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My love life saga part 2

Short story By: dennis sunny

My love life saga

Submitted:Mar 31, 2013    Reads: 30    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I have went for a family tour for 5 days.I dint call her or sent an SMS on those days.I lied to her that I was on roaming to avoid her.She waited for my call and she ringed me.I dint accept the call.I am sure that makes her sad but I don't care.Dat was my attitude those days.And I am sure that she will be waiting for me when I want her.I will only call her when I wat her.I know that was a bloody cheap character.But I was like that.When I returned back from my trip.I ringed her.She accepted the phone call and replied that she was in for a fest.I said okey ring me when u are free.The time was 7 30pm.After 2 hours i ringed her back just to hear her sound.She dint accepted my phone.I ringed many times.She dint picked my phone.I was tensed.My heart started beating fast.I don't know where she is or what happened to her.Many thoughts ran through my mind that time.I ringed one of her friend to ask about her.But she also doesn't know where my girl is.My eyes started to filled wit tears.I keep on calling her but no response.It was 11 o clock.I can't sleep I just wana hear my babyboo's voice.But I can't hear that.At that time I realised my exact live towards her.I started thinking from her point of view.Till now I have not given any form of happiness to her.I dint helped her as a boyfriend.I just remained as a lover in her life.My inner pain revealed me the love I had for her.I started weeping for what I have done.I prayed to god for her to call me now.After some time I got an SMS from her.It was a smiley like ':-) '.I was so happy.I ringed her and asked where she was.She replied me that there was a small problem in her house for getting in so late.I accepted the situation and I was so happy for realising me My love.From that day our love story changes.A story of a boy and a girl who loves each other in the so deeply.The story of a girl who changed a boy a lot from all his bad habits. We decided to take two new Sims.Because from now we have more to talk.Our love life has just started after 1 year of love.Now her voice wakes me up in mornings,I dressed up and ran to college just to see her on my way,We talked during breaks,she made me sit and study,and she mostly sing for me sweet lullaby's to sent me to sleep and sometimes I will tell for her some stories.She like my stories.She was the only person who found the talent in me.Slowly we both became a model couple for everyone.Instead of all that we both loved each other a lot.An happy life without any problems.We went for outing together .I bought for her what l she wants.We both are like married together.A love which everyone looks with jealousy.We waited for all our occasions to come.First my birthday came and she was the first person to wish me and she gave me a wonderful surprise too.She walked in my home on my birthday.She gifted me two dress which I valued most in my life.And when she left I told my mom that she is the girl I love.My mom started to cry and she told she can't accept a girl of another religion.I talked to my mom about her,her role in changing my life.Slowly slowly she started accepting her.She started ringing her just to complain about me.I liked that very much because my mom accepted my girl as her own daughter.But the god had something different written for us.The god too felt jealous on our love.The story of our life started changing. The story of a boy and a girl who mutually had a break up due to some problems.The story how this love came to an end. It was Dec 8th.As usual she wakes me up and I went for tuition.After that I went wit one of my friend.I doesnt know that the day ends up with my life.Me and my friend went for his needs.He took me to a drug dealer from where he used to score.There was some quarrels between them.The situation started changing violently.The peddler with the bomb in his hand throwed towards me and my friend.I jumped to escape from that.The bomb hit on my my friends back brain and he died soon.I dint cry.I was on another world .


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