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For zadude1's Afterlife contest: by EmoGothVampGurl

Short story By: EmoGothVampGurl

A little girl has a bestfriend who dies and she can't handle the pain. She has many dreams about him and tries to kill herself multiple times. One day when she's 14 and her bestfriend is suppose to be 15 the boy gives her 24 hours to decide if she wants to die or live? Does she really wanna die or did she change her mind? Read and find out.

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Mason's Visit

I was only 10 years old when my best friend Mason died in a car crash. I was in the car with him, but somehow survived. I'll tell you how it began. Me and Mason were in my parents car on our way to the aquarium and when we stopped to get gas my parents went inside to get us some food. I tanker came out of nowhere and crashed into our car. The gas tanker exploded and Mason died in the ER. I have tried for the past for years to commit suicide but always failed for some reason. Every night for the past four years I dreamed about Mason and he would always call my name and I would try to reach him but couldn't. He would look older each and every time he came to see me.

One day I was in school in my last class of the day when I saw him. Tomorrow was my birthday and I wasn't all excited cause I forgot to mention Mason died on my birthday. It was going to be four years since he died. Mason was sitting next to me smiling. I was puzzled because I knew he was dead.

"Mason?," I asked in wonder.

"Hi Maisy," he beamed in a sort of hollow voice.

I could tell he was trying to sound happy, but he sounded like he had no emotion to it. I felt so sorry like it was all my fault he died.

"Mason I'm so sorry about--," he cut me off.

"It wasn't your fault," he said, "it was my time to die not yours."

"I miss you so much!," I said a little loud.

"Ms. Anderson do you have something you'd like to say?," Mr. Dilks asked.

"No," I looked down.

Mr. Dilks went back to teaches the lesson which I couldn't understand because I had dyslexia. I turned my attention back to Mason, but he had disappeared. Class went by quickly and after I went to my locker I began to walk home. When I got outside the school Mason was standing there people walking threw him and not even being able to see him. I was the only one who cold see, talk, and respond to him. I walked pass him, but he grabbed my hand.

"Maisy you have to go home and I'll explain why I'm here. We dont' have much time," he said.

"Fine," I breathing knowing ghosts had forever to argue.

We walked back to my house in complete and utter silence. When I got home I went upstairs with Mason following me. I shut my door and locked it.

"Before you speek I'm going to take a shower," I held up my hand.

Mason nodded and stood away from me. I walked to my bathroom, shut it, and locked it. But that probably wouldn't help for a ghost. I turned the shower on hot, stripped my clothes off and got in. I felt the hot water against my skin and it felt amazing. I got out unlocked the door and saw Mason still standing. I smiled and walked past him to my wardrobe.

"Can you sit down?," I asked.

"Yes, but I don't want to," he replied.

I held my towel tighter and pulled out some sweatpants and a tanktop.

"Oh you won't need clothes at the moment," Mason said.

I looked at him like he was insane.

"Just because your dead doesn't mean you can see me naked," I laughed.

"okay," he put his hands up in defeat and turned around. I put on my bra and panties set, then the clothes.

"Okay," i said tossing the towel into the hamper.

Mason turned around and smiled at me. I sighed and sat on my bed.

"Is the reason you're here is I'm going to die?," I asked scared.

"No," he sat beside me and grabbed my hand.

"Mason please tell me why you're here," I pleaded.

"Tomorrow, get some rest and tomorrow is saturday," he kissed my forehead gentley.

I got under my dark blue comforter and fell asleep. But I didn't know that I wasn''t going to wake up. I didn't know I was dreaming or if I was really dead. I woke up not in my body. I was a freaking ghost!! I stood up out my bed and screamed. Mason walked threw my door (literally threw) with a serious look on his face. He hugged me tight and I could really feel him more than when he kissed my forehead the day before. I pushed him off me and spoke.

"Why the hell am I dead?!," I screamed.

"I knew you'd react this way," he wiped away my translucent tears.

"Answer my question!," Iscreamed.

"You always wanted to die right?," he said, "well you have only 24hrs. to decide if you wanna live and just have memories of me, or if you wanna die and stay with me."

I breathed in a lot of air and remembered the last suicide attempt was three days ago. I had almost succeeded but was revived. I closed my eyes and remembered that dreadful day of Mason's death. He was only 11 when he died. Now he really looks 15.

