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Bella finds a small peice of paper pressed between the pages of a big book, telling her love had the other half. when she enroles into a drama school and finds the same sheet in a boys backpack, she realizes fate is fate, and uundeniable at that

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Bella's glasses framed green eyes swiftly skimmed across the pages of the ancient big book, almost to big for such a petite 11 year old child, who looked as weak as a twig with her short brown hair and pale thin frame.

She gasped as a slip of paper, clearly wripped, fell out as she turned the pages. "What in the world.." She picked the paper up timidlly as if it might just bite her little hand off. She read it outloud to the invissible, and most likley non-existent, figures in the thick dust filled "FORBIDEN" section of the library wich she commonly snuck into.

" WE all want what we deserve, and yet we grant wishes to. True loves first kiss is magical but for you it shall not do. Your true love, Bella Maria Gindola, has the other peice of this paper, as you shall one day see. Now read no more from this book or offend us spirits three."

Bella gasped at the spirits knowing her name and quickly slammed the book shut. It wasn't a prank, this paper was old and dusty, she knew that for sure. Shuddering nervously Bella slipped the ripped up paper into her pocket and ran back home as quickly as her short legs would take her. Little did she know, in a town just a bit larger than hers, a young boy, tall and lanky, and who would be 12 in just a month and a half, was finding the same thing in his school libraries ancient copy of SHAKESPEARE: A NEW MAN.


5 years later, Bella is 16\

Bella was estatic, and sad, too. she was finally here at the Porthingham school for drama, her lifelong dream since she was, well, since last year, actually. So maybe not quite so lifetime as she kept on blubbering about. However, she was going to be staying at the school, wich wasnt a bad thing, but she would miss her parents. Kinda. Allright, if Bella would allow herself to admit it, it was a good thing on all parts.

She hurried into her first class after sending her parents home at 8 30 in the morning, they had spent the night at a motel and picked her up to eat breakfast on her first day. BUt they were gone now... THis made Bella feel sick. AS sick as when she had found that ripped up paper in the library when she was 11...

But that was besides the point. Bella knew everything was different now, even her. She wasnt quite so scrawny, and had filled out some, and her plain brown hair had darkened to a light chesnut. Her glasses werent huge anymore, and she was average height, 5'2' or so. And she wasnt so shy anymore, either. No, she was a drama queen, and somewhat over hyper, deffinrltey a clutz, but a gracefull clutz, if that made any sense. she carried around the ancient paper in her pocket at all times.

Bella sat down by a tall lanky boy, maybe 5'9' or 5'10' foot tall. He had dark black hir that was a tad shaggy, but adorable when paired with his ensnaring purplish eyes. It was the only seat left, Bella was still boy shy. But this one seemed almost safe and kind to her...

"Hi, my names Nick. And you are?" the boy turned suddenly and glanced at Bella, trapping her in his gaze.

"my name is Bella, nice to meeet you." Said Bella quickly, and she finally broke free of his gaze long enough for her to see that her small backpack was leaning agianst his at their feet. His backpack spilled out paers, and Bella thought one of those looked vey very familiar.. she couldnt put her finger quite on it. But then the teacher stood in front of the class, and said they were going to group up in pairs and do a bit of line work so he could see what they were best at and the differnt qualities... blah blah blah. Bella barley heard. Until she was partnereed with Nick.

They both did their scenes perfectly, and complimented each other lavishly afterwords. Not that Bella had known what she was doing, for some reason her whole body tugged itself towards this boy, and her common sense gave it free rein to do what it may and see the mayhem it may or may not create.

As they walked out of class, still talking, Nick's backpack unzipped, and papers went everywhere. Bella hurried to help him out, scooping up a small pile of papers- and freezing solid.

"Bella are you ok?" asked Nick, concerned and nervous. Bella ignored him, pulling a peice of paper out of her pocket, as Nick, choking on his breath to see what was clearly obvious to the both, helped her combine the 2 papers on their rip spots.

A laugh tinkled in the air. "I knew love allways found a way. Now I have made my masters day. The spirits thank you two, and know your destined to be true!"

At these unbodied words, the ripped up papers glowed, and formed one. On the paper was now a beautifull etching, of Bella and Nick, Hands clasped. Bella turned red and turned to Nick, who grinned a crooked grin at her. "Well, Bella, you know what this means...."

Ten years Later, Both are 26

Nick stood nervously in the waiting room, pacing back in forth in front of both his father and his father-in-law, who were both trying not to crack up about his behavior. A nurse came to the room. "Mr. Derrien? YOur wife wants to see you.."

Nick shoved past the woman and sprinted into the room, where Bella lay, her hair hanging around her face, her breath coming out in gasps, and her eyes lit up with joy as she looked at the bundle in her hands. NIck grinned crookedly, and smoothed the hair back from her face, reaching for the little girl. "Our first baby!" Bella whispered, handing the child over.

NIck looked at her in alarm. "Deatest, exactly HOW many children do we want?" He cuddled the child, a girl, in his arms. "About 7 more, i think, Nickie, honnie. Now hand me back Destiny Faith, she needs to be fed. Nick delivered the child back to her mother.

As he watched his young wife feed the baby, a terrible thought occured to him. 7 more babies meant 7 more pregnacies, 7 nine month pregnacies with a grumpy wife, that was, what, 63 MONTHS of grumpy Bella. Nick gulped. Huh, maybe he could find another prophecy, or whatever theold peices of ripped up paper had been. One that said the only needed, hmmm, TWO more children perhaps.....


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