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Those Three Sweet Word

By: JadeMartinez2442

Page 1, Jay and Sara have are childhood friends, but jay has fallen completely head over heels with her. How much longer can he keep this secret from her?

I don't know how or when, but before I knew it my eyes would always follow you and only you. Sara and I first became friend back when we were five years old and her mom came to visit my mom. "Jay this is an old friend of mine and her daughter you be nice and go play with her." she told me. After that we got along well and as the years passed I fell in love with her. "Hey Jay what are you going to do about Rebecca she looks like she is really serious about you?" she asked. "Well I told her a long time ago that I couldn't go out with her. “I replied a bit annoyed remembering how many time she stalked me home and how many love letter she left in my locker. "How come you haven't gone out with anyone lately?" she asked. "That's because I love you." I whispered low enough so only I can hear. "Huh? I can't hear you!" she said almost yelling. "I don't know maybe till I find a hot girl." I lied. The after school bell then rang. "Well I guess I'll go talk to Rebecca now. Meet me front of the usual stairs when you have all your things." I told her then headed out the class room. I don't know why but when I told her I was waiting to find a hot girl for a second she looked really mad. I couldn't find Rebecca so I just went to the usual stairs and waited for Sara. "She sure is taking her sweet time." I sighed. We always walked together ever since entered high school. "Hey I heard you were looking for me!" Rebecca said happily as she popped out of nowhere. "Yea, but just to tell you to stop following me. Look I told you this nicely, but you don't seem to listen so I'm going to tell you this in a way you should understand. Just leave me alone already!" I yelled. When I looked at her face it was twisted in anger and hatred. "WHY!? WHY CAN'T IT BE ME!? DO YOU REALLY LOVE SARA THAT MUCH!?" she yelled. Her words nearly knocked me off my feet. I then took a deep breath and look at her in the eyes. "Yes I do love Sara that much. Sorry." I said softly. Then I heard something behind me. I quickly turned around and when I saw Sara at the top of the stairs with her eyes open wide I knew... she heard me. She quickly ran down the stairs and out the door. I tried to run after her and tell her that it was a misunderstanding, but my body was frozen and I knew that she already knew the truth. The next few days she completely avoided me and whenever I tried to talk to her she said she was busy and quickly walked away. I also tried to call her she wouldn't pick up, it was the worse days ever and the more she ignored me the more pain I felt. If this is how things are going to be there is just no point in going to school anymore. All these thoughts just kept running through my mind. I kept replaying the scene over and over in my head and with every replay a piece of my soul died until I became nothing more than an empty shell. I felt like a zombie. No feelings. No heart. The next day I went to school and spend most of the day avoiding people. I was especially avoiding this one girl, I don't know why. What was her name? I think they called her Sara. Well whoever she is she suddenly approached me after school. "Jay about the day-" she started, but then hesitated. "Um not to be rude... but who are you?" I asked confused about what she was talking about. Her eyes widened and were suddenly filled with tears. "Jay don't joke around like." she said mostly trying to convince herself that this wasn't happening. "I'm sorry but I'm completely serious. I have no idea who you are." I replied. She then quickly pulled me into a long hug. I could feel her warm tears fall on shirt. "Please. I'm sorry come back to me. Don't leave me all alone. I'll die without you. Please... I LOVE YOU." she cried and those last three words. Those last three sweet words snapped something inside that let a warm feeling flow through my whole body. "I'm sorry please don't cry. I don't like to see the one I love cry." I said as I gently pulled away from the hug so that I could face her. I already had several tears rolling down my face and the best smile I could possibly make. "I LOVE YOU TOO." I whispered into her ear... those words that were only meant for her. Now and forever will my eyes follow you and only you, and my lips will speak these three sweet words for only you as many times as you wish. I LOVE YOU!

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