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Please give me constructive feed back. I'm trying something new so I want someone to tell me if I'm going nowhere. Thanks. :)

PS. It looks like a lot more on Microsoft Word.
PPS. It's also more told in 'dream form' if that makes any sense... yeah. Whatever, I'll stop talking now so you can read it and find out for yourself what this is all about.

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The sun flies swiftly across the sky in a gentle arc. From the morning when it arose, creeping from its hiding place underneath the horizon to midday as it beamed powerfully above the Earth. And now it floats back down, becoming nestled in its comfortable place beneath the horizon.

As the sun retires for the day, August flips her blanket over her and quietly leaps from her bed, landing with a soft thud on polished hard wood floors. She tiptoes across the room and over her turquoise, faux fur carpet. She runs a hand through her strawberry blonde hair and reaches for the door handle.

Light illuminates the room as the door opens with a quiet screech of its hinges. Autumn shields her eyes as they get used to the sudden brightness. She steps out of the room and into a long hallway that reaches from one side of the house to the other. The walls are lined with portraits of long forgotten people and peeling beige paint. Dark wood floors are covered with a stained white carpet, showing the wood only where it doesn't quite meet the walls.

Autumn trots carefully down the narrow hall, slowing as she comes across a room with the letter SKV etched roughly on the wood, as if they had been drawn by an unsteady hand with a blunt knife. She reaches a spiralling stair case and lets out the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. Her hand gently grazes the railing as she hops down the steps.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs she makes her way towards the front door. It opens with a click and she's welcomed outdoors by a cool evening breeze. Her bare feet are chilled by the cool ground as she steps off her patio onto soil. Large trees with red, orange, and yellowing leaves stand before her, looming over the house like mother nature's guardian angels.

With a hunters grace she walks quietly down a commonly used path. The brush on either side had learned not to grow outwards too far. Any plant that had failed to grow completely skyward would be immediately severed from their limbs. Sparse patches of moss begin to dapple the forest floor as the path meanders into separate ways.

The moss lining the ground becomes more dense as Autumn marches along the path to the far right. The bush is not at all as obedient here and limbs of many a species of plant stretch out towards Autumn like poor, beggars children reaching out for money. One pricks her skin, sending a small trickle of blood down her uncovered leg. It stings like a paper cut and she bites her lip so as to distract her from the nipping pain.

She quickens her pace through the ever darkening forest and glances upward, trying to catch a glimpse of the sky. Lowering her head her eyes lock onto what is ahead. She starts to jog, getting ever more eager. The trees start to thin an as the darkness had reached its peak it once again begins to soften. She slows and emerges from the forest, out in the open once more. Autumn is greeted by not Mother nature's guardian angel but her own fallen angel.

To have your wings plucked from your grasp, to be thrown out of the only home you've ever known as an outcast can change someone. They can go from being a kind, thoughtful person to a devilish monster. Or they could go from being intellectual, respectful to a rebel with street smarts. But some don't change. Some are who they always were, too strong to let anything get to them.

But then again, maybe some things do get to them. Not bad things, but things that help you along, give you that extra push to go that extra mile. Some things, some people light a spark inside some one that makes them become aware of things they had never been aware of before. Like how many clouds there were in the sky at the precise moment, or how many knots were on a piece of wood. But when ever that something, that someone appeared, the new found sixth sense would disappear once again.

Tyler gets up from his place in a pile of leaves and makes his way toward Autumn, wiping a disgruntled leaf from his pant leg. He wraps her in his arms as they meet half way. It's as if time is suspended for a moment, the only thing registering to this 'time' is a breeze that rustles the tree's leaves. Autumn looks up and her hazel eyes meet Tyler's vibrant green ones and that sixth sense kicks in, taking in every little detail. Tyler leans forward and his lips meet hers in a soft yet passionate kiss.


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