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a lonely man sits by water at ayegarth falls in the yorkshire dales and weeps .

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bryan rises from another night of tormented sleep and decides he must do something to break the tortuous grip he seems to be held in .

his wife left almost three months ago now , she found out after tweny years of marriage , that she prefered the company of women . it was a bitter pill to swallow , especially when he found out who the other woman was. he had thought his life to be wonderful and his closest friends often commented on what appeared an envious existence . Helen was an undoubted beauty with a wicked sense of fun .

bryan had met her at a school dance , when they were little more than 14 years old , they had grown up together , it was true he had been having problems in the bedroom of late but that was down to the pressures of work , helen knew that , she had begged him a year ago to seek help with the problem but he felt his erection problems would get better , once the pressure at work eased , he explained all this to her , he had hoped that when helen started going to the local bingo hall with stacey from over the road , her infatuation with the problem would lessen ,

looking back , he now realised what a fool he had been , helen had given him every chance but he chose not to listen , he should have known something was going on , the signs were all there but again he didnt listen , it wasnt until he found the note that the penny finally dropped .

Byan blamed helen , blamed stacey , blamed the whole world but eventually , he had to look deep inside himself , hence the tormented dreams .

now at long last , came the realisation that he had to move on , build a new life for himself , loneliness was tearing him apart , he needed a friend , a female companion , not for sex but to share his innermost feelings , his failings and his hopes for the future ,

now sat beside the waters of ayesgarth falls , Bryan contemplated his options , bex from his office was single , hmmm . no no , far too close for comfort , if they ever split , his secrets would be the talk of the office ,

perhaps one of those internet dating sites , hmmm no no , he wouldnt know where to begin and he had heard folk rarely tell the truth about themselves on such sites ,

he poured himself a cup of tea from his thermos and nibbled at a ham sandwich , lost in a train of thought that made him oblivious to all going on around him .

peaches . peaches . he became aware of a voice calling in the background .

bryan stood up and looked around , seeing a lady on the opposite bank , he called to her , ''can i help mrs ?'' have you lost someone ?''

the lady smiled , ooh you are a gent , i'm looking for my cat peaches , she's a siamese , walks about like a princess , you havent seen her have you ?

bryan walked gingerly over the stepping stones , almost losing his balance a time or two . much to the amusement of the lady on the opposite bank .

as he scrambled up the grassy riverbank , she held out her hand , ''hello'' she smiled , my name is ''sherry'' delighted to meet you .


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