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'Blink twice if you love me; blink once if you don't...'

Skye absolutely adores reading; she spends most of her spare time at the local library. But the books are not the only thing that catches her eye...

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Author Note

This short story is dedicated to a few of my really close friends; I won't name any names due to privacy and security reasons but the inspiration of this story was my friends. We basically have this thing called 'blink twice' where we come up with something and then tell each other to blink twice if we agree with it and such. It's slightly weird, I know, but it's just something we've gotten used to now, lol xD. I don't know why, but I felt the need to write something on that particular thing. So that is where the idea came from and because I am a romance writer, this is a romantic love story. I hope you guys enjoy.

Much love,

-Ikky xo

P.S. Apologies for errors and stuff :/

Blink Twice

I sit on the floor with my legs curled up beneath me and my face buried deep within the pages of my favourite book. My mind fills with images of a scene between Edward and Bella in Twilight.

Ever since I was a young child, I've always loved reading. It's a way I get out of reality in a world far far away from my own. The books are like my best friend, each of them so different yet so unique in their own way. I love getting engrossed in the characters world, and bonding so extremely well with each and every one of them.

The local library is like my home, actually scratch that, it is my home. I spend way more time here than I do anywhere else. I'm only at my real home at night and in the early hours of the morning. On school days I come to the local library around 6am and then from there I walk to school. On the weekends, my whole day is pretty much spent here, like today.

Due to the fact that my Mom works a lot, I pretty much have the house and the day to myself. But even though Mom is away from home quite a bit, we are still very close to one another. Our mother and daughter relationship is pretty strong. I think Mom is actually the only person who I am so close to. I don't really have any friends and I'm not a very social person either. But I'm fine spending time on my own because I have my books that keep me company.

The librarian here loves me and is always very happy to see me. She's a kind middle aged woman with silvery blonde hair that is always tied up in a bun and smiling icy blue eyes. She wears these pretty spectacles when reading and whenever you see her, she's always smiling. I guess you could say she's one of them people that no matter what the situation is, they always find a reason to be happy or grateful.

Breathing out a sigh, I close the book shut and then stretch out my tired legs. I have no idea how long I've been sitting here, but judging by how much my legs ache, it's probably a long time. I shift on my butt, and then get up.

Glancing over at the huge wall clock, I see that it is roughly 3:45pm. I came here at 10am. Clearly I've been at the library for ages and I hadn't even realised for how long. Most of the day seems to be over, but definitely not wasted.

I carefully readjust my now rumpled summer dress and then walk off, trying to find the right isle where I retrieved the book from. Just as I'm about turn the corner, I walk right into a male figure.

Ahh, shoot!

My head seems to be spinning by the time I move back to apologise, but as soon as I catch sight of who I walked in to, my words seem to get swallowed up. The guy standing before me is a regular at the library. He's absolutely gorgeous though -there's no doubting it. I see him pretty much every day but I've never once spoken to him. He's really handsome; He's quite tall and lean, not very muscular but he looks firm. He has unruly dark hair and bright silvery green eyes. His skin is extremely pale; he almost looks like a male porcelain doll -if there is even such a thing.

I feel his eyes bore into my light brown ones and I feel like hiding away, or wishing that I had actually used my eyes and watched where I was going. Obviously though, considering how absolutely clumsy I am sometimes, I probably would have ended up falling anyway. I always have to make a fool out of myself.

"I'm so sorry for walking into you; I should have watched where I was going..." I blabber on, not really thinking about what the hell I'm saying, but only concentrating on how unusual his eye colour is.

The guy nods his head and then walks past me as if he hadn't heard me at all, or as if he couldn't care less whether I apologise or not.

Gosh, how rude?

I shake my head and then turn on my heel, pretending that moment hadn't even happened and that it was simply just a scene in a book. But no matter how much I try to forget about it, the mere image of the way he stared at me doesn't seem to want to go away.

I run a hand through my tangled brown hair, trying to straighten it out, and then head out of the isles of books until I reach the computers. I take a seat at the far end of the library and then once the slow computer has booted up, I decide to begin on some English homework I received a couple of days ago.

I quickly type Shakespeare into the Google search engine and then stare without blinking at the huge mass of text that has appeared right before me. I rapidly scan through the Wikipedia text until I actually find something useful. I then type it up into a word document along with copying and pasting an image of the play writer himself.

