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A second Encounter

Short story By: Hazel Darkshadow

It had been a whole month since Rosa had seen Ray at the nightclub and she was wondering if she would ever see him again like he'd said...

(This is a sequal - if you want to read the first it's a short story called 'the chance encounter')

Submitted:Mar 13, 2013    Reads: 75    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Rosa sighed gently to herself as she walked down the street to her local waffle bar for breakfast "It's been a whole month...Did Ray even mean it when he said we'd meet again?" She whispers to herself as a small solitary tear fell from her right eye - She didn't understand why she was so upset by Ray never showing up again as she'd only met him once. But she also knew that one night had been so special to her and made her feel so good that she desperatly wanted to see him again - it also didnt help her that his face was in her dreams every night for the last month since she'd met him.

Pushing open the door Rosa was snapped out of her thoughts as she saw Ray sitting at the other side of the waffle bar looking straight at the door with two plates of waffles - neither were touched, almost as if one was for her and the other for him but he was waiting for her before he ate his. Shaking her head at the stupid thought she makes her way over to Ray. "what are you doing here?" she asks looking at Ray. "Waiting for you to show up - i did say we'd meet again" He says as if it was obvious as he motions for Rosa to sit which she does. "I didn't think it would be after a whole month" She says as she meets Ray's eyes. "I didn't mean for it to take so long - Something came up which delayed me" Ray says to which Rosa nods not asking any questions yet. "Do you still have questions to ask me?" Ray asks looking at Rosa with intrest. She nods her head replying "Yes"

"then ask" he says as Rosa nods and asks "Why can't we meet like other people? - rather then these long gaps and me not knowing when i'll see you" Giving a soft smile Ray explains "My life means i can't see you as often as a normal man would" looking at him curiously Rosa asks "What is your 'life' then?"Shaking his head he just pushes the waffles towards her and says "Eat" as he starts to eat his own waffles. Sighing Rosa eats the waffles but constantly watched Ray to make sure he didn't 'disappear' on her again. By the time she had finised Ray had also smiling at her Ray says "i have to go but i'll see you as soon as i can" before he leans over and kisses her on the forehead before he walks out of the waffle bar and leaves Rosa sitting alone with still half of her questions with no awnsers.


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