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Love is when it all begins...

Short story By: imaginarydiva

Tags: Love, And, My, Own, Little, World

love that changed me

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Love is when it all begins...

Not everyone gets it as he imagined, but he will have it someday. When it comes, it carries inside itself happiness and breaking down moments. Some people hate love , because it strikes hardly that they don't have anything left after to live for, total distraction but for some others it makes their lives better and changes their characters , transferring their icy hearts to a goblet of fire lighting, up there dark path.

This is all about a girl that who had a normal life, well for someone it can seem normal, but in fact it was in its own way hardly. She was always getting what she wants, because she had this faith in God ,that he is always with her, she couldn't explain that aspect , it seems like she felt that he was a piece of her heart ,so she could hear this voice in her head telling her what to do and when to stop …

I can't say that she was an angel or was always making the right thing, but she sort of was an emotional type of person ,that can use emotions when they are needed and in the same time every person can see her in different way ,on the other hand she was very reliable , impressive and unforgettable person, you know there are individuals that you can see one time and it's enough to not forget them for the rest of your life, however there are the complete opposite, people that you will never notice them in the crowd like sort of invisible people; she had so much positive sides of her character , of course negative side is present or to be more specific it is hidden, in fact she uses the dark side to make a defense wall against enemies to make them see only the strong side.

She is like a chameleon when she feels danger she puts the mask of a tough girl who is carless fearless, believe me it works …

When she personifies through the mask she becomes totally a different person, knowing that something in her soul tickles immediately ,so that she can't hurt anybody or continue getting extremely in her behavior. Every person has a limitation for one's dark sides but not everyone while losing their tempers can control themselves, consequently, they encroach others right or feeling .

She had so innocent dreams that are as pure as breeze that could touch the sky. Love for her was a beautiful story; her association with love was beach, red sunset, romantic dinner …

She was waiting for that to happen so badly, until it did come, the day that changed her and made the biggest turn in her life. It was a winter day when she met a guy, fell in love and got married to him; she felt the change so deep, that it almost touched her soul, she was blinded with love, wearing pink glasses. At the very beginning it was love, but then it became more like weakness, this is the mistake that most people do they chose to turn love into weakness and domination from their beloved one's , anyhow she chose this type of love, she can't be blamed because she never had this feeling before or in other words she didn't have much experience in that ;she didn't notice how those simple turns in her life that came with Love, turned weakness into fear of losing him, she wasn't even suspecting that all those sudden changes made her lose her confidence in what she is ,in what she is capable of ,in how smart she is , in her possible bright future ,she very close of losing the most important piece of who she is , her confidence, pride and believing in herself .This fear was growing so fast that she was even afraid of her past that wasn't that bad it was normally mild for her age I would say !

She started feeling loneliness and emptiness that were consuming her from inside even when she had her beloved beside her, she definitely had the feeling that there is something missing inside her maybe it was this new life she always want it or those parts of her life that she couldn't finish her role in the scenario that was written for her from above or it was her destiny to not ever have the chance to finish all the valuable parts of her uncomfortable life , that was the only source of her fear, she was missing her passed and not seeing her future . She needed hope that could make her move on without looking back.

Her past life was her own little world ,the world that was built on her rules no one else was in charge there, her bright past that he was convincing her it was awful ,bad and a big sin in her life was full of happiness and good moments .For her it was the only memories that made her who she is and gave her the confidence in her intelligence and strength in fighting for digging her own way out of the darkness and the injustice of the world around , even if I will be writing all the adjectives in the this language I will not be able to describe what her past meant for her in fact it was the point where she was reborn from an invisible little girl to a star a woman that can take control over all her body cells and everything around, she felt like all her life is a big chess game where she was the winning part . .

In the period where the beginning of the end started she was a big ball of emotions ,she began to see the true faces of the people around her, the faces that were hidden under a mask ,a grim that was faking this beautiful pink world of illusion .

Her love to that person was obvious, but he didn't believe in her, in her self-confidence, in her honesty to him, he didn't know that all those factors were as a wall, a huge border that kept getting bigger and bigger, killing love and pushing on pride. She knew that it will end bad, because she wasn't metallic she had a peak point of patience that can blow someday, and then there will be no going back!

by imaginarydiva...


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