In less than seven minutes, the English homework is done. I send the document to the printer and then quickly rummage through my small handbag until I find 20p, which I hand over to the librarian for my print out.

"Thank you, Skye." The librarian smiles kindly at me. I give her a smile in return and then carefully fold up my piece of paper so that it fits perfectly inside my bag.

I quickly turn around and then see that the rude guy from earlier is now sitting at my computer. Frustrated with pretty much everything, I make my way towards him, ready to tell him that I was using that computer and if he could perhaps use another one. I almost seem like a four year old child, angry that someone has taken my building blocks. But it isn't my fault, is it?

"Excuse me, but I was using that computer." I tell him with all the confidence that I can muster, but I hear my voice quieten towards the end of my sentence. So much for trying to act confident.

The guy looks up at me, his lips set in a straight line. He doesn't look sorry or apologetic; he simply looks slightly tired and troubled. But even so, he must have seen me using that computer, so I'm not the one who's in the wrong here, now am I?

Stranger boy's silvery green eyes lock onto mine; it feels like he's looking right into my very soul. The sudden thought scares the crap out of me. I'm the first to break away from his intense eyes. Shocked by what just happened, I pretend to act as if it hadn't affected me at all.

Gosh, this guy must think I'm insane. I don't blame him.

"Uh, so yeah..." I trail off, unsure of what to say or do next.

The guy simply points at another computer, as if telling me to use that. Frowning and feeling defeated, I take a seat beside him on the next computer and then switch it on. The whole time thinking to myself why this weird guy with gorgeous eyes has to be so jerk-ish. I don't ever recall doing anything wrong, so what the hell is going on?

The computer takes forever to load up and then when it finally decides to load; it comes up with a random error when I try typing anything in. The damned computer doesn't even work. I groan out loud and then from the corner of my eye I see that heart melting smirk form on Stranger Boy's lips.

You're so kidding me!

He obviously must have known that the computer doesn't work and that's probably why he told me to use it. Trying my best to keep my anger under control, I hop off the chair and then make my way out of the library, suddenly feeling very hungry. I don't look back at Stranger Boy; instead I walk out of the library, pretending nothing even happened.

As soon as I step outside, the warm summery breeze hits me and instantly lifts my mood, making me smile unconditionally. Summer is the best season of the year. Watching the flowers bloom and the sun shine over the whole country is beautiful. Eating McFlurry ice-cream whilst reading a gripping thriller, underneath the willow tree in my back garden is one of my most favourite things to do in the evening, after the library is shut.

It's roughly a ten minute walk to Costa from the library, and so that is where I decide to head over to. Whilst I walk, there is only one person who occupies my mind. I bet you can guess who. Yes, Stranger Boy. I see him every day at the library, but this is the first time I've actually bottled out the courage to talk to him. I've never heard him talk, he doesn't talk very often which is slightly weird considering what personality he seems to have: cocky, annoying, slightly rude and...attractive.

I don't know why I'm thinking about him, but he confuses the hell out of me, and he is incredibly rude too. I don't think I've ever come across someone who is so rude, even the guys at school are not this rude. They are all total jerks though.

I force the image of Stranger Boy's eyes out of my head and then head into Costa.

"Hey, Mom, I'm home." I say as soon as I unlock the front door to our house. Mom gave me a spare house key just in case I arrive home before she does. But I know that she is home because her car is parked right outside.

"Hello, darling." I hear Mom's voice come from the Kitchen. I walk over to her cooking at the stove and kiss her cheek. Mom gives me a hug in return and then asks about my day.

"It was fine, same as always. Nothing different." I say but the ending of my words seem to be a slight lie because it was definitely different. "How about you, Mom?"

Mum tells me how work is tiring but has to be done. I nod in agreement and then we eat cheesy pizza and chips in pretty much silence. I sit nibbling on my chips, not very hungry due to drinking a huge Mocha Cortado with mouth-watering cream and a Triple Chocolate Muffin.

Once I arrive back at the library, Stranger Boy isn't even there anymore. I try not to think very much of it, but I can't stop myself from worrying. I don't know why I'm so worried about him, but something inside my heart gets me all worked up. I can't even concentrate on the book I'm reading due to my worries and so I decide to leave the library about thirty minutes before it shuts and instead decide to go for a walk before heading back home.

