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Her Armaggedon

Short story By: Dianios

She wants to be like her brother so much, that she ends up getting hurt because of it.She falls in love with someone who cant help her. And one stupid decision can change your whole world, she knows from experiance.

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She watched with a frown on her face as her brother pulled out from the small diner. She was worried about him, for he had inhaled too much of the toxin that he got from her friends. They all got together every Thursday night, laughing, smoking, talking. It was dark outside, a really hot summer night. The only light there was, was the putrid yellow street lamps, and the small glow from the diner. She will not worry about her brother, she decided. Tonight was her night to hang with her friends.

She never knew what attracted her so much to her group of friends. She was the mother of her group, always cleaning up after them when they vomited, pissed themselves, or forgot to bathe. They were the stereotypical potheads, anti social, almost rejects. And they were fine with that. People would always wonder why she, a fun, loving girl would hang around such bad influences. Couldn't she do better? The truth was, she had so much room in her heart that she would take on the role as a mother with a relieved smile, and for she knew that she could only keep them safe.
But it hurt, you see, that the role of 'mother' would always be acquainted with the words 'buzz kill, or 'party pooper'. But not tonight, she vowed. She will not be the buzz kill tonight.
She saw her brothers' car turn out of view, and she walked to her group of friends all sitting in a circle, taking turns inhaling their cancer. She sat down next to a new guy she didn't know. He was tall, very pretty, in an old England sort of way. His profound cheek bones were shadowed, and his irises black as the darkest sea. She looked around at the group, four boys, one girl. Her best friend was probably somewhere around here, walking around. She would have to deal with him later. The girl was sitting between the black haired boy and the blond. She was giggling up a storm, as the black haired boy started to light the can.
They made this device where they took a regular coke can, punched a hole in it, and but the weed on top, setting it on fire. The smell of the smoke was intoxicating; bitter. Out of nowhere she heard a female voice whisper "pass it to me." And she realized it was coming from her. They were too stoned to be shocked at the request, they just handed her the can with no care, dripping some of the weed of the can. The black haired boy reached over and helped her light it, cupping his hand so the fire would burn her face. She took a deep breath, and felt the contents invade her virgin throat. She held it in, and it burned and tickled her tongue. She was directed to only hold it in for 3 seconds, but it felt so much longer. She felt the smoke travel her insides, her nasal cannel, deep within her gut. After what seemed like a life time, she let out her breath, a trail of smoke came out of her mouth. She felt a calm she had never experienced before. Everything was okay.
She leaned back against something she didn't know, and closed her eyes. Was this what she had missed all her life? She started to drift off into calm, when someone shook her.
"What are you doing?" her best friend's voice was saying behind her.
Her best friend never smoked, did weed, or alcohol. He hated what it did to people, how it made them act, what it made them do. He was furious with her, she knew, and he stormed off around the diner, walking in a heated pace. Her best friend was a big guy, with curly afro-like hair. He wore thick glasses and had a small, cute nose. His imagination was amazing, he was a child genius. He could not comprehend why she did it though.
"I'm sorry!" She ran after him, completely sobered up. "You don't understand why I have to do this, why I have to at least try it. I need to see what it's like for him, why he has to do it, what makes it so compelling."
" Your right, I don't understand. I am furious. You're not like them, I'm very disappointed. Whatever."
They circled the diner a couple of times in complete silence. She wondered if she had made a mistake. Was her trying to understand her brother worth losing her best friend? She didn't get why it was such a big deal. She completely lost her high; she didn't think it was all it was cracked up to be. Maybe if she could let go, stop worrying and caring about everything else. Is that the secret to getting a good high? Leaving your senses behind, and letting whatever happens to you happen?
About ten minutes later, the four boys decided to follow them and walk around the diner (the other girl had left). They stumbled and tripped a few times, but eventually got their footing. Her best friend was waiting for his parents to pick him up, so after a few more minutes of silence, he went to stand at one of the street lamps. The guys swayed their hips, and sat down on a bench. The new guy looked queasy, and stood up to where she and her best friend were. He vomited.
"I don't feel very good, you guys." He mumbled, as he started throwing up on her best friend's foot. He lost his footing and fell on the ground, he moaned as he did so. He kept on retching for a couple more minutes, and she was instantly scared. Her brother was somewhere off driving, she needed him to turn around and pick her up. Something wasn't right, she thought. She watched as the boy kept vomiting, she looked over at her friend who had a look of pure discuss all over his face, and somewhat concern.
She picked up her phone and dialed her brother's number.
"Hello? Brother? Someone's sick, and I'm scared, can you please come and pick me up?" she asked, keeping her voice even. In all honestly, she was scared out of her mind. Her best friend just left her with three high guys and a sick kid she didn't know. It was a bad situation every way you looked at it.
"I can't, I'm... I'm starting to feel sick to." He replied in almost a whisper. It was about 11:00 at night, almost pitch black, and she knew him talking on the phone while driving intoxicated so late would be the worst thing. But she needed him.
"That's not funny," she tried joking, but it came out kind of strangled.