"Okay if I wanna stay alive until my time I could go right now?," I asked.

"Yes," he nodded.

"And if I wanna stay dead,"i said.

"You'll have to wait the 24hrs., go back alive, and die soon after," he said like knowing I would die would hurt him more than me not being dead with him.

I sighed and looked at my body. I wasn't breathing and looked immensly pale. Mason walked up to me and put his arms around me and kissed the back of my head delicately.

"Do you wanna stay alive?," he asked.

"I want to use the full 24-hrs," I answered.

I unraveled myself from Mason and turned to face him. By the time Ispun around I wasn't in my bedroom. Ilooked around and couldn't indentify where Iwas.

"Mason where are we?," I asked surprised.

"The day I died," he said.

I noticed the gas station where my parents car was. I ran over and stood outside the car. I was only 10 and Mason 11. I felt my eyes begin to water. I reached for the car door handle, but little Mason looked at me. He shook his head telling me not to. Obviously he could see me and knew what was going to happen in five minutes. Little me turned around and coudln't see me.

"Don't do that," Mason said.

"Mason you'll die!," I screamed.

"I have to it's my time," he said, "do you know who was drving the tanker?"

"No," i sobbed.

"My father was the one who was trying to kill you and failed and killed me," he said as a tear escaped his eye, "my father knew I was with you but thought I went inside and tried to kill you," he said trembeling, "so death was furious for trying to mess up the universe and made my father kill his only son, me"

I ran over to Mason and threw my arms around him. I cried into his chest and felt him tighten his arms around me. Then I heard tires squeeling. I looked up and saw the tanker coming at the gas station. I noticed the little us in the car were too deep in talk to notice the tanker. My parents had just came out when they saw the tanker. My mother had tried to run, but my father grabbed her and held her to his chest. I saw the car explode and me and Mason were on the ground. Mason was barely breathing and I was crying. Fire dept. and ambulances showed up a minute after. Then we were in the hospital. I was standing in Mason's room. They gave him multiple shocks but he was gone. I saw death talking to him as a younger boy.

"What were you and death talking about?," I whispered.

"You," he said, "I had to watch over you and make sure you couldn't kill yourself."

"Until now,"I breathed.

I popped in my room and saw I only had a bruised eye. I jumped out of the bed and ignored the doctors. I ran into Mason's hospital room and when I got there I saw he was dead. I pushed past everyone and hopped on his bed trying to wake him up. I knew he wasn't going to wake and took a scalpel and held it to my neck. That was my very first suicide attempt. I tried to slit my throat, but somehow failed and it quickly healed as soon as i exposed my blood.

"You stopped me from bleeding to death," I told Mason.

"Yes," he replied.

He snapped his fingers and we were in the time of my 11th birthday. Iwas standing on top of my mom's bakery and was going to jump. Cliche I think yes, but everytime Itried something new it failed. I jumped and slid off the banner and safely on the ground. That day was the first day I ever cursed. My mom sent me to a counsiler but that still didn't help my suicide attempts.

"Mason take me home,"I said.

"Not yet,"he said, "we have an hour and one last visit to make."

He snapped his fingers again and we were somewhere else. I looked around and look at see headstones everywhere. I was thirteen and saw I was alone standing by Mason's headstone. I noticed the knife in my boot. I sighed and watched forcibly. Iwas holding flowers and was telling Mason how sorry I was for his death. Iplaced the flowers down and pulled up the knife. I was about to try to slit my throat again but Isaw Mason. He was smiling and I dropped the knife. He waved his hand and I passed out.

"Now can we go?," I begged.

"You have to decide now," he said sternly.

"Mason-," he stopped me.

"Now!," he screamed.

"Okay!," I shouted, " i wanna stay and be dead with you!"

Awaking From The Dream

He looked at me like I just stabbed him. He nodded and snapped his fingers. I woke up feeling sick I still wasn't in my body heck I wasn't alive anymore I had succeeded in my latest suicide attempt. Jumping threw a glass window and breaking every bone in y body bleeding to death. I was in my old abandoned house in my old bedroom just reliving Mason's death. I sighed and wiped my mouth. It's been forever since I've died. And let me tell you the afterlife sucks. I had made the wrong decision 12 years ago. Mason walked in and looked happier than usual.

"Why you happy?," I asked.

"Because you finally realized you should've died normally,"he cried.


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