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True Love Never Lasts.

Short story By: Gemox

Love - Who knows when it can go wrong. Does it ever last, how do you know who to chose?

Submitted:Jun 11, 2012    Reads: 100    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

True Love Never Lasts

Remember the days when you were head over heels in love? The perfect moment, the perfect touch, the perfect life? Well, I do! I was 21 when, I first saw him... He was standing there, all alone, in the corner.. Not what you would call the most popular boy, but that shouldn't matter, should it? We were at a party, My party infact, and I had no idea who he was. I glanced and I glanced, until he finally looked.

Well, I should introduce myself, it's only polite isn't it? Wel I'm Elizabeth to my parents, Lizzie to my frieneds. It was my 21st Birthday , so I persuaded my parents to have a party, and well, here we are now!

I decided to go over to this guy, I thought it was only right that I knew who he was and why he was here, any excuse to talk to him, I'm normally a shy girl myself, but I thought this was my chance to be anyone, anybody that I wanted, and hoped that he liked the person I chose.

As I approached him, he looked wary, as if I was going to kick him out or something. He then confessed everything…

You see as we are in the age of computers and technology, I was into Facebook and Myspace, and all the social networks you could think of. I was an addict on MSN for a long time too. I used to speak to this guy, he said his name was Scotty. He seemed nice enough, soon we spoke non stop! I know it seems stupid, but I felt myself falling for him. Of course I didn't tell anyone else about this! We decided to meet, and The day came, I was nervous, but excited, I went to the train station, and waited... and waited and he never showed up.

I was angry and relieved, I probably shouldnt have gone anyway! so thats when I left all my social networking sites and I never logged onto MSN!

It was time to grow up! I found a job, in a Law firm, just as an assistant, but I enjoyed it. Thats when I Saw him. This guy who looked perfect.. He was gorgeous, he had the most beautiful smile, and he was coming over here. He was Max, a new Lawyer to the company and he hit it off straight away.

We would spend all our spare time together, and then one day, he kissed me. It really was the perfect moment.. it might seem Cliche, but it was on a beach, at sunset, it was so romantic, and thats when he became my True Love.

Everything was perfect when we were together, we had all our first touches and first moments, and they were all amazing. This feeling made me feel more than happy.

It was coming up to my 21st Birthday, young I know, but you cant help when you fall in love, can you? You know when you are; Well at least you think you do.

It was the day before, and we had just planned my party, and everything was in place. I turned around to see if Max was staying the night, and he was on one knee.. Only one thing that could mean.

YES!! I screamed! Nothing could go wrong now, my life was just where I wanted it to be. A perfect job, a perfect man, a perfect life.

And Then I saw him, at my party, the one who confessed he was really my 'My first true Love'.. what was I to do....


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