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Accidents Lead to Love 2! SNEAK PEEK!!!

Short story By: ggluvj1

Hey guys!! I have planned to continue ALTL to part 2!!!!! Excited!!!! Anyways, this is just a sneak peek so it's just a small part from chapter 1, not a whole lot. Sorry. Still working on the chapter so look forward to the novel!!!!

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Sakurai easily caught up and embraced Naru. Naru was pulled back to Sakurai's hard stomach and tried to pull away.
"Let go!"
Sakurai tighten his hold. "Naru, listen to me."
"What's there to listen to!?"
"It's not what you think."
Naru faced him, a face full of tears. "Then what AM I thinking?"
"That I'm cheating on you, which I'm not. Listen to me, I love you and you're the only one."
Naru bit his lower lip, looking away. He was always easily swayed by Sakurai's words, but he wasn't going to let him do it this time. Instead, he glared at Sakurai. Sakurai was caught by surprise, but his calm sapphire eyes didn't give that away.
"Then how do you explain that picture that…that…bitch took!?" Naru blushed. He had never cuss before and this was his first. He was angry, so it didn't matter.
"What picture?"
Naru fumbled to take out his phone and when he did, he searched through his photo gallery. They were full of him and Sakurai when they were on dates and stuff. Then he turned the phone around and showed it.
There in bed was a girl, long wavy brown hair, lips full of red lipstick, eyes the color of hazel covered by too much mascara and eye shadow, and it showed her in her bra with bed sheets covering her lower regions. While the other person on the bed was clearly Sakurai, sleeping, his chest bare and lower region also covered with the sheets.
Sakurai's eyes slightly narrowed as he mesmerized the picture. Anger burned in him. He knew the girl too well and wasn't sure why she would send the picture to Naru, but when he got his chance, he thought he'd force the information out of her. Naru's eyes filled with tears, unable to look at his cheating lover. Naru closed his phone shut, shoved it down his pocket, then pushed Sakurai aside and ran off again. Sakurai caught his hand before he could get anywhere.
"You've got to listen, Naru! It's really not what you think. That girl…she-"
"You know her! I don't! Stop lying to me, Sakurai!" Naru cried his heart out. "We've been away for 4 months and you cheated on me! I can't believe it!!"
Sakurai grabbed him, one arm quickly wrapped around Naru's waist, the other hand behind Naru's head, pulling him in and their lips met, shutting Naru up.

HOW WAS IT? I'VE GOT TO KNOW!!!!! i know it's short but this is as much as i got. well....i've got chapter one written down so far ^_^ anyways, I'VE GOT TO KNOW!!!!



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