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A short walk turns into a sexy surprise.

Submitted:Apr 9, 2012    Reads: 562    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Her light sun dress clung to her every curve as she held his hand guiding him through the light forest. He stumbled often, his eyes on her, instead of on the uneven ground where he walked. The intensity of his gaze was almost hot on her skin where only a light sun dress clung to her, the Victorian style heels highlighting her legs.
She had promised only a short hike until he had received his unknown gift, yet she could tell he was impatient. The trees began to clear, the sun shining through, a small field just ahead her target. The blanket and backpack were where she had left them, still set up in the flowing grass over looking the valley below. The lighting was perfect, a few sparrows chirping in the surrounding trees, the smell of wildflowers in the air. "Sit" was her only command as she guided him to the blanket, the backpack resting there as well. A nod and a glance, and he was opening the pack. Pulling free a cd player he hit the play button as the sticky note directed. The sticky on the camera simply said. "Enjoy".
She backed away, her body moving to the music. The sun, almost directly at her back, shown through her dress giving it a sheerness that was unnoticeable throughout the normal day. The dress clung to her breasts, highlighting there roundness and firmness. Her hips and long legs were on full display as she danced. She turned, continuing to move then bent at the waist letting the dress cling to her backside. She heard the first click of the camera and smiled knowing what she was doing to him. She continued to dance and pose, the music enchanting. she almost forgot he was there until she realized he was up moving around taking pictures. She paused to pose, hands in her hair, hips out. Another, legs spread, hands on her hips letting the sun shine through to make her dress virtually see through. She teased him, watched his arousal, and delighted in her effect on him. Neither spoke, not wanting to lose the moment. Reaching down she pulled the dress up over her hips,some of the fabric falling in front of her, heightening his arousal as he wanted even more. The Victorian heels highlighted the strength in her long lean legs, her movements easy but strong as she danced. He continued to circle her taking picture upon picture. She turned and moved close her hands reaching to his shoulders then pushing him back. Once at the edge of the blanket she stared into his eyes and once again gave a simple command, "Stay."
She turned, walking away, swaying her hips to get his full attention. She knew the lighting was perfect and stood still, legs apart, letting the sun do its job making her dress see through. Bending slightly at the hips she leaned down and grabbed the hem of the dress, lifting it with her as she stood straight. This time instead of pausing at her hips she continued to pull it off and knew her goal was achieved, as the many clicks of the camera attested to. She turned slowly, posing as she moved, then stopped, letting him take her in, as she faced him. She knew he wanted her, the tell tale sign in his pants growing with need. She moved to him, her steps crossing each other, hips swaying as he stopped taking pictures to stare open jawed at her remarkable beauty. Standing before him she reached up, her hand in his hair, arm around his waist and pulled him to her. Her hips ground against him, an audible moan escaping his mouth as her tongue slipped between his lips. Time stopped, control was hers. He gave in, his body lax, arms at his side as she held him tight against her. Her bare hips ground into him and she felt him stiffening further, his body tensing as she kissed him passionately. Suddenly his lips broke free of hers, head falling back. She watched as his eyes rolled into his head, moaned loudly and lost control. He shuddered against her body, her tight grasp the only thing preventing him from falling to the blanket. She eased him down, his body still shaking and kissed his lips gently. The sun shown down, warm, on her nude body. She watched his now slow, steady breathing and relished in his complete collapse. Although time had stopped, she knew it must go on. She rose, grabbing her dressed and slipped it over her head. Reaching to him, he stood and laid a final tender kiss upon her lips. Her hand felt small in his as the moved away, ready to continue the walk.


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