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An ordinary love saga

Short story By: dennis sunny

An ordinary love saga

Submitted:Mar 31, 2013    Reads: 50    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

ey,This is my story.The story of a complete looser who dint won the game of love.Like everyone ,he too dreamed of a girl of his own.To love,to be loved.like any other human he also wana dream about a single girl,to be a one woman man.Dreaming about a day like that will come he lived keeping everyone happy.That was the tym when facebook became more popular among every teenagers.Like everyone I too fall in that social network.To increase the friends I kept on sending requests.My mouse clicked on a profile of a beautiful slim lady.She was so cute and had a curly hair.I don't believe in the blunder so called 'love at first site'.But I become more anxious to know about her.Anxiety made me find everything about her.Her name was Annabelle.She was on her 11th grade dat time.Her slim body and the innocence in her eyes made me so attracted to her.I planned to start talking to her.I started with a usual HAI and she replied me back.I was so happy at that time.And we started talking daily.My attraction towards her slightly started changing to the feeling called Lust.Like her appearance her talking was also so cute.I wished to hear her voice.So I asked her number and she gave and we started messaging.As a school girl she had many limitations.So I waited for her one message when she is free.Slowly my lust towards her changed and I realised that I am in love with Annabelle.That feeling was something different.Something related to a pain which we love most.Like everyone I too started seeing daydreams.Started looking at her photo and giving a kiss on her picture.I am deeply,madly and truly in love with her.One day on our usual chatting I proposed her.I said to give me a reply after thinking a bit.Next day she also replied me dat she loves me too.Dont think that why so soon she replied back.We have been talking for a long and we know each other very much.That was not a quick decision made just to feel what's in love.So like everyone I also have a love story to say from now.A story of a boy who doesn't know how to love and a girl who adjusts him. In every case first few days of first love will be so happy.Normally dats the tym both lovers understands each other.But in our case as a boy who doesn't know how to love we had quarrels daily.But I love her so much and she too loves me back.I am a person ho always like to be with my friends and started not attending her calls when with friends.That can't be accepted by her.Daily quarrels made us love more.One year passed with me telling so many lies.In that one year I forgot to wish her on her birthday and our first anniversary.But in my mind I love her so much.But don't know how to express.Now I realise something.Express what's in your mind at its full.Otherwise we will be the only one regretting about the days we wasted .She adjusted much more than a teenage girl can.I respect her now for what she did that tym.Slowly I started avoiding her too much.Those were my days which I was driven by the powers of drugs.A usual teenagers character.Everyone has kept some limits for that..but in my case I dint even kept any limits.For me her importance in my life started decreasing.But still she ringed me daily.I realised the innocence in her love but the drugs dint made me love her back the way she want.But we both dint thought of a break up.She keeps on loving me and I keeps on loving her on my mind.That's the only difference between we both.That situation changes soon. I have went for a family tour for 5 days.I dint call her or sent an SMS on those days.I lied to her that I was on roaming to avoid her.She waited for my call and she ringed me.I dint accept the call.I am sure that makes her sad but I don't care.Dat was my attitude those days.And I am sure that she will be waiting for me when I want her.I will only call her when I wat her.I know that was a bloody cheap character.But I was like that.When I returned back from my trip.I ringed her.She accepted the phone call and replied that she was in for a fest.I


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