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Me and My husband- love after marriage

Short story By: hotstory4you

A sweet story about a couple for all the people out there who believes that love dies after marriage but is it true?

Submitted:Mar 15, 2012    Reads: 84,088    Comments: 8    Likes: 6   

I was in my bedroom, thinking what should I wear?

A red dress knee high dress, or a black backless dress. Finally I decided to wear my husband's favorite pink dress. "Ok I admit it's my favorite, so what my favorite means his favorite LOL"

"Should I tie my hair in a pony or let them fell on my shoulders" I though and then decided to let them fell on my shoulders.

I usually don't think this much about my looks, cause I now I don't care. I am married, have two kids so I have many other things to do other than polishing my nails and powdering my nose.

But today after a long time me and my husband were going out, I didn't know where we were going and what was his plan?

I stepped out of the house asking my neighbor girl to watch over my kids for one or one and half hours.

I was walking down the street when I heard the horn of a car, I turned back and saw my husband. I went to the car and stepped in. A smile was on my face and on his too. He planted a kiss on my cheeks which he doesn't do much.

He took me to a park and asked me to have a walk with him, I stepped out of the car and he held my hand. We were walking and everyone was looking at us like we were the only couple in the park or may be that day we were looking cute LOL.

We sat on a bench and it started getting dark, lights got on, and the evening never felt so romantic.

"Ah, after a long time we are here" my husband said.

"Yah" I said seeing happiness on his face.

"You know honey, when I first met you here, I thought that we will spend hours just talking and looking in to each other's eyes" he said and I remember the moment when we first met.

"but I didn't knew that I would have to work for us , our kids and you… you would be busy too in all the work in the house" he explained things that I used to think about sometimes.

"But we still love each other, love doesn't mean just spending hours with each other" I said almost ruining the moment LOL.

"You are right, but still I thought that we need some time alone, alone outside our bedroom" he said.

He was right, making love in the bedroom is not everything in a marriage, there is something more than that and this time alone in the park with my husband was that 'something more'.

We both got quite, we were still holding each other's hands and he leaned to me, to kiss me under the sky.

I wanted to spend whole night just sitting there and kissing and talking more and more but we both have our duties and works so..

I asked my husband to get back home as our kids would be making so much trouble for our neighbor girl.

We reached at our house, we were so happy. I knocked on the door and the neighbor girl opened the door. I saw my kids running all over the house.

"Mrs. Will, I can't handle your kids anymore. They broke my favorite pencil" she said in hew sweet voice.

"Awww I am so sorry honey, I will buy you the new one Okay" I said.

The girl was 14 and watching over my naughty kids was hard for her, I asked her to join us for dinner and she agreed when I told her that I have prepared her favorite soup. We all five had our dinner, the day was good, evening was better and now the night it was best.

The girl left, I put my kids in their bed and I walked in my bedroom, My husband was waiting for me in there and now…

"Please do not disturb" LOL

(so.. love is always there its just we don't have time to say it after every minute, but it doesn't mean that we don't love them. So don't spoil your relationship just because you didn't hear them saying out loud "I love you")

(sorry about the picture if it's copyrighted)


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