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Mysterious Night

By: FyresydeHerbalyst

Page 1, A night of profound mystery

In the dead of night the stars shone bright and I found myself drawn to their allure. It was then as I found myself wandering that I felt peace steal over me, wiping away the sorrow that had become my norm. I felt the chill of the night air caress my skin in a gentle embrace and I sighed with the pleasure of it. I ambled deeper into the tree strewn landscape and found myself mystified at the wonder around me. The darkness was crisp around me and yet every detail of the landscape surrouding me was a flurry of color. Each leaf that strained for a feel of my skin was so vibrant and clear.

I sped up and started to run, the leaves scratching the milky whiteness of my skin as the branches reach for every inch that they can. I feel free, unadultered for once in my life and the rush takes over as the landscape starts to pass in a blur. I stopped soon to catch my breath and steal a look at my surroundings. I stood up and saw the most beautiful lagoon, the crisp water looked so inviting and I found myself drawn to it.

I walked slowly into the water and lavished in the feel of the luke warm water as it enveloped my body. The feel of it was intoxicating and I lay floating on top of lavish silk. I skimmed my hands over the water and hummed to myself. I closed my eyes as I floated on the surface of the water and let it take me where ever it decided I should go.

I lay there and let time pass me by, let life come to a stand still and let peace settle over me in a way that was indescribable. Before I knew it I had wash up on an unfamiliar shore. I got up to see a beautiful lakefront home spanning before me. I stepped slowly from the water and moved closer to the home. The air was chill and felt wild as it spun around me in a never ending dance. The more my eyes adjusted to the scenery the more I saw around me. And there he was, basking in the glow of the moon. I slowly moved closer to him, not making a sound as I approached.

Closer. My body tingled with both chill and excitement as I moved closer. Step. Each one careful and calculated as I moved closer to the figure so beautifully sculpted by moonlight.

"Jump" Cried the wind as I got within arms length. "Jump over." His back to me, I embraced him. My hands wrapping around his waist and caressing his velvet skin. His hands came upon mine and until I felt his touch I had no idea how much I had longed for it. His hands grasped mine and pulled me around in front of him. He gasped as he saw me.

"You. I can't believe it's you." He hugged me close to him and sighed with pleasure. He then bent down and kissed me deeply. I felt myself melt into him.

As we came up for air I felt myself faulter. "We... We can't be doing this."

"Shhh." he breathed against my cheek and his hands moved farther down my body, and the moment of of drawing back was lost forever. Need flared between us as violent and sudden and unstoppable as a great wildfire that cosumed all in it's path, a fierce coming together that was both joyous and terrifying in it's power.As I took him inside me, I felt a sharp throb of pain; and I must have made a sound for he looked at me for a moment.

I stopped his words with my finger and felt myself turn to liquid gold beneath under his touch.. I wrapped my arms around his body and held him to me as tightly as I could. I though I would never let go, never. His hands and his lips and his hard body spoke sweetly enough for him. As he rolled to hold me above him, I looked into his eyes in the light of the guttering lantern and the mixture of astonishment and longing nearly broke my heart. I found in me a rhythm from deep inside, like a strong heartbeat, that moved me against him. The clenching and loosening of muscles, the touching and letting go, the building sweetness of it all, dear Goddess. When it came it was nothing like I imagined. He cried out and pulled me down toward him and I gasped with the heat that floded my body. I felt the vibration deep down to my soul and knew things would never be the same again.

Afterward we lay in each other's arms, and neither of us could find words to say for the marvel that was given us that night.

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