My eyes suddenly begin to droop and I decide to call it a night.

"Mom, I'm really tired. I think I'll go to sleep now." I tell her. Mom looks slightly concerned but lets me go to my bedroom.

"Night, baby." Mom says.

"Goodnight, Mom." I yawn and then at snail speed walk up the stairs and into my own bedroom. As soon as my head hits the pillow, my eyes automatically shut and I fall into a peaceful dreamless sleep.

It has been about five days and I haven't seen Stranger Boy at the library at all. It's really weird, and I know I shouldn't think very much of it, but I can't help myself. It's Friday afternoon and school is finally over for the week. Even in my uniform, I rushed to the library, just to see if he would be there but he wasn't. An unexplainable thing inside of me tells me that something is very wrong, but whenever I think about it, I tell myself that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

I barely know anything about him and I've only roughly spoken two sentences to him, but still, something about the way his eyes bore into mine makes my heart beat rapidly in my chest. Even just the mere thought of him, makes my heart melt.

I sit as I always do, legs tucked under me and another one of my favourite book in my hands. But due to the circumstances, I'm finding it so hard to even focus on a single word. All the letters jumble up before my brown eyes and the sentences look all wrong.

Focus, Skye and stop thinking about him. I tell myself one hundred times but my brain doesn't seem to want to listen to my thoughts. With a long sigh, I stand and shuffle down the aisle, putting my book back where I received it from.

I suddenly jump when I see a familiar figure sitting on the floor, leaning recklessly against the bookshelf with the book Twilight in his hands. As soon as he sees me, he smiles apologetically - probably for scaring me - and then he stands up. The expression on his gorgeous features tells me that he wants to say something, but he doesn't.

"Uh, hi." I shuffle uncomfortably on my feet, not sure whether I should say something else or not. Deciding to be the good person, I give Stranger Boy a small smile to greet him.

Stranger Boy smiles that heart-melting, crooked smile that makes my insides melt. Confusion flies over me when he fishes out his phone from his back pocket, I then see him begin to type something, his eyes never leaving the screen. I find it pretty rude how he's now standing right in front of me, blocking my way and texting.

I'm just about to turn on my heel and go the other way, when a warm hand grasps my arm. Shock waves find their way up my arm as I stare down at Stranger Boy's hand.

As I glance up, I'm surprised to see how close his face is to me. He looks down for a second and then holds out his phone, for me to see the screen.

My name is Devon -Dev for short. I'm sorry if I came off as rude or ignorant, that wasn't my intention.

I stare at the screen for a second too long, not understand why Stranger Boy - Dev - just typed up what he wants me to know and not say it himself. His hand loosens on my arm, and slowly falls to his side. He smiles that same crooked smile, waiting for me to talk.

"I'm Skye," I begin. "It's okay...um, why are you typing?"

He smiles sadly at me and then quickly types something else. I have to say, I have never seen someone who types so fast. He can probably type up a whole paragraph in under fifteen seconds. Dev shows me the screen. My mouth performs a perfect O shape as I read what he's written.

I can't talk.

"Um, what? I don't understand." I whisper, afraid of how to react in the right way. I force myself to close my mouth.

Dev stares at me; he pushes away a loose strand of my hair behind my ear and then types. My cheeks burn. I know if someone touches my cheeks, they'll probably think I have an extremely bad fever.

Two months ago I was in a very bad car accident and it resulted me into losing that part of my throat which has my voice. If that makes sense. I'm pretty lucky to be alive...Doctors say that they can give me an implant. They're working on it. They said that there is more of a chance that I'll end up being able to get my voice back, which is a good thing :) But for now, I guess you can say I'm mute.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." I pause. "I really hope that you do end up getting your voice back..." I don't know what else to say. I feel so bad for thinking that he's so rude and ignorant. He obviously isn't. It seems like he's been through a lot. I have no idea how I would react or feel if I ever lost my voice for over a couple of months.

Dev shakes his head. I read his face which looks as if he's telling me not to be sorry. I read books so much that it had somehow helped me observe things more and find it a lot easier to read people's expressions.

He types something at inhuman speed and then shows me the screen.

Thanks, Skye :)

I smile, trying to imagine what Dev's voice would sound like and how he would say my name. The thought makes me blush again. I now can't seem to look away from Dev's face because he has that same crooked smile over his full lips.