"I'm being serious, I…I have to pull over." He did so, and she heard him vomit into the phone. She let out a scream and started jumping around. She had to do something! But she couldn't, she wasn't even there. She looked at the sick kid, he had lain motionless on the gravel, moaning, and pictured her brother doing the same thing. She could hear him throwing up on the phone, and see the boy throw up next to him. It was almost a scene from a horror movie.
"brother." She said with fake patience, trying to keep her voice calm. "Brother listen to me. Come pick me up. I can't stay here; I don't know what to do." She eyed the other guys, and noticed one of the boys wasn't there anymore, probably left.
"I can't drive in this condition. I-"
Her phone died.
She looked around, scared, and passed back and forth. She was lost for words and didn't know what to do. All she could do was walk around and keep herself sane. No one was around, the street was deserted, and no one was in the diner but the grumpy old man whose only fun was kicking them out. She then saw the boy she thought left. He had brown hair, short, Hispanic, and generally nice. He was pacing around the diner again, in circles. She joined him, leaving the vomiting boy and the other two guys.
"I don't know what to do." She said to him, looking at him like he had all the answers in the world.
"I'm just waiting for my parents to pick me up." He replied with a smirk. She was so mad. Why was she the only one concerned about this guys well being? She walked away from him, and saw that a man and woman pulled over. The blond boy and the black haired boy left, so she approached the couple.
"hello." She said.
"Do you know this man? The woman asked. The couple had pulled the boy, into the light of the street lamp, and she could see that he was a man. Not a teenager like her, but an adult. They fished around his pockets, and tried to see if he was carrying an id. He was, and he was 18 years old.
She could see the woman and man clearly now, the woman was rather large, with curly frizzy hair. About mid thirties or older twenties, the lady was. She was wearing a wedding band matching to the man. So in fact, they were married. The husband was a strong man, bald, had muscles. They both looked concerned but skeptical.
"Could you tell us what he was smoking?" the wife asked her, a thin line for her mouth.
She wasn't going to tell her anything, not like she knew anything, anyway. She decided to tell the woman what happened. About the coke can, and the green stuff on top of it. She remembered that her brother was lost too, and she started to cry.
"What's wrong?" the woman asked, noticing her tears.
"My brother is out there, and I can't get a hold of him. He was sick like him," she looked over at the, again, puking man. "I don't know where he is, my phone died, and I can't reach him. He was vomiting into the phone. "
"Would you like to use my phone?"
"Yes please."
As she called her brother repeatedly, the husband and the wife decided to call the ambulance and the police. Her brother wouldn't answer her, even when the police showed up and started asking her questions. She wasn't familiar with this situation. She didn't know anything, or what they all took. She didn't give out any details, for she was afraid her other two 'friends' were somewhere lurking around. They would know what the man inhaled. They would know what her brother took. It was very intimidating to be alone with the police, watching the man throw up his guts. His heart rate was too high, so they had to stabilize him. They strapped him up, and tried to cart him into the ambulance.
The police started talking to the husband and the wife, so she went behind the diner to take a breather. There, stood the blond boy and the black haired one.
"Where have you two been?" she asked in a shrill voice. "I have been stuck alone with a guy I don't know, a couple, and the police. They are asking me questions, that I don't know the answer too. You do though, so come on."
"We aren't doing that. We could get arrested!" the blond boy said, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. "This wasn't supposed to happen. You can't tell them anything. He and your brother were the only ones smoking it. Not us."
She stepped back and took a good look at him. She used to think he was cute. He had white blond hair, a big bone structure, and crystal blue eyes. He used to pick her and spin her around at school, they would laugh and smile. But now, she sees a scared toddler, dancing on the line of right and wrong, life and death. He was not a good person. Why did she always look after him?
"My brother is out there, you know. I can't get a hold of him!" she cried to the both of them.
"Your brother is fine. I promise." The black haired boy quietly said.
She looked at him, her ex, and the guy she was in love with. She never got over him. Besides her brother, she loved him the most. She never got over him breaking up with her. She relished the days where he would hold her hand through the rain. Then she lost him to the drugs that took him over, and she would always believe that his old self would come back. She finally realized that he would never be the same.
"You know what." She looked at the guy with the black hair. "I loved you. I loved you so much. You meant everything to me, and now that I need you, you aren't there. Both of you." She looked back and forth to the two guys looking down at her. "Whatever, I will find him myself. And I love the way you treat your friends." She said while walking away.
They followed her looking scared and defeated. She promised herself she would not be weak. She would get through this, and find her brother. But she was tired, it was almost midnight, her parents would expect her to be back soon, with her brother. She was more tired from the emotional drain of the guy she was in love with, not there for her when she needed him. She was so sick of it all, of following him like a sick puppy. She was sick of making excuses when he didn't deserve it. She was just, sick. She was done with him now. It hurt so much, but she had to be strong, and not think about it.
She called her parents and they came. The police told them what happened, told them that if they found his brother driving while high, they would pull him over and send him to jail. Her family was very scared. There was no yelling at her, but it was worse that way, she thought. She wanted to be screamed at, because in the end, she was the one that watched him go.


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