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This is a short story about my little fantasy that I created a few months ago. It's simply about a proposal to marriage.

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The Proposal

I looked at him, I looked at the guy that I've know for eleven years; the guy that I've been dating for eleven years. The guy that I loved for eleven years. His brown eyes shimmered under the moonlight, their beauty basking in its glow. I smiled at him, wondering what he was thinking. Nothing has changed, we were happy and we were in love.

There was a time when I thought that I might have loved before but I was wrong. He was truly my first love, my only love and I was his. How we found eachother in this world was luck but how we fell in love was chance. He said that it was love at first sight for him and that's when I truly began to believe in such a thing. But for me, love took a little bit longer.

He'd often stare at me, his eyes softly peering into mine. He would let his thumb gently graze over my chin, slowly tilting my face towards his. He'd kiss me softly, a gentle touch to my lips. And then he'd say that he loved me. I would smile and kiss him again, just a small peck, and say, "I know." I didn't want to lie to him and say that I loved him too without meaning it. I wanted to be sure.

It was a Friday when I finally said it. I was nervous. I knew how he felt, I knew he'd love to hear me say it but I was nervous anyway. When it left my lips it stained the air, echoing in our ear. He was shocked and took a moment to regain his composure. He smiled at me, kissed me, and said, "I love you too."

But now the words slip from my mouth with ease and without a second thought. As soon as the words would escape from my lips my heart would flutter. And whenever he'd kiss me my stomach would dance. When he smiles a feeling washes over me, something kind of childish but something kind of strong. When I lay next to him, his hands rubbing my back comfortably, my breath would become steady, my eyes fluttering shut. It would feel like the most perfect moment, so relaxed, so quiet.

"Hey," He said, interrupting my thoughts. "What are you thinking about?"

I gazed into his beautiful brown eyes, instantly smiling. "I was thinking about the beginning. I was comparing it to now"


"It feels-" I glanced away for a moment. "It feels the same. But a million times better."

"I know." He smiled. "I finally get to wake up next to the most beautiful girl in the world. I get to kiss her in the mornings and I get to cuddle with her at night. I can let her fall asleep in my arms. I have finally stopped dreaming because...because reality is way better than any dream that I have ever had or that I will ever have."

He kissed me, that same old feeling growing in the pit of my stomach. "I finally get to spend every waking moment with the love of my life."

He got on one knee, and a velvet box appeared in his hands. "I finally get to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. You're my angel and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

A single tear fell from my eye. This was my fairytale ending and he was my knight in shining armor. He was my Mr. Right. He waited eleven years to ask that one question and I had waited eleven years to give him one answer. "Yes."


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