You're really beautiful, Skye.

I blink, expecting the message to vanish from the screen but it doesn't. "Thank you." I murmur quietly.

Dev smiles and then out of no-where he takes my hand and leads me out of the library.

I have known Dev for slightly over two weeks. He's my boyfriend now and I'm still finding it hard to comprehend the fact that such a gorgeous guy like him looked twice at a girl like me. I can't remember how it happened, but we were both enjoying a coffee at Costa when out of no-where Dev kissed me. It was weird at first because of how unexpected it was, but at the same time it felt like it was meant to happen. I remember that first kiss so well. Dev lightly touched his lips on mine and then he moved back, as if to see if I was okay with it or not. I love how he's really slow with it all and doesn't force anything on me.

I closed the distance between us straight away; Dev kissed me like there was no tomorrow. Well that's what it felt like to me anyway. He tasted of coffee and love. Not that 'love' is an actual flavour or anything, but if there were to be a flavour called 'love' then Devon would be the perfect example of it.

We meet at the library all the time now but sometimes Dev doesn't come due to having to go to the hospital for a check-up. It worries me a lot and I always think that something will happen to him, but I try my best to force my worries away. Even though Dev can't talk and the only way we can communicate is by him typing and then listening to my responses, it really doesn't bother me. I thought it would become annoying, but in actual fact, it doesn't. Sometimes you really don't need to talk, just feeling each other's presence is enough.

Despite only knowing Dev for just over two weeks, I know that the feelings I hold for him are very strong. As cheesy as that may seem, it's true. Just being a day away from him causes my insides to curl and my mind to go crazily worried. I've tried talking to Dev about it, but he always tells me that I have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I'm scared that what I feel for him is 'love' because what if he doesn't feel the same way? What if he doesn't think of me like that? I'm too afraid to ask him or even say those precious three words.

With a loud sigh, I turn around so that I'm fully facing him. By the way he's staring at me now, I can tell he knows that something is wrong or that I have something on my mind.

Dev grabs my hand and plays with my fingers, trying to get my attention but I refuse to give in so quickly.

"Dev..." I begin, whilst looking down. "I...l-love you..." I bite down onto my lower lip, wishing that I hadn't just said that. But there is no going back now.

He doesn't love you, Skye. It's way too soon! He doesn't believe in love at first sight.

I feel Devon go absolutely rock solid beside me; my hand feels limp in his as he's stopped playing with my fingers. I sneak a glance up at him and watch his swoonful, silvery- green eyes stare down at me. The expression upon his face is one that I hadn't expected. He looks shocked, slightly anxious and really surprised.

Without me even being prepared, Dev leans down and kisses me full on the mouth. I'm taken aback by the sudden action but soon fall into a love-like dream. Because that's what it feels like. It's always a never ending fairy tale with Devon.

We both break away at the same time; however his lips still linger close to mine. My breaths come out ragged and I feel slightly dizzy from the sudden moment.

"Devon...blink twice if you love me, blink once if you don't." I blurt out quickly, but can't keep the grin from appearing on my face. I only just realise how weird it sounds...I mean, who the heck communicates by blinking? But if Devon doesn't love me, then he can simply blink once and if he does then he'll blink twice.

Looking up at Devon, I realize that I haven't seen him look so happy before in my life. He gives me that same crooked smile which melts my heart and his expression looks very amused by my words. He caresses my cheek but I barely even feel it because I'm staring, half frozen, at his eyes.

Dev's gorgeous eyes flutter shut and then he re-opens them, repeating is once more. My lips turn into a happy smile as Devon tells me, with his eyes, that he loves me.

I hug him then, as tight as I can, wishing he would never ever let go. We stay like that for what seems like forever and I feel so excessively happy because Devon loves me and I love him too. Even though he may not get his voice back right now, the doctors said that the operation will begin quite soon, and he will most likely get it back. He's simply amazing and I wouldn't replace him for anything.

"Hey, Dev...I'm really hungry, do you wanna go and get a coffee?"

He kisses me again and then nods. Taking his hand in mine, I watch as he puts a finger under my chin until he's staring right into my eyes. My breath catches in my throat at the sight of how beautiful his eyes are. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I suddenly burst into giggles when Devon blinks twice again.

The End


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