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Glide Towards Each Other

Short story By: glitter snow426

Love should be a beautiful glide towards someone special.

Submitted:Jun 2, 2011    Reads: 254    Comments: 14    Likes: 3   

Glide Towards Each Other



Once the phone rings, Ally Morgan hears a knock at her apartment door. She chuckles as she quickly turns. This May morning, Ally is about to iron her blouse for a special occasion. At one thirty, Ally's cousin Ryan is getting married to Lora. Ally now picks the phone.

"Hello, hold on a bit, someone is at my door." Ally grabs a cheese cracker nearby. With a glance in the peek hole, she sees neighbour Trisha holding a cute grey kitten. Ally happily greets.

"Trisha, what a darling kitten!" Ally reaches to hold it.

"Hi. My niece Emily's friend has a birthday today, I'll watch little Doodles. Oh, here's the orchid bracelet you asked for. So, are you going to the wedding with Nathan?" Ally enjoys this time with Doodles. She sees the bracelet on the table.

"Thanks Trisha, I love it! This will go nicely with my new outfit. Ah, busy Nathan is on call at the hospital, my friend Steve is away so I'll be with my family, dear Aunt Joyce. Oh, Doodles is licking my hand! Katie, a student took her kitten to school Thursday." Trisha picks a cracker, she is by the phone.

"Ally, your phone is off the hook." Ally is surprised.

"Gosh, where's my head?" She hands Doodles back. Ally sees the sunlight on her book, Glide Towards Each Other. She lets out a loud sigh while taking the phone.

"Hello, I'm very sorry, so forgetful. Oh, hi Uncle Jim, sorry again, what's up?" Trisha is looking at pretty drawings on Ally's memo board. Her students always give Ally precious art. Trisha likes the one of a happy farmer unloading hay from his truck. Ally is now off the phone, she looks worried.

"I have to read an extra verse at the church, Lora's sister- in- law Gwen has Laryngitis. I better practise it." Trisha grins.

"You will be fine, you'll glide through it. Have fun. I'm working this evening, call me tomorrow." Ally nods, she turns to her book near the iron. The biggest smile appears, she hopes for something special to happen today at the wedding.

At close to one, lovely dressed Ally stops at a store to buy mints. She sees substitute teacher, Devon Patterson smiling.

"Hello, formal Ally! On your way to a wedding, right! Funny meeting here, I love their deli sandwiches." Ally warmly sighs, she is happy and a little nervous seeing Devon.

"Nice to see you again Devon, how's things with you? Yes, I'm going to my cousin's wedding, St. Mary's church. I'm reading a long verse." Ally twirls the bracelet. She truly likes Devon, he actually asked Ally to the movies last month but she had a date with Nathan, a family party. There's something warm, inviting about Devon's deep blue eyes. He now stands close.

"You're a pleasant picture! I saw you last week at the drug store but I couldn't talk, it was after seeing the dentist. I am now working at West Riverside School. We're having, Kite Day next week. Oh, you still have that huge, coloured banner, ah, Buy Cookies, Donate for Cancer." Ally laughs, he remembers the school bake sale to raise money for cancer. The banner was made by the kids in her class. Ally surely had fun helping them.

"You have a terrific memory! That sign is in the teacher's lounge." Now, another girl recognizes Devon. Ally waves, she picks the candy. Her heartfelt wish, to see him at the wedding.

Soon, St. Mary's Church is filled with many guests. Ally sits with the family. Aunt Joyce shows photos of her recent cruise trip. Ally enjoys looking, she can't stop thinking of handsome Devon, the warm chat, penetrating eyes. Now, she sees smiling Ryan and the groomsmen, she eagerly focusses.

A most endearing part is radiant Lora walking down the aisle with her dad. There's a lovely memory, Ally's sister, Karen was married five years ago in the fall. Ally, the bridesmaid became close with Jeffrey Shale, the groomsman. They dated over four months but Jeffrey left for pilot training. It seems that Ally never had a lasting, serious relationship. She likes Nathan but she isn't sure of one magic word, Love.

The walk down the aisle reminds Ally of the romantic story, Glide Towards Each Other. It's about Alexandra and Dorian as they worked together at an army camp hospital. They fall deeply in love, obstacles can never destroy their feelings.

Now, Ally looks at anxious Ryan reaching out to Lora. Ally sighs. In a vivid daydream, Ally wears a wedding gown but she can't picture Nathan by her side. Shortly after, Father Campbell mentions the verse reading and Aunt Joyce taps Ally's shoulder. She stands. Curious eyes are on Ally Morgan as she slowly walks up to the front platform. Ally stands by the microphone, she smiles to the colourful crowd, Ryan and Lora. In her heart, Ally knew their love is true, carefree, blissful glide towards each other. Ally begins to read this satisfying, golden prayer.

The sweet verses touches everyone in the church, especially Devon Patterson who sat in the back. He is happy to be a part of this, seeing Ally is a thrill. Devon holds a tiny, white butterfly that slipped off Ally's bracelet. It must be fate. Later, Ally's mouth drops with great joy to see Devon. What a special day, the wedding and a new gliding love, Ally and Devon!


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