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A boy cut off from the world. A girl immersed in it. Through their polarity, they find each other.

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He had eyes filled with his fiery determination, but his heart was cold as ice.

She would always put up a cold front to those she did not know. But her heart was warm and caring.

He would always wear a sweatshirt, because he was always cold. However, people who passed him or bumped into him would always walk away thinking the same thing: He's so warm.

She would never wear anything with long sleeves. After all, the warmth of the love she held inside her heart was the warmest.

He reasoned that he would be alone forever. And he plugged his headphones in as his heart grew even colder.

She smiled to herself as she faced the day. Happy, she simply walked with no destination in mind.

And the warmth in her heart grew.

They met by chance. An encounter that could easily have never happened, yet just as easily did. They only had a single thing in common: their eyes.

A green color tinged both of their pairs of eyes. However, hers were much brighter, like a glossy sheen of ice, hiding her darkest secrets.

His were darker, but the depth they held shined with the warmth he hid, like a sun shining on a pond.

They exchanged information-something they both knew they should do, though neither could explain why.

She hugged him as they departed. Awkward, because he was not used to coming into contact with people, but nice all the same.

She went off with a spring in her step, and all he could think about was her eyes.

She found herself not being able to properly focus on any task she was given. Excitedly, she texted her interest, wanting to tell him about the new boy she had just met.

Her heart, she reasoned, was beating so fast because of the boy she was texting, not the one she was thinking about.

He would constantly think about how bright her eyes were.

She would constantly think about how warm he was.

They consistently met up whenever and wherever they could, sometimes not needing to say anything and just enjoying the company of the other.

However, one day she showed up with tears in her eyes. The boy she liked had found a different girl.

Hearing this, his heart seemed to frost over again, and he began to close up. But he wouldn't leave her alone.

Instead of leaving her alone, he wrapped his arms around her shaking frame and pulled her close, simply holding her to him.

She told him her secrets.

He told her his.

His heart began to thaw as hers began to beat just as fast for him.

So, they grew closer.

Indeed, as each day passed, they both cared even more for each other, until one day, neither of them could take it anymore.

They were sitting and she was talking about something or other, and right in the middle of her sentence, he closed the gap that he decided had grown too wide, and kissed her. Although she was initially surprised, she accepted his kiss, and in turn, they were both made aware of the other's feelings.

But every so often, he would close up again.

But she would take his hand and reassure him when he did.

And when her past would haunt her once more, he would hold her close, and his warmth and presence would comfort her more than words ever could.

Despite their stark polarity, it seemed they had discovered another thing they had in common.

Their love for one another.


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