but not burn."

Again, I take the notebook and write. "But your father's not here anymore. I killed him, remember? Your mother isn't here to give you presents for him to find since she committed suicide. You don't have to worry anymore. It's just us two."

This time he doesn't take it. He just reads it upside down. "Yeah, I know. So what'd you get me? I would like to know. Is something I'd like or is it something you'd like?"

He knows me so well. "Something I would like. So this can be your Christmas gift to me and I'll find you something else, something that I'm sure you would like."

Shinku's deep purple eyes wandered with my hand, so he didn't need to look at the notebook again to read it. "Let me see it. Where is it?"

I go upstairs and take the bag. Hesitatingly, I walk back down with it and into the kitchen. Impatience grows on Shinku's face. Again I hesitate. While taking an object out of the bag, Shinku's eyes grow slightly wider. Once pulled out, his eyes widen even more at the small black velvet box. I hand it over to him and he only stares at it in awe.

Rapid breaths escape Shinku's lungs. My heart fills up to the brim with anticipation. After a minute nothing is said. Thirty seconds later and still nothing. Not even rapid breathing. Shinku stares at box, still speechless.

So I say something, writing on the notebook. "What do you think? You hate it, don't you? That's why you're speechless, isn't it?" Then I pass it over to him.

After he finishes reading, he answers, "I-I-I-I like it, but it was so unexpected. I never thought of getting married because it's not my thing."

I grab the notebook, using a little too much force, and start writing again. "It's not like we're actually getting married. We can't. Not in Japan. I didn't think you hated the idea of marriage that much. You should have told me."

Shinku looks over at the notebook while I write, so because he already knows what's written, he replies. "It's not that I hate the idea of marriage. It's that I never thought about it. I never said I hated the idea of it. Jeez. Do not put words in my mouth. That's something my father would do. Not you."

Without realizing it, my hand slaps Shinku, leaving a red mark on his cheek. I try to speak out, "Don't ever compare me to your father!" But the words don't come out. I write it down instead.

"I wasn't! I was just saying that you and him are different! Completely different!" At least he understands what I couldn't say out loud without needing me to write it down.

Some Christmas, I think, walking away. I thought it would be the best time in my life since I get to spend it with Shinku. But no, not the case. One look at the box and he's already pissed as usual. He hasn't even kissed me or hugged me or held my hand since we've gotten together. Seems like he's not over being homophobic. Idiot! Why would he kiss me then if he's not going to do anything anymore!? Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

Arms wrap around my waist and a soft warm voice whispers in my ear. "I'm sorry, Omoshi. I didn't mean to get angry. Christmas isn't my favorite time of the year, you know this. I like the gift. I'll wear it right now." He releases me. As I go to turn around, Shinku's already wearing it, the golden band. Well, actually... the ring is the only thing he's wearing. Seeing this, I show him the ring I got for myself and put on at the jewelry store. The white robe that was covering his body as he cooked is now laying flat on the kitchen floor. Surely my cheeks are colored. The temperature feels like it's rising and I need a cold shower to cool off. Even Shinku's blushing and I've never seen that before! He's shaking! He's nervous! That's so cute!

"Th-this... is my... Christmas gift... to you. I couldn't think of anything you wanted, so I thought of this." Shinku turns his head away. "Don't look at me! It's embarrassing!" Enthusiastically, I accept the gift. I hug him to near death. "Are you trying to crush me to death!? Let go of me!"

After I let him go and he turns around, I say, without actually saying it: "Thank you for the meal!" And then I leap onto him, licking his neck. Shinku blushes and pushes me off of him.

"D-don't do that!" His cheeks redden.

So cute! I think, continuing with his neck.

"At-at least... in the bedroom!"

Stopping, I look up and stare into his almost black colored eyes. My eyes must look like sapphires about to explode or something because that's not something I'd ever expect to say.

Then we go upstairs-I run and Shinku walks slowly behind, blushing-and go into the bedroom. Because we leave the bedroom door open all the time, and now that it's a habit, we get a couple extra seconds. I plop myself onto the bed and take off my clothes in a rush. Shinku, now here, sits down. Because of my reaction he chuckles. I wrap my arms around his neck and let him do with me what he will. Giving me my Christmas gift, my joy. In the dead of winter, we warm each other up with our body heat.


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