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All That's Left is to Say Goodbye

Short story By: GhostPanda1314

The hardest part for him was saying goodbye. Even when she was already gone.

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"WHAT!?" I exclaimed. "She found someone else!? What the hell!? I thought you two were doing great! You went on a date and everything!" I stared incredulously at my friend as he nonchalantly told me this. I had brought up Delaney as a joke, but… but… seriously, what the hell? They went on a date just over a month ago. What the hell was this? "What a whore," I proclaimed. He gave me a disapproving look.

"What's so wrong about finding a guy who makes you happy, Colton? That's like saying bacon makes me a whore," he said with a smirk. I cracked a smile at his pathetic excuse for a joke as a means of diffusing the tension I had created.

"But dude," I started as he walked into the kitchen. "Doesn't it bother you at all? Aren't you sad, or upset, or pissed off, or SOMETHING! Don't be robo-guy, Ryan. That never works." He tossed me a can of Dr. Pepper from the fridge as he opened his own can. Probably to shut me up. It… mostly worked. I was persistent about this, though. "Come on," I said worriedly. "Don't you feel… anything?" He took a break from his own soda and stared at the ground. It seemed like he wasn't even with me anymore.

"Yeah," he said finally. "I'm gonna miss her stealing my fries when we go out to eat." He said this with such sincerity that I actually felt sad for him. I saw the unmistakable glisten in his eyes. And I knew that he was holding this in. That he couldn't express what he truly felt. Because that sort of pain just can't be fully expressed. I know he wouldn't tell me what happened. I don't think he could.

"I get it, Ryan," I said as I put my hand comfortingly on his shoulder. "I understand." And we just sat there in silence with our sodas and our feelings; him not saying anything and I sitting there next to him, understanding everything.

"Goodbye," I heard him say, just above a whisper. He bent his head down once more and I tightened my grip on his sholder, letting him know I was there.


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