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Shangri-La With You

Short story By: IMAGOrion

The dream of all dreams; the dream of lust, desire, compassion, beauty and laughter. But most of all, the dream of love.

1. An imaginary remote paradise on earth; utopia.
2. A distant and secluded hideaway, usually of great beauty and peacefulness.

Submitted:Jun 22, 2012    Reads: 114    Comments: 19    Likes: 7   


I wake up. I'm cold for a second, though a second with you is days in my heart. For a second, you're gone. For a second, I am no longer found… I am lost. But only for a second, before the tingly sensation runs from the tip of my toe to my fulfilled heart. The heat of your hand slides around my naked body, I breathe in, unable to breathe out. I take you in, all of you; the sweet scent of your shampoo, the grace in your touch, the beat of your heart in sync with mine. You are mine; all mine. I smile though still unable to exhale. My eyes close as you entwine your body with mine, for together we are one. You sigh with a slight giggle as your head fills the gap between my neck and my shoulder. You kiss my neck, only then do I exhale, relaxed only next to you, my love.

I wake up. Warm. We'd fell asleep together again, typical. The sweet song of birds and the sun shining on our tent reminds me where we are. I want to go out and see the sun rise to its peak, though your head is perfectly rested on my shoulder. I giggle knowing I'm stuck. I giggle at the snoring you refuse to admit to. After what seemed like minutes of simply lying with you as you sleep, you roll off, releasing me from your warmth. I carefully remove the suede blanket from my naked body and slip out and onto grass, greeted with the blinding sun and the sweet chirping of the birds. The air is still and the sun rays welcome my body to the nature. I stand, taking in the environment; the old campfire and left over alcohol from last night, the hammock we attempted to construct and the many trees surrounding me throughout the forest.

It's the perfect morning, the perfect life.

Alarmed, I swing round as the sound of a twig breaking reaches my ear.

"Sorry…" You say in a whisper, "…I didn't mean to startle you." You smile in perfection, looking lustfully at my naked body. I chuckle, raising an eyebrow as I then take in the sight of the light hitting your, also naked, body in the morning sun. My eyes start at your feet; the toes that tickle mine under the sheets, your legs, covered in scratches from the thorns of last night's bliss, your waist, fulfilling my eye's every desire, your chest, muscle perfect with the prints of my hands; then to your face, no, the eyes. The deep brown eyes that look into mine. The eyes that match your mocha brown hair. There's no evil in those eyes, only honesty, compassion and love… love for me, that is. You laugh at my examination and begin to walk towards me, slowing bringing your hands from your side. You touch my stomach, making me inhale with excitement as I feel the warmth of paradise. Your hand slides to my waist, gripping and turning me away from you. With my back to you I feel you come closer, your arms wrapping around me and your chest pressing on my upper back.

"What a perfect sight." You say as I follow your head, looking at the Shangri-la in amazement. You then hold me tighter and whisper "Perfect with you.", as you kiss my neck.

"I love you" I say. Well, sort of say. I mean, it was the first thing I say since I wake up so it's bound to be a little croaky. But this, you couldn't even make out my words. It was a thousand different pitches squished into three words, with a croak and a squeak. As soon as the monstrosity of an attempt of romance slips from my mouth, I cough, trying to disguise my failure. You give me a confused look for a second, then laugh… loud, making us both shake as you lose control. I begin to giggle, though shaking my head in embarrassment as I flush to red.

"Well, I love you too." You say, still cracking up.

"Oh, shut up." I say, my voice back to its usual standard, as I slap you slightly on your hands wrapped around me. You huff, releasing your hold slightly. I fall to the floor as you trip me up, my side on the mud. You chuckle and jumped atop of me, pursuing to tickle me until I cry of laughter…and joy. We play fight until the early afternoon before heading off into another day of adventure in the forests.

It's an adventure we never forget and one of many in our future together.

I wake up. But this time, I really wake up, in sweats and tears with a grin on my face. For it was only a dream, but it was a dream I know is possible, and maybe one day you will say the words 'I love you' and hold my body to yours. One day, we will unite and you will be mine in a promise that I will be yours; forever